Why Won't My Air Compressor Build Any Air?

I had one of those machines and just like malk7y said it messed up. He was spot on. Julia

1. Under which circumstances can an air compressor explode?

Rusted out tank will cause explosion

2. air compressor flow question?

You need to be sure you have all of your CFM's in the correct condition. The cfm usually associated with a compressor is based on standard cubic feet. That is cubic feet at 14.7 psia and 60 degrees F. The capacity of the tank is usually based on actual cubic feet of capacity. Depending of the pressure in the tank, it can hold a varying amount of standard cubic feet. For first 14.7 psi increase in pressure, it can hold twice as many standard cubic feet as it did at 14.7 psia. As to air usage. Most users of compressed air also quote consumption in standard cubic feet so that may have to be accounted for also. In your problem you did not state the tanks pressure which is a critical fact to complete the calculation. Unless the tank was fully evacuated it had to start at 14.7 psia or zero psi gage pressure. In one case it is literally completely empty and the other case it is all ready full of air but without pressure

3. i have an air conditioner that needs atleast 10 amps of electricity to start the compressor but...?

It sounds like a wire connection was loose. After it gets hot enough it burns itself off the terminal so the compressor will not run.

4. What size air compressor?

Minimum 5 gallon tank and 80 PSI max pressure. The higher the better, if you can afford a 10 gallon tank and 150 PSI max, better yet. I have a Campbell-Hausfield OILLESS that is over 25 years old, still runs as good as the day I bought it. I would buy another, and recommend a C/H. Always decompress the tank and let the water drain out after every use and yours will last 25 years too.

5. Can I fill an N2 paintball tank with an air compressor?

ask your dad what he thinks

6. Why home Air Conditioning AC compressor insulated

Knowledgeable service man said it was for noise reduction

7. Why doesn't my air compressor air up my truck tire?

Could be a bad stem on your tire. If the compressor is working properly and inflates the other tires then I would imagine that just might be your problem. You might have to remove the tire and have the stem replaced or the whole tire. Good luck

8. Ac compressor 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT?

Your car will be fine, as long as the compressor is not seized up so that the pulley wo not spin. It's definitely something that can wait. *The bearings will only fail if the system can not retain refrigerant, which contains lubricant. Just because the compressor does not work does not mean it can not retain refrigerant, the clutch for the compressor is the most likely culprit. If the compressor does not kick on when you turn on the A/C then it is the clutch and the system should have refrigerant and it will be fine.

9. Why is my A/C compressor smoking?

because it has a filthy habit

10. High water pressure compressor for washing bottles

The best solution is probably one that already exists, like the jet bottle washers that attach to your laundry sink.But if you want an engineering solution, I have seen a design for a home-made keg/carboy washer using a pond pump and plastic bucket/lid that could be adapted for your use: 1. Add an approximately 12-18" length of PVC pipe to the outflow of the pond pump. The PVC pipe should be thin enough to fit into the mouth of a bottle. This might require using a larger-size PVC pipe to fit to the pump, and then fitting the thinner PVC pipe into the larger one. 2. Partially fill the plastic bucket with with PBW, Oxy, or other cleaning solution. 3. Fit an upturned bottle over the pipe. 4. Hold the lid down on the bucket to keep the bottle from shooting up. You will need to play with the length of the thinner PVC pipe so that the bottom of the upturned bottle touches or almost touches the lid of the bucket, or design some other sort of way to hold the bottle in place (maybe a jig of some sort). 5. Turn on the pump.

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