Where Can I Rent a Mountain Bike in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

I was in Puerto Vallarta last week, and did some asking around, but with very little success. Cycling does not seem to be popular there. The closest I found was some motorcycle and 4-wheeler rental places. I know it's not quite the same experience, but at least you could be "out in nature" on some wheels...Also, in my experience in other parts of Mexico, mountain biking just is not popular. Hiking is, to a degree, and cross-country biking. But I've never seen or heard of mountain biking, per se. And I've never seen any trails suitable for mountain biking (but maybe they are kept at great distance from the hiking trails where I've been... shrug)Here are a couple places I found:Harley Davidson Rentals 322-118-8800 322-185-1984 On the corner of Avenida Mxico & Calle NicaraguaCool Rentals & Cool Tours 322-223-3239 On Avenida Mxico between Calle Honduras and Calle PanamAvenida Mxico is the main street that runs one-way north to south through the main part of Puerto Vallarta, so both of these places should be easy to find.They were both closed when I went by, so I was not able to go in and ask for any details or prices. Likewise, I cannot make any actual recommendations.I hope this is of some use to you, even though it's not related to bicycles directly.Have fun in Puerto Vallarta!

1. are protien bars like snickers or clif good for your body?

last time i checked, snickers was a candy bar not a protein/energy bar. so no it's not healthy, it's sugar. cliff bars on the other hand are ok because they have protein that gives you energy if you are about to go do some rigorous outdoor activity such as rock climbing, bicycling, hiking, etc.

2. Taking care of hiking backpack

I've never had a pack failure 'in the wild' but I think my usual repair kit of duct tape, tie wraps and a bit of paracord should be able to handle most things.Minor strap and buckle failures are not likely to cause you major problem - but if a shoulder strap fails, that's quite a challenge: Just remember your pack is a vital part of your gear, and look after it well!

3. Hey Everyone! I know theyu2019re probably tons of questions on this- but I have to ask. How do you cope with depression? Iu2019m 31 F, active with friends and family, but I just canu2019t pull myself out of depression. If I could, I would sleep all day.

Try to distract yourself completely,do not even give yourself room to think about negative things. Think about how much you do not want your friends and family to be sad because your sad. Those usually help,that coffee and meditation. I start to feel alive after meditating and hiking and after a long time I have started to feel like myself again though I certainly do relapse on occasion

4. Where should I move to?

Your requirements are difficult to address because---- big cities, national parks, snow, hiking, east coast, west coast, not hot are features that are almost impossible to find in one place, but my choices for you are listed below---- Portland, ME Boston, MA Ithaca, NY Burlington, VT Bar Harbor, ME Seattle, WA Portland, OR Lake Tahoe area For inland areas, I would recommend---- Boulder, CO Denver, CO Durango, CO Boise, ID Mammoth Lakes, CA Nashville, TN Jackson, WY Cheyenne, WY

5. Why do there seem to be more people falling off ledges in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks?

Because they are not paying attention to where they are walking or the placement of their feet and/or paying attention to the proper signs and warnings placed on the trails by park rangers. People are also going hiking without taking proper measures like a simple hiking class to learn the basics of hiking. Most people think hiking is just putting some hiking shoes on and start hiking off the grid/map/an unincorporated area thats not a neighborhood park, but you gotta be apart about it. REI has free classes that teach you the basics about hiking. Take them, they are FREE. Have fun, be safe and follow the rules.Why do there seem to be more people falling off ledges in the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Parks?

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