Why Is My Van Running Bad?

Bring the van back to them and tell them to repair it because that is what the Bureau of Automotive Repair told you to do impending the opening of a complaint. That will get their tails in high gear on the van and give it some priority. If you paid them for the repair and it is not repaired yet, well I guess they have to do it right this time do not they! It's these 5% of the shops out there that give us 95% that remain a bad name. Do not let them get away with that! They obviously did not road test the vehicle if it overheated. Tell them what I said. The BAR has the capability of shutting them down if there are enough complaints!.

1. what do i need to start my automotive repair shop ?

You got to be nuts to start one. My brother-in-law runs one and the customers want you to do everything for free and they expect a lifetime warranty on everything. They cuss him out and he has to call the police when customers get out of control! Even Mercedes does not give a lifetime warranty on parts and labor! DON"T DO IT!

2. Where can I get the simple automotive repair course?

The automotive course includes: * Basic Engine Management Systems * Driveability Diagnostics * Drivetrain Systems * Chassis which includes from basics from the overall of the automotive repairs....

3. I need help with an automotive repair question!?

check the battery connections again, sounds like a loose ground wire.

4. How much do Automotive repair shops generally charge for tracking down shorts in electrical systems?

i am merely an internet shopper, in NJ. yet I 've been charged ny sales tax on on line purchases produced from NYC agencies. sellers in another states do no longer cost me sales tax. to start with, study the sales tax rules of the state that's the 'tax living house' of your business employer. No small business employer i understand of is desperate as much as deliver mutually and transmit sales tax to all 50 states. frequently they cost sales tax in basic terms to citizens of the state the place the business employer is placed. yet you will possibly desire to locate out what YOUR state's regulation demands

5. How to ensure I am buying an torx key for automotive repair?

It is not unheard of that some cheap Torx bits did not fit. Get yourself some quality tools. They are expensive, but worth it. I always enjoy the feeling when I have one of my "good tools" in my hands.Cheap tools are often do not match the heads and are not as strong as the good ones. The poor dimensional accuracy can lead to rounded heads and slipping of the tool, thereby ruining the bolt, your hand and your entire day

6. I have 03 VW GTI 1.8T that makes a bad wheel bearing noise with the new bearings installed!!?

Jin, Let me start by saying I am a former Master Technician for BMW of North America. Next, let me tell you the first rule in automotive repair, new does NOT mean good parts. I can not begin to tell you how many times I've replaced "new" parts because they were defective. That being said, I would also like to say that anytime you alter the vehicle's factory settings "ride height, vehicle track" you run the risk of creating a new "problem" for yourself. If you have indeed altered the suspension then I would look very carefully at the track of the vehicle (do you know the caster, camber, and toe angles?) These are things that should be left to professionals. If you have altered any of these angles beyond the factory designed specs you may be getting road noise from the tires, but chances are that the wheel bearing noise was just "covering up" another noise, and now that the bearing has been fixed you can hear that noise. If it is a similar sound then I would immediately look at the tires and then move towards the drive shaft. You may find a mechanics stetoscope helpful in determining the location of the noise. Also do not rule out the engine pulleys!

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