Where Should I Attach the Blower Motor Leads on a Payne Air Handler?

Blue is a speed tap and yellow is common or L2 There should also be a red and black wire coming from the motor that should be capped off unless the motor has been changed. A picture of the board and wiring diagram would help. It looks from the very poor wiring diagram I found that the yellow wire would go to K1 and the blue would go to NO but like I said the diagram was not very specific.

1. cuts and grazes all over my body came off my motor bike?

if you have learned your lesson, wear the correct clothing everytime you ride your bike, it could have been your face !!!

2. How do I operate a 3-phase motor with an Arduino controlled relay module?

You need to have DOL starter that is easily available in the market.Your circuit needs to generate separate start and stop pulse of one second duration. Mark the word 'pulse'.Operate SPDT relays (5V?) from start and stop pulse output.

3. I have a 98 chevy venture , my ABS light recently came on, I have replaced my ABS motor once already and now?

I bought a '97 Monte Carlo in '98 and in the summer of '02 my ABS light kept coming on and my traction control would kick in every time I came to a complete stop. I took it to a Chevy dealer, where it turned out my ABS motor HAD failed and the whole time this had been going on, I had been driving with no functioning rear brakes. The traction control was kicking in to keep the car from fishtailing on me since nothing was actively stopping the rear wheels. I am still shocked GM was never forced to recall the vehicles from this time to fix this issue. When I initially had this issue, my dealership was shocked (like the other answerer) because ABS motors do not normally fail. At the time, I could not find anything online about it, but in the last few years I've started to see other complaints like mine. Although I was able to drive the car for a total of 10 years and 133,000 miles. All that said, if you are just randomly replacing parts trying to fix an issue, you are throwing your money away. At least spend the diagnostic fee at a dealership to find out what the issue really is.

4. 1 .5 hp motor needs what size wire?

Depending on the distance, heavier wire might help. It's possible that there is too much voltage drop in the wire during motor starting. That would lead to heavy startup currents being drawn for longer periods. The pump manufacturer should have wire size / distance recommendations. Voltage and current measurements at the pump during startup with min/max peak holding meters should reveal the problem. Don

5. Electrical connection for 1phase 230v motor?

Yes. That '230' is a compromise rating to allow the motor to run either on 240 or 208 Volts Line to Line.

6. Can I run a 24V motor with a 12V PSU

Most likely the motor current will be same as 24V (not doubled). The motor speed will be half of rated speed. Power will be half of rated power. But there are lots of details. If you have the motor and power supply just try it. If you do not have the motor and power supply, select components with the same voltage for best results

7. What kind of motor oil should i use?

Use what the book calls for

8. i have a 92 jeep wrangler s with 2.5 l motor, what axeles are in it?

The axles in the 4cyl YJ (Dana 30 front; Dana 35c rear) are the same as the ones sold in the 4.0L I6 and 4.2L I6. Same axles were used for both engines. The real difference is the gear ratios in the axles. All 92 YJ's with a 2.5L 4cyl have 4.10 gears. YJ's with the 4.0L I6 was not available with 4.10's. There is no reason to focus on the axles as they are the same. If you plan on doing any serious four-wheeling or beating on your Jeep, then I would say get rid of the c-clip D35 axle. Before upgrading my axles, while towing my boat at highway speeds, I had my rear tire/rim, brake drum and axle shaft pass me as the rear of my Jeep slammed to the ground. If the c-clip axle lets go, there is nothing to prevent the axle shaft and complete hub assembly from sliding out of the axle tube.

