Who Is the Most Underrated Captain of the Indian Cricket Team History?

Rahul Dravid is India's most underrated captainDespite being a terrific batsman, Dravid was someone who put the initiative on the bowlers to win matches for the team.In the ongoing millennium, Indian cricket gets defined and often compared between two distinct eras- The Sourav Ganguly era between 2000 and 2005 and the MS Dhoni era between 2007 and 2014 in Test Cricket and 2007 and 2016 in limited-overs cricket.In between them, there was one other phase in Indian cricket which often gets forgotten because of one memory and one memory alone.

Rahul Dravid would arguably go down as India's greatest ever Test cricketer and would also be in the list of the finest Indian ODI batsmen, but whenever the question of his captaincy tenure comes up, only one event props up- the infamous maiden round exit from the 2007 50-over World Cup in the Caribbean.However, while that remains the single biggest disappointment in Dravid's otherwise memorable ODI career, there were aspects in his tenure when India went forward and a lot of them never come in the forefront when one recalls his time at the helm

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What is the definition of LED?

A light source that is created by a light emitting diode (LED). For decades, LEDs have been used as indicator lights on myriad products; however, starting in the 2000s, they began to replace incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs. LEDs draw considerably less power and are up to 80% more efficient. Although claims are made for some bulbs lasting 25 years, one should expect a long lifespan under normal usage. In Their Infancy As of 2016, LED bulbs are still more expensive than incandescent bulbs; however, prices are constantly decreasing. Companies continue to experiment with numerous designs. For example, when red, green and blue LEDs are combined, they produce white light. Another method uses a blue LED and yellow or red phosphors. New Lights - A Different Power Source As incandescent bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs using the same Edison screw mount, the LED bulb must include AC to DC conversion. However, if the bulb's power source is DC such as from powered Ethernet, they are more efficient (see PoE and Edison base). See incandescent bulb, halogen bulb, fluorescent bulb, Acandescent bulb, OLED lighting and LED


Was there anything that led to the Byzantine downfall besides the Ottomans and the Fourth Crusade?

No definitive or institutionalized way of succession which created a lot of civil wars . Anyone feeling strong and "blessed" by god could claim the throne .Small Roman population basis due to continuous raiding of Byzantine lands and extreme centralized policies which didn't allow the assimilation of newly acquired territories, therefore never achieving their full incorporation( especially the Conquests of Armenia , Bulgaria and Cilicia in the 10th-11th centuries ).

Small or inexistent taxation on trading activities . Although most people think that Byzantium flourished from trade , this is wrong . Only individuals did and later only the Italian merchant republics. The state only made some money from tolls and customs , but never taxed traders, thus losing a great income.Untrained locals and overreliance on mercenaries . After Basil II , the empire employed Varangians , Italians , Alan's , Turks , Armenians etc to create a dominant army force The theme system was transformed and the estate owners could exchange military service by paying money which the state earned to hire mercenaries .

Complete Inability to deal with nations and tribes that had no organized statehood ( Bolgars , Slavs , Turkomans , Normans etc. )


What is the difference between nazism and communism?

National-Socialism or Nazism is based upon the nation,the volk and the Fuhrerprinzip.What distinguishes Nazism from other forms of fascism is the fact most fascist countries had an isolationist policy concerning other nations whilst the Nazis sought to dominate other nations and exterminate those deemed 'undesirables' ,particularly those nations with large Jewish and Slavic populations,within those nations which they did with monstrous efficiency.Nazis viewed those of Germanic and Nordic descent as being a 'master race',the descendants of the mythological Aryans.This view was strongly influenced by the writings of the German occultist Madame Blavatsky. However,like other fascist nations there was a strong focus on the youth as the public voice and right hand of The Leader.

Communism as Prof. Noam Chomsky has pointed out,the names been used but it doesnt really exist anywhere.Communism in the Marxian sense means a classless,stateless,moneyless society . So,the very concept of a "Communist state" is a contradiction.Communism is an international movement aimed at the abolition of money,antagonistic class interests and the promotion of proletarian values.Whether thats possible,I dont know but its interesting.


What factors led to Trump winning the popular vote in the swing states?

Its not some great mystery of the universe. All you have to do is look at what the democrats have become and the kind of campaign Clinton ran.Democrats dont seem to have much respect for their country. They go from one social travesty blown out of proportion to another. Working-class white men invariably get blamed for something. Even the ones whove lost their jobs. In essence, the Republicans in all of its anti-union glory has become the working class party.Many of those midwest swing states have been hit hard with factory jobs getting shipped overseas. Crippling regulations shut down factories and resource extraction companies. Illegal immigration has undercut construction wages.Look at Trump. Something as simple as make america great again and promise to bring back jobs. Trump campaigned hard.

