Why Do I Have to Look Straight at Car Lights?

It's common with new drivers. Look away from the lights

1. My car lights inside my car wont go Off?

It seems such as you are turning out to be a foul door swap, or a shorting floor interior the equipment. it quite is going to take some detective artwork to discover the situation, start up by skill of checking the sunshine turn on the sprint to ensure that it replaced into not left on. If the interior dimmer is desperate too extreme, it activates the interior lighting fixtures. . next get rid of each and each door swap (one after the different with the different doorways closed) and notice it the lighting fixtures bypass out. If not one of the switches are undesirable, you maximum possibly will ought to discover an motor vehicle electric powered expert to song the situation! you may pull the fuse that powers the interior lighting fixtures to steer away from working down the battery

2. Do you get blinded by car lights too?

it startled me so bad that I swirved and almost hit a pole. It's getting harder to drive at night if anyone else is on the road.

3. 1998 Nissan Pathfinder alarm help?

Sounds like you may have run your battery flat. Alarm backup battery is still working but perhaps not enough power to function properly. Can be a pain if dead vehicle battery has created a need to reset alarm system. Are things like car lights working? If they seem strong scratch what Ive had to say. :)

4. what does it mean if a sign in ur car lights ^ and it says, "service engine soon"?

Take it to a O'Reilley's or Auto zone... and have them run a diagnostic check on it. Something is not right with your car...

5. What are those real bright car lights called?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What are those real bright car lights called? Is it possible to upgrade to them on a 2000 tracker? Are they really worth it? Cause I find my current lights are not bright enough at night.

6. Any systems of car lights so that it passes Inspection?

OK I dont know if this will help you guys , but we have a tv show that is call ( two guys garage) and you can get on line and they takk about a (painless wireing harness ) and thay say it is easy to get and easy to install , sounds like my kind of harness , becauuse i have a 1974 shoth bed cheve truck that im working on and when it comes time this is what i was going to look up for mine hope this helps and good luck

7. Why car lights seem to have no effect when it's raining?

Light pierces air more easily than water

8. Car lights question: I have seen a fair amount of cars driving on the highway?

Daytime running lamps idiots that forget to turn their lights on in the dark = this combination. Otherwise you are talking about 2 to 10 burned out bulbs - possible, but unlikely.

9. Accidentally Left My Car Lights On; Now Even After A Jump It Won't Start or Even Turn Over. Help?

need a real boast from a running car to get it to start

10. If a car runs continuously for 4hrs with full AC and then one of the people in the car lights up a cigarette, would the fire spread in the car?

Only if he drops it on the seat & fans it for a few minutes. Air is air

11. If a car runs continuously for 4hrs with full AC and then one of the people in the car lights up a cigarette, would the fire spread in the car?

Um, well, no. There would be no fire other than the cigarette lighter and the cigarette.Air conditioning only cools the air, it does not increase the oxygen in the car. The A/C either uses outside air to cool the air in the inside of the car or it recirculates inside air, depending on your car and how you have your A/C buttons set.

12. Paper that reflects car lights? Or glows in the dark

Just wanted to add an example material. We purchase 3M EGP Reflective Sheeting Series 3430 vinyl and is a non-metalized microprismatic lens retroreflective material. We print onto the substrate using our latex printers. See below for a closeup of the material.And O man is this stuff expensive!

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