Why Do Tow Trucks Drive with Their Flashing Lights On?

To show that they are towing and represent more of a hazard than the truck alone would. In some countries they are allowed blue as well as amber lights for use when they are getting to an incident where there is still a risk of injury to those involved, or where it is necessary to break normal rules, ie pass standing traffic on the shoulder or travel against the normal flow

1. Why won't this 555 timer flashing circuit work?

Looks okay to me. Try a fresh battery (almost 100% sure that's your immediate issue), and increase the series resistor to the LED to draw less current (try 2K or so), at least temporarily. I also can not see the color code clearly on the existing part.You seem to have two 1uF caps, put the remaining one across the battery, observing polarity, of course. The ancient bipolar 555s draw a large pulse of current when switching, so a bypass cap is desirable

2. Why is my check engine light flashing?

Its a very simple fix all you have to do is go out and purchase some 10v90 red Malaysian lube and spray that in the back solenoid

3. Unkown White Flashing Dot of Light?

UFO maybe? Seriously, I am not trying 2 b funny. It could of been. Do you live in the suburbs or something?

4. Indesit WIDL126 All lights flashing?

Call your appliance repair guy. It sounds like a few fuses went

5. Why do old games use flashing as means of showing damage?

From an UX stand of point, the blinking of the Player character when it takes damage it's both the cheapest way and the best way to inform the human player that it took damage.Imagine what happens if you have a Player character that walks up, down, left/right and also jumps, fires melee and ranged weapons and has a bunch of other states.Say the player is walking down:Then it takes damage, while walking down:That is an entirely different sprite and animation (say 3 to 6 frames). This is expensive, it has to be done for all the Player states that have a visual representation.Also the animation takes precious time. If you are playing a platformer or an adventure game where your reflexes matter, you, as a human player will be frustrated with the outcome of waiting for the animation to finish rendering (let's say 3 frames, 16ms / frame, that is 48ms input lag, it's 50ms of waiting time).If the player was jumping while getting hurt, that means you also need four JUMP_GET_HURT animations (up, down, left/right).As a game developer, this is expensive both art-wise and developer wise as oppose to just applying a mask (as suggested in the other answers).This answer may not apply to NPCs, because from a player POV, you like seeing them getting hurt, you enjoy getting feedback from your action but not some much vice-versa.

6. 2005 Honda Accord flashing check engine light and rough idle.?

the first thing that pops into my head would be that a cylinder is skipping (one of the 6 isnt moving) witch isnt too hard to fix and isnt all that uncommon, the other thing it could be is a loose crankshaft or other moving part (possibley even the bolts that hold the engine together

7. Xbox 2 flashing red lights?

Send it in to microsoft its most likely the same thing as the RROD for the Xbox 360

8. How to remove Adafruit Pro Trinket bootloader flashing startup sequence

It is actually much simpler than the other answers suggest. There is no need to remove/overwrite the bootloader. You can just disable the bootloader by setting the appropriate fuse bit. In order to do so, you need an ISP programmer. As you might know, you will loose the ability to upload code though USB/FTDI. But you can restore that ability at any time, just by resetting the appropriate fuse bit to its original value. There is no ISP header on the trinket, but you can easily build one or just use jumper wires to connect the individual pins directly to the programmer. Pinout can be found at learn.adafruit.com. You need to connect MISO, MOSI, SCK, RST, VCC and GND.If you are using a different programmer than the USBTinyISP, replace usbtiny with the appropriate identifier. List possible values by specifying a bogus identifier, eg. avrdude -c foo.Among some other things, avrdude should return a line containing the current fuse values. It should look similar to the following:We are interested in the high fuse (H:D0). D0 indicates that the bootloader is enabled. Actually, any even number means the bootloader is enabled.We want to set the BOOTRST bit of the high fuse. It is the least significant bit of the fuse, which equals the number 1. So all we need to do is increment the value by 1.In the example, the new fuse value is D1.If you are unsure how to calculate the fuse value, you can use the Fuse Calculator. Choose ATMega328P as your device, enter the fuse values as reported by avrdude at the very bottom under "Current settings", then click apply. Uncheck BOOTRST in the "Manual fuse bits configuration" section, then you will see the new fuse value in the bottom section, where you entered the original value.Again, replace usbtiny with the identifier of your programmer. If you calculated a different value than D1, replace 0xd1 with your approriate value. However, if your original value for the high fuse was D0, then your new value is D1

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