Look at Clinton. She made zero effort to court these people. In fact, Clinton, the MSM, and the left called anyone interested in Trump racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic. They were so busy patting eachother on the back, convincing themselves of an easy victory, they forgot to create any incentive to vote for her.


Is it true that the introduction of GMO crops to small-scale farming communities in India has led to an increase in farmer suicides?

Typically food grown, first harvest, is offered to birds and animals. The belief is the ancestors reincarnate and come as birds and animals to check out their offsprings. Actually it is about preserving the bio diversity and ecosystem. In case of GMOs it was seen that these birds and animals refuse to eat GMOs. So the harvest is not approved.The next harvest has to be sown with the seeds of the first harvest, this is also a rule with some similar legend. Again the idea is to preserve the bio diversity and ecosystem. Here too I think with GMOs and hybrids, farmers have to go shopping for seeds.So eventually the farmer goes back to time tested and ancient farming practice, but here he faces the realities of present century.Loans are given based on estimates of farm productivity and crop value that has a huge mismatch with reality.

The view here is GMOs are good for colonizing mars or something more adventurous. If we were to eat GMOs, the time is not far when we need to genetically modify humans too for addressing lifestyle issues


What some of the simplest inventions that have generated a lot of money?

Clothes!!"Everyone buys clothes. You can live without any possible thing but life without clothes is the most unimaginable thing.Some facts about the clothing/ textile industry:British Fashion Industry is alone worth 21bn

British fashion industry now worth nearly 21bn a year, report revealsAccording to report, in UK consumers spent 46bn on clothing and footwear in 2008.

Fashion and textile designCountries with huge population such as India, have a huge market for textile industry.

See this: "The Indian apparel industry is estimated to be worth Rs. 1,876 billion in FY11 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7 per cent till FY16".Some details about taxes in India in clothing sector:Government levied a new 10% tax on branded apparels in 2011. Which definitely meant the prices for branded apparels will go higher. A lot of stores were shut down to oppose this new tax.

Note that the prices of apparels rose by 35% in that financial year.

Know more about it here:

Indias Clothing Retailers Shut Stores to Oppose New Tax

Know more about Budeget Plans for the 2012 year.

Budget 2012: Effective excise duty on branded garments eased little


It seems like automation and AI should take more jobs than they create, yet the U.S. still seems to be at full employment. Why?

We have more jobs because of automation and AI. The more you can automate the more people can have and the more prosperous everyone can be. One of the early machines in automation was when McCormick invented the reaper. There were mass protests because it would rob so many jobs from people. In those days most people worked producing food. Now we have a few percentage of the population that not only feeds the country but some of the world as well. If agriculture had not been automated we would still have most people out with scythes cutting fields of oats and making next to nothing.If you dont automate you have to use more manpower to produce anything. We then would be competing more directly with third world countries and very cheap labor. The only way we could do that would be to pay our workers less. Without automation we would be talking about increasing the minimum wage to 3 bucks an hour.The nature of the jobs change and education becomes more important. For those with education there are lots of 6 figure jobs. Employers will pay more for brains than they can for muscle


Will the poorest African countries become better off without state-led industrialization?

Probably not!I am Australian, and live in the Commonwealth of Australia. My country is asset rich but capital poor. Mainly because most of our private industry is foreign owned, and profits flow offshore.

To promote development, the Australian governments built the infrastructure, and established businesses that foreign investors saw such endevours unprofitable, or to negate monopolies forming.Once infrastructure was amortised (paid off) and government enterprises matured, they have been sold off to raise more capital, to create more infrastructure and establish enterprises needed to maintain Australia's security.What could happen in emerging nations to government owned enterprises, is what happened in Australia a few decades ago. USA carpet baggers through mergers and takeovers, took control of targeted enterprises, and then offshored those businesses to places with cheaper operating costs. Thus Australia which once had thriving heavy industry, has now almost zero heavy industry, and is dependent on imports. Thus Australia carries a huge trade deficit with the USA (mainly from the import of heavy machinery).

