Will a 2 PSI Natural Gas Line Be Sufficient for a Tankless Water Heater?

If the tables say the existing 1/2" piping will supply what you need (assuming 2 psi all the way to the appliance), then I would just go ahead and install it with the existing gas piping. But be sure there is not a regulator just where the gas line enters the structure or up in the attic that drops 2 psi to 7" W.C. (0.25 psi). I would check with the builder or city permitting office. What kind of water heater was installed before--what size burner or was it electric?We have 7" WC gas from the meter. Our 13 year old very basic Bosch Aquastar tankless NG fired WH (117 kBTU/h) came with a regulator which I had the plumber leave in place, but maybe the one our Aquastar came with accepts only standard low 7" WC input. Alternatively, maybe this regulator is not needed for 7" WC input. IIRC the installing plumber thought that he should remove the regulator, but I nixed the idea because I could not find any statement in the installation instructions to the effect that the regulator was not needed if the house supply was 7" WC. I had bought this WH at a big box and carefully read the instructions intending to install it myself, but I thought better of it and hired a plumber.A new tankless WH like yours might come supplied with a regulator which accepts 2 psi gas input. Check the instructions.

1. Identifying a Manual Gas Shutoff Valve for Water Heater

That is a plug type valve. It is your gas shut off. You need wrench to turn it. You can just turn off power by unplugging electrical cord and it will be okay. Do not leave it on. If the burner lights without water in tank you can damage tank

2. Do I need to drain my water heater?

there should be a hose connection near the bottom of the water heater, just connect a water hose to that and run it outside, use it to water your lawn or flowers

3. Hot water heater is making a hissing sound.?

Water Heater Hissing

4. Would this solar water heater work for my pool?

Go for it. But skip the drum. The pool stores the water. Just run the pipe from the pump to a solar collector, and from the collector back to the pool. You can have a valve to bypass the collector if it is already hot enough. The collector can be nothing but a long length of black hose laid out on the ground or roof. Or you could buy or make as fancy a collector as you like

5. Does my hot water heater need replacing?

Yes... mine did this last month and the landlord replaced it

6. I want to install a tankless water heater?

The moment you replace your gas water heater for an electric system, your electric prices will skyrocket and you will wonder why you spent sooo much money to replace the old cheaper gas water heater. Never fails!

7. water heater not heating what's wrong?

Stick it in your a.s.s and take it out after like 20 minutes. There you go, all done! PS: Fart to heat it quicker!

8. What is wrong with my water heater?

Nothing is wrong with the hot water heater. So leave it alone. It makes hot water. You have a leak in the faucet. Fix the faucet. There is a shutoff tap under the sink. Turn that off(not the tank) and then replace the washer in the faucet..

9. What wrong with my hot water heater?

Nothing wrong with the heater just your old pipes. It sounds like you have loosened some deposits in the pipe and some are keeping the faucets from shutting off because it stuck in the washer. You are experiencing blocked arteries. If it's not too much to do I would replace the old pipes with newer ones. This problem will diminish over time but your clogged artery problem will still exist. If you have enough water pressure then I would just run the water for a few times until the problem stops. But watch for ant pressure drop as this indicated that the pipes are clogging more.

10. Can a leaky water-heater be fixed?

If you are saying that the tank itself has a leak ,then you will have to re place it,but make sure that it's not a pipe that;s going into the tank that's leaking before you re place it

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