Why Does My Xbox 360 Controller Turns Off When I Play My Games (and I Have My Battery Pack Fully Cha

How old are your batteries? Even rechargable ones have a certain lifespan. Try unplugging your power plug from the back of the console, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in. If the batteries are new or at least not at the end of their life, then I would try re-syncing your controller with the console. Also, clear your system cache at system settings>storage> highlight hard drive, press Y, follow directions. Restart console.

1. How do I determine the maximum amp output of a battery pack?

On the face of it, it sounds like your USB port is supplementing the battery energy wise but i suspect it might be something else that is causing your problem. The key to this is the random restart of the processor - this does not sound like a battery problem but more like interference coming thru the power rails from the servos. Maybe connecting the USB port helps avoid this by providing more power supply capacitance or by some other means. It's hard to tell based on the info you have provided. I will leave this one open and maybe you can think about the possibilities i am talking about

2. Is it possible to power six 3V devices with one 18V battery pack?

Yes, but the 3V devices must be wired in series to do so. (-) of device 1 to the (-) of the battery pack, () to the (-) of device 2. () of device 2 to the (-) of device 3. () of device 3 to the (-) of device 4, etc. Finally, () of device 6 to the () of the battery pack. Good luck with that, it's a tedious hookup to accomplish

3. Will this battery pack for an LED strip need a resistor?

You could forgo use of nickel based batteries, RC Lipo's are relatively cheap and have very high current sink capabilities. A 3S 2200mAH will provide you with a nominal 11.1V throughout most of its discharge cycle.

4. What is the best External USB battery pack?

Home Depot sells a system called Tek4 The actual charger is 20 and comes with various tips and has a standard usb plug in to plug any usb device then you need the rechargable battery which you can buy as many as you want. They are about 13 and then you need the battery charger which is 20 to 35 depending which model you buy. I have it and it works great for my blackberry. they also sell other products like flashlights, tools, cameras which use the same battery

5. How long to charge first-time DSLR battery pack before using it?

read the instructions. On some chargers, the light stops blinking after the battery is fully charged (i.e. you can take them out and use them)

6. Does Xbox 360 controller Includes battery pack ?

it comes with one. when i got my xbox it came with a battery pack and 2 batteries

7. I need a universal smart charger for NiMH battery pack which is 14.4v, any advice? Thanks a lot.?

You can probably find that at a hobby store that sells RC cars. My son got something like that earlier in the week. The battery and the quick charger. It was not cheap though. If you are looking for a "deal" you might want to check Ebay or do a web search.

8. Is it ok to use my ac adapter as its power source for my vaoi laptop even if the battery pack's not installed?

Does not matter As long that is the proper AC plug, then having the battery out is OK. To be safe, i would not plug the battery in while the plug is in.

9. How to safely display an electric car's battery pack at a car show?

Display your battery pack through a window.A sheet of rigid plexiglass will be transparent enough to see everything but stop anything from touching the dangerous parts of the display.In addition, you can attach notes, arrows, and other marks to make the display more informative. (I am a science teacher. ).

10. Xbox 360 Battery Pack issues...?

no you dont need the same color batter pack, i dont no what going on with yours because i have black elite controllers with my white battery pack and they work fine

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