Which Motorcycle Brand You Own and Why?

Now, this is a great A2A question. Motorcycles being my favorite topic. "Which motorcycle brand do I own and why". First off, in the interest of transparency, I currently own none (well I do still have a 1969Honda CD175, but that's up for sale) due to my wife requesting that I stop riding. Her request, ok demand, is due to the fact that I am not particularly good at it. Hold on, that is probably a bit confusing and not altogether true. My skills are actually quite good, but I do have a penchant for falling off and occasionally hurting myself quite badly. How badly? Bad crashes have killed me twice (yes really) and broken so many bones I just cannot count (legs, shoulders, arms, ribs, wrists, ankles, faces and so on). The reason for this is that I cannot do anything halfway and frequently ride past my talent level.Anyway, back to the question. I am passionate about bikes, racing and riding in general, having started at the age of 9 and continued riding through the age of 55. During that time I have owned so many bikes, I really do not have a solid number, but I do have some great opinions on my favorites. Starting with the top picture, a Ducati 748RS. This one I purchased maybe 10 years ago and restored to as-raced condition. The 748RS is my favorite bike of all time as I raced one similar in the late '90s. These bikes turn so sweet and the sound of the twin is just music. Besides, tell me it does not look sexy as hell. I love Ducati's. they just speak to me. Yes, they are more expensive to maintain and far more expensive and time-consuming to race, by they just stir the soul. This is my next favorite, A Ducati 999R. Love it or hate it style, but I loved it. There were only two main problems with this bike. #1 - The went to a double-sided swingarm, Ducati's need to have a single. #2 - Everything is carbon fiber, magnesium, and unobtainium which lets these bike hit their performance numbers. It is also why they cost so damn much money. Sadly, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Ducati came out with the 1098 in 2007 for way less money and similar or better performance. This tanked the market for the 999. Again, the 999R just sang to me and I loved it.My next favorite is again an exotic, The Aprilia SXV550. This is a twin cylinder, dry sump supermoto bike. Cantankerous and fidgety as hell to work on, the motors only last (for me) about 1,000 miles before there is an oil problem and a resulting rebuild. The performance is off the charts and I have had two (and about 8 motors).Husqvarna SM610R. These were an absolute game changer when they came out in 2001 (I think, memory is fuzzy). I really wanted a NOX but could not get my hands on one at the time. The left side kick start is a bitch with it being a big single, but I was a damn fun bike on the street and track.What next? KTM's, either the SMR's or the EXC 450's are just hot, hot bikes. I have had a few and all left me with a smile on my face. Motocross/dirt bikes, since getting old, there is only one brand that I stuck too, Honda. That is such an important word that I need to say it again, HONDA, HONDA, HONDA. My last favorites were the Honda CRF 450 and 250. With most of my serious motocross racing being in the 70's and early 80's on two strokes, I never thought I would like thumpers. Oh, how wrong I was. And if you are not seriously competing, just put gas in, check the oil and go. Fantastic bikes. I started racing on Hodaka's in the early 70's and ran Super Rat's and Combat Wombats, I just loved the Hodaka. After that, I tried Maico's, Honda CR125's and 250's and whatever else I (or my dad) could get our hands on. I fell in love in 1982 with the Suzuki RM 250, the first water-cooled motocrosser. What a rocket. I did not have much time for racing back then but I got in trouble doing it whenever I could. From 1982 until about 2006, I would not look at any motocross bike that was not a Suzuki.My favorite brands, in my opinion, and my short reason. Honda - You meet the nicest people on a Honda. Dependable, great performing and reasonably priced.Ducati - The twin just speaks to me. Sexy as hell.Aprilia - Like an Italian girlfriend, sexy and a great performer but she is going to break and cost you a lot of money. KTM - Fantastic engineering in a top performing packageBMW - Just wow. I so badly want an HP4, what a machine. If I was buying a touring/commuter bike, it would be an R1200 hands down.Suzuki - Great performance in a good package. The GSXR is one of my favorite racing bikes due to performance and cost issues. Short of the Ducati's every RR bike has been a Suzuki.Everything else. Any of the Japanse bikes are fantastic for us mere mortals. If you are of championship caliber, it's more about your team than it is about the manufacturer. The Harley clones they make are solid bikes but just do not speak to me. I would love a Ural, though I have no idea why. Oh, and as to Harley, I suppose they are fine machines but they just never lit my fire. Noise for the sake of performance (on the track) is fine, but loud noise just to be loud is a non-starter. I also prefer light and nimble. The hands forward/feet forward riding position and so much vibration that wifie wants to ride with me just kills it for me. I think that covers it for such a long answer.Which motorcycle brand you own and why?

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