It is a catch 22, that most emerging nations faced. Private enterprise can be advantageous, but foreign owned private enterprise can be detrimental to a country


Where is God from in the Bible?

in genesis god says he created heaven n earth, it says adam walked n talked with god. god made him self known to abraham as god, later moses god made himself known , he gave them the ten commandments, his standard to live, throo them he show that he is only true god to other nations . god spoke to nation of nation of israel through the prophets corrects the ways of people, he foretold the coming of jesus throo the prophet isaiah , where he said a virgin has bear a son his name will emmanuel meaning god with us. jesus came to earth in israeljesus shed his blood for the forgiveness of mans sinshe died on the cross to put to death our life of sin n evilhe rose from the dead to give us his life to live withu should ask jesus if he is the only true god , and any questions to himjesus christ is coming again 2nd time on earth as the king of kings lord of lords tojudge men by the bible and to rule from jerusalem his eternal capital

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The New Technology of OLED 5g TV Will Be a Turning Year for the Color TV Market in 2020
As the only truly mass-produced product in the next generation display technology roadmap, OLED is ushering in a "highlight moment" - although the sales growth in 2019 is limited, the joining of Huawei and Xiaomi is shaping a new image of "OLED".The killer mace of Internet brands?Recently, South Korea reported that LG display will supply OLED panels to Huawei, and the two companies are negotiating the supply. It is reported that this will be an emerging "TV" with 5g function.Lenovo thinks that the 5g package of the three traditional telecom operators has been officially launched in China; The fourth 5g license has Zhao Jingchun, chairman of China Radio and television. At the recently held world 5g conference, it was revealed that China Radio and television will promote 5g business for individuals next year. Huawei's smart screen series products will receive a "completely different product form upgrade" in 2020, which is a high probability event.It is also reported that emerging TV manufacturers Vizio and Xiaomi plan to use OLED panels next year to enter the OLED TV market. It is even reported that Xiaomi has signed a supply agreement with LGD for OLED display panels next year.If the radio and television 5g network is commercial, a batch of 5g TVs must be listed before. This is a "great opportunity" for communication enterprises and Internet enterprises to enter the color TV market. Industry experts believe that not only mobile phone companies that have "news" at present, but also other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers may launch 5g TV next year.In this context, OLED products with continuous tight supply of display panels will be particularly popular: just as OLED used to be synonymous with high-end in the mobile phone market. 5g color TV market, this scene may accelerate. In particular, considering that the new capacity of OLED panel supply of LGD in 2020 is concentrated on the 8.5 generation line in Guangzhou, there is no reason for domestic brands not to "get the month first".Therefore, 5g OLED, as the killer mace of the color TV industry in 2020, especially the mobile communication and Internet brands, has a sufficient "value foundation".Reshape the value chain of color TV, new brand new technologyAt present, the pattern of the domestic color TV industry, in addition to Xiaomi's great success in market share and sales scale by relying on low price and high quality, the traditional disk is still not much different from that 10 years ago."Among more than 10 innovative color TV brands, only Xiaomi is still active in the front line!" this is a true portrayal of Internet color TV entrepreneurs in the past few years. In this regard, industry experts believe that this is mainly because the "new brand" has no "substantive technological breakthrough" except "image, price and more dependence on e-commerce"—— The old routine of price war has also brought financial pressure under huge losses.The biggest feature of 5g OLED combination is the "hardware technology" which is very different from the traditional mainstream LCD TV.Wu Zhanghao, vice president of LG display and Minister of TV business, predicts that the sales of OLED TVs in China will reach 300000 400000 units in 2019, and the sales of OLED TVs in China is expected to reach more than 1 million units in 2020 - this product with short supply and growth is a good helper for the new brand to "create unique" technology competition value.On the other hand, 5g TV technology is bound to create a new concept of "cognition" between traditional TV brands and mobile phone and other communication enterprises. As a global leader in 5g technology, Huawei obviously has outstanding advantages in all aspects, especially in the fields of 5g signal processing antenna, chip, codec and so on. Industry insiders believe that the technical core capabilities of 5g TV and Huawei smart screen will be improved across dimensions."The new round of communication brand TV is very different from the previous Internet concept brand: because this round of new brand entry has 5g, OLED, fan aiot ecology and more hard core content."The battle for high-quality resources begins. Should the color TV industry changeFacing the upcoming 5g OLED color TV war in 2020, what is the biggest variable? The answer is the battle for upstream resources.On the one hand, the supply of OLED TV panels is always insufficient, which greatly limits the improvement of OLED market sales. For example, the data show that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics sold 1.16 million QLD TVs worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 520000 and a month on month increase of about 70000. Similarly, as a high-end TV, LG OLED TV sold 1.06 million units in the first three quarters, an increase of only 1%.On the other hand, the supply of 5g related chips and other products is also in the "initial stage". Unlike 4G new products and system products, high, middle and low-end gears are fully supplied. In 2019, the layout of many mobile phone brands on 5g mobile phones actually received the restriction that the chip is not in place. For example, apple is a typical example.Therefore, in the expectation of tight supply, Huawei Xiaomi seizes the new technology of OLED 5g TV, which has the effect of "dimensionality reduction and attack on traditional brands". Industry experts believe that 2020 will be an extraordinary "turning year" for the color TV market!
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