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IGBT of Fuji Motor Electronic Equipment Technology
The IGBT technology of Fuji motor and electronic equipment technology has been commercialized since 1988 and has been supplied in the market so far. Figure 1-3 shows the development process and application technology of IGBT products from the first generation to the fifth generation. Epitaxial wafers are used in the first to third generation IGBT, and the characteristics are improved by optimizing life cycle control and refinement technology of IGBT. Then, the fourth and fifth generation products have achieved significant characteristic improvement through the transition from epitaxial wafer to FZ (floating zone) wafer. In this regard, the design policy of IGBT has changed greatly compared with the past.Firstly, the basic design idea of IGBT using epitaxial wafer (series products up to 600V of the third to fourth generation, called "breakdown type") is as follows. In order to realize the low-pass state voltage during IGBT conduction, a large number of carriers are injected from the collector side to fill the IGBT with high concentration carriers. In addition, the n-buffer layer specially set to maintain the high voltage forms a very thin n-layer, so as to realize the low-pass state voltage. In order to realize fast exchange, life cycle control technology aiming at the rapid disappearance of carriers filled in IGBT is also adopted (through these, low exchange loss (eoff) can also be realized). However, once the life cycle control technology is applied, even in the normal on state, due to the effect of this technology (the carrier transport efficiency decreases), there is a problem of increasing the on state voltage, which can be solved by further high carrier injection.In short, the basic design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer technology can be simply summarized as "high injection and low transmission efficiency". In contrast, IGBTs using FZ wafers (series after the fourth generation 1200V) adopt a reverse basic design to inhibit the injection of carriers from the collector side and improve the transmission efficiency by reducing the injection efficiency. In the above-mentioned design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer "high injection and low transmission efficiency", the carriers that are not easy to be injected are forcibly suppressed through the control of life cycle, which not only limits the improvement of characteristics, but also increases the standard deviation of on-state voltage characteristics through the control of life cycle, It is very disadvantageous to the large capacity required for parallel use with increasing requirements in recent years. The technology developed to overcome this problem is a new IGBT using FZ chip (NPT: non punch through (used from the fourth generation IGBT) / FS: field stop (used from the fifth generation IGBT) - IGBT). The IGBT does not adopt life cycle control. Its basic design idea is to control the impurity concentration of the collector (P layer), so as to inhibit the carrier injection efficiency. However, in order to realize the characteristics superior to the IGBT using epitaxial wafer, it is also required to realize more than one hundred for the 1200V high voltage resistant series IGBT μ M (the thickness of n-layer in NPT and fs-igbt using FZ wafer ≈ the thickness of chip (wafer). The thinner the thickness, the lower the on state voltage can be generated). In short, it is not too much to call the development of IGBT using FZ chip a challenge to chip thickness.Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology has solved these problems. Starting from the fourth generation 1200V series - IGBT, it has realized the commercialization of "s series" constructed by FZ chip NPT. In addition, 600V series technology with higher thickness requirements is further developed, and 600v-u2 series (fifth generation) is being commercialized. In addition, in 1200V series - the fifth generation "U Series", in order to improve the performance better than s series, NPT structure has been changed to FS structure.The so-called FS structure does not use the life cycle control technology. While following the basic design concept of "low injection and high transport efficiency" of carriers, an n buffer layer to maintain voltage is set on the FZ wafer, so as to realize the IGBT structure thinner than the NPT structure. Through this change, 1200v-u series realizes the low on state voltage characteristic better than s series, and completes its commercialization. In addition, this technology is also used in 1700V series high voltage withstand series, and is also starting to be commercialized.Figure 1-3 changes of Fuji motor electronic equipment IGBT application technologyIn addition, Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology is also refining the surface structure indispensable for the improvement of IGBT characteristics (IGBT is formed by multiple IGBT plates. Through refinement, the more plates, the more low on-state voltage can be realized). Up to the fourth generation products, the planar structure (the structure of planar IGBT) has been used to promote refinement, so as to improve the characteristics. However, starting from the fifth generation products - 1200 and 1700V series, the grooved IGBT technology slotted on the Si surface and constituting IGBT has broken the subtle technical barrier and achieved unprecedented characteristic improvement. Figure 1-4 shows the change of characteristic improvement of 1200V series.Figure 1-4 improvement of balance characteristics
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