Why Do Female Superhero Movies Constantly Try to Remind the Watchers About the Fact That They Are Wo

Well well, hasnt this question brought about some bilious opinions from people.They dont try to remind the viewers that they are women, its just that a lot of viewers are annoyed by women for no real reason. Some go on and on about how Capt. Marvel shouldnt be more powerful (read the comics, dear), but have no problem with the improbable physics associated with other characters. Suck it up.

And the women all assembled scene did not seem forced. All the male characters were suddenly there too. No one complained about that. The women would naturally gravitate toward each other. Also, symbolism. It didnt hurt you. Let both genders have a little joy for their heroes, for crying out loud

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What is your honest opinion of Taehyung juuling? It was suspected earlier this year but now that Jimin's video has confirmed it do you think it's something we can judge? He's a grown man and it's his life but at the same time, it is so unhealthy.

Ive heard this question go around on different platforms for quite a while now, I personally think that it is his own choice and a lot of people juul because of mental health issues and Taehyung and the other boys are going through a lot of shit, so it might as well be because of that. If they want to, then let them be, but I hope that they stop because it is not good for them, like you said, its not healthy at all. People at my school actually juul in the restroom and we needed to have a police and his dog come in every two weeks to inspect. It is legal for Taehyung, but I really hope that his fellow members can help him stop and help him through the issues he might be having


Who is your favorite member of Led Zeppelin?

Thats as unfair a question as Whats your favourite Led Zeppelin song?, but if youll allow me to type (think?) out loud, I have the answer.Without Jimmy Page, there would be no Led Zeppelin.Robert Plant was envied & not-so envied by other musicians; seems almost ironic that female singers tend to do most justice to LZ songs.

John Paul Jones was an extremely valuable member; Classically trained pianist, also a fine multi instrumentalist/arranger.John Bonham (R.I.P.) - the band would not have been the same without him; he gelled the musicians & they were incomplete without him. Apart from other unfortunate contributing factors that made the performance a rather sad affair, even the 2 drummers at Led Zeppelins 1985 Live Aid event were unworthy to fill Bonzos shoes.


Who or what causes mankind to continuously be at war so often?

Competition. Without it complacency sets in and humankind may actually degrade. It's just that some don't believe in the reconstruction of it in other forms. For example, the below may be suitable substitutes: Sports for example displaces the need for physical dominance. Intellectual aggression also is a venting avenue. Sexual or business pursuits are also possible. But mankind does require a society pinging and pressure for good use of time.OT: there's probably other avenues of human expansion but I can't list all. The only other thing I can think of right now is exploration; ie. space exploration and colonization.Perhaps, what's missing in the above examples is the higher chance of dying. Maybe we all need to do 1 thing each day that scares us. To paraphrase that song back in 1998: Wear Sunscreen

;-)This is just a parody of the original > Not The Sunscreen Song Lyrics


Do people who don't support the Black Lives Matter movement feel like they're in the wrong side of history? Why or why not?

Like every group, BLM has been characterized by the behavior and beliefs of its followers regardless of whether those behaviors and beliefs are tenants of the organization.Christians and Muslims, Democrats and Republicans, in general have also been have been characterized by the behavior and beliefs of fringe groups.It makes sensational news and what news outlet doesn't want to have the latest breaking story?You can find local chapters of any organization that has more extreme or less extreme methods and practices. All of this boils down to the interaction of individuals who talk past each other using the same words but meaning different things.Because of this societal nature and the speed at which truth and lies move today, no one can answer this question really


What first led Europeans to explore Africa?

First of all, it was the other way around. The question assumes that there was an advanced European colony before people traversed from Africa to Europe. But to answer the question as it is asked. Some parts of Africa are visible from the cost of Spain, and of course Egypt and what is now called Israel is basically connected. Which by the way was the crossroads of civilization, resulting in the various religions, as it was a center of multiple philosophical debates and gatherings of the various theories that resulted in the religious followings we have today. Of corse some of the more adventuress people on both sides of the Mediterranean coasts were curious as to whats on the other side.......

What first lead Europeans to explore Africa?


Who believes that Ahok should run for the president of Indonesia?

I dont. For him to run for presidency is a recipe for disaster, it will not only be emotionally and financially exhausting, but will also impact ethnic Chinese and/or Christian across Indonesia. Violence can be predicted to happen, and religious fundamentalism will rise to its new height once more and chaos will be everywhere.Indonesia is not ready for this kind of leader, as others have said not because he lacks the experience but because Indonesian still elects its leader based on things that have little bearing on how they govern, things like religion, ethnicity, public image. Plus, I dont have sufficient evidence to believe that Ahok has polished his brashness.Probably in half a century, we might be ready, if were lucky. I know Im not holding my breath


Why does the Christian church look so different from the church in the bible?

