Which Scooter/moped Should I Buy?

Idk why but the blue one looks more feminine, the yellow one looks more manly

1. why wont my 49.5 cc scooter start?

Year make and model? It sounds like you were getting what is called a hot soak.Your engine was flooding out when hot and it took a few moments to clear the fuel once it started.the most common cause of this is the auto choke failure. You may be flooding out so pull the plug and see if it's wet with fuel and then check for spark. If it's wet and you have spark the carb is bad if no spark you will need a service manual to diagnose it

2. for a 60 years old person whether an auto gear scooter will be better or a bike. in scooter which one will be?

Depends on what shape that 60-year-old person is in. I am 62 and ride a 652cc cruiser motorcycle. Driving and control of a motorcycle is far better than a autogear scooter.

3. Do I need a license for a 150 cc scooter?

YES. If you hav not already bought it, you might check with your DMV though to see if a 125cc needs to be registered. I know in some cities they do not. For instance in Nashville, TN, a 125cc does not have to be registered and it will go just as fast as a 150cc. ;)

4. what brand of motorcycle/scooter is this?

Looks like a Vespa to me

5. i was hit by a car on my scooter?

The answer to your question will depend on which state you are in and the amount of your claim. You need to feel comfortable with your Lawyer and trust the Lawyer. If you cannot discuss these things with your Lawyer or you do not think he has given you enough info then change Lawyers.

6. do i need driver license for motorcycles scooter?

most states, you do not need one. MOST states require you to be over 16, and the vehicle be under 50cc w/ an automatic clutch. But Texas is not just another state. It's nebulous. Look at your dmv website or call them

7. Scooter wont run in the rain?

My money would be on a damaged HT lead or plug cap, the engine being on the swing arm moves when the suspension compresses, the lead is attached to the frame

8. What scooter should i buy?

Get one that is well known, this way when you have trouble with it, you can online and diagnose your specific scooter and hopefully not have to take it into a scooter repair shop, you can repair it yourself by the online diagnosis. Vespa's well known

9. Is a 50cc scooter any good?

They are a lot of fun BUT you started off with the worst thing to me how fast LEARN how to drive first PLEASE then build up speed if you must take care happy biking

10. Is it worth getting a Scooter?

Yes, it is a great fun! Here we ride the mewdows / fields on motorbikes even younger. Always wear helmet and do not go too fast. If you are too young to have licence, avoid roads where police might be.

11. If I get that new 50 cc scooter for

I just have my super powered broom, but your welcome to tag along

12. Best first scooter at 16?

I think it depends on what kind of driving you are going to be doing. With 50cc, you are not going to have the power to get out of the way of something using acceleration, as much as you would have with a bigger engine. I like 125cc-150cc bikes myself. I understand they cost more money, but maybe you could find a good used one. Aprilia is great brand. Vespa makes great scooter as well. Good luck. edit: I should say, that 125cc wo not feel all that more powerful, but you will be able to accelerate going up hills and not hold up traffic. A 50cc bike will have a hard time keeping up with traffic on any kind of incline. If you do not have any hills around you, then 50cc will be fine.

13. Why won't my scooter start?

take out your spark plug and clean it or get a new one, its a 2 second job and prevented my bike from starting aswell (Gilera Runner 50cc)

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