Because most of the precepts the primitive church was built on are at odd with a modern capitalist society.Churches were founded originally for the good of the people, today people are seen as being there for the good of the churches.Jesus said a rich man cannot get in to heaven, the churches now tell rich men they can buy their way into heaven by supporting churches.

The acts of the apostles tells of a communal society where all money and property is shared, today that is called communism and socialism and is despised, so churches no longer practice it.

Jesus said sell all you have and give it to the poor, then follow me.

Churches now buy and sell property, land, invest in stocks and shares, build shopping malls and media empires and are the richest organization in the world.Need I go on?


How did Buddhism started replacing Hinduism? Who founded this new religion?

There was no Hinduism at the time of the Buddha, as Hinduism is an amalgamation of Vedic and non-Vedic traditions, a mix that to evolve and change until about 300 CE and once again had its dogma/doctrine solidified sometime during British rule of India. Instead there were orthodox brahmanisms, which was likely as old as the Vedas themselves. Gautama of the Sakya clan was a Sramana who founded his own heterodox school, rejecting the Vedas, the caste system, and Brahmin authority while seeking the liberation/deliverance of mind from suffering his own way.

Buddhism began widely competing and became popular after it got royal patronage - that is, after Mauryan emperor King Ashoka converted to Buddhism something around 250 BCE. It was at that point Buddhism began spreading across the subcontinent and beyond


What led to your spiritual awakening?

Reading and studying lots of Dharma and Spiritual Books in teens and 20s.Meditation,Life, and some very challenging life experiences.Dedicating ones self to awakening,Meditation,Mindfulness,Longing,Love,Meditation,Curiosity,Desperation,Meditation,Diksha (Similar to Shaktipat)Presence.Meditation,Falling in Love,Meditation,Loosing everything on an outer level,Loosing everything on an inner level,Self inquiry,Surrender.As Chogyam Trungpa once said:My advice to you is not to undertake the spiritual path. It is too difficult, too long, and is too demanding. I suggest you ask for your money back, and go home. This is not a picnic. It is really going to ask everything of you. So, it is best not to begin. However, if you do begin, it is best to finish. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


I am believing in astrology, is it right?

You can believe in astrology if you find it useful to you, without worrying about whether you are right or wrong. There are many people, especially here, who will tell you that astrology can't possibly work because there is no way a star or planet millions of miles or even light-years away can influence what happens in our everyday lives, but if you find that astrology is useful to you, the last thing you should worry about is what other people say or if you are somehow being 'wrong'. Just because someone may have a PhD doesn't mean they have to be right. As L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology once said, the best way to tell if something is true or not is whether it's true for you


Is there a town in the United States that has implemented sharia law?

Well I think this is a fake article. But its an interesting question. Why shouldnt a city adopt Sharia law if other cities can enforce Christian law (putting creationism in public schools, erecting 10 commandments in courthouses, etc.). Whats the difference?Atheists have been fighting this battle for years. Its unconstitutional. And weve been accused of attacking Christianity or being guilty of hating Christians.

Perhaps if Sharia does get implemented, the Christian fundamentalists will finally understand what weve been talking about. Perhaps when someone elses religion is being forced on them, theyll understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of someone elses fundamentalism.(And Im not including all Christians. Im specifically referring to the ones who want to force their dogma on the rest of us.



How can you make the same led change colors?

"How can you make the same led change colors?"An LED can only emit one (or a narrow range of) wavelength. An "RGB" LED is actually three diodes in one package; a Red one, a Green one, and a Blue one. A "white" LED is actually either a Blue LED or a UV one, which has been coated with some appropriate phosphors which convert some of the emitted light to other (always longer) wavelengths which, when viewed together, appear "white".

There is one way, however, to make any LED emit a significantly different color - dramatically overdrive it. For a brief moment before it fails, it will emit an entirely different spectrum - sort of like a flashbulb.


How did Carrie Fisher die?

Carrie Fisher died of a cardiac arrest during a flight from London to Los Angeles. But what caused her the heart attack? She wasnt leading a healthy way of living, using drugs (cocaine) and its being in news back in 1985 that she overdosed the prescribed medication and got hospitalized.She never took special care of herself when she was young and started falling for drugs and their abusive use. Its being over the news that she wasnt conscious for ten minutes before she revived. But she died over the flight. Recovery might had been possible if she was on ground as in that case she might got all available medical help or rushed to emergency.If you like reading news (Pakistani), NIN60 is your destination.

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