Where Can I Find a Wiring Harness for My Trailer?

Try calling the dealer. see if they have a harness. If not you can go to an automotive electrician and have them build you a harness it may be a bit pricey but that is what i would do if i could not find one

1. about a jvc wiring harness?

Do you have a wiring diagram for your car? In there, they have the color codes for the speakers, dash illumination ( so when you change the lighting on your dash, your radio will change too), power attena, constant power for the clock and presets. If you do not have the diagram, check online for it. If you bought your deck from crutchfield, they include plugs that fit your car so you dont have to cut wires. Good lluck with it.

2. Collar or harness for a Bichon puppy ?

i would say that it should have a collar but not to tight but tight anuff so he/she cant get it of

3. Is it safe to still keep my son in the harness in his carseat even if he is over the weight?

I think that you should put your child's safety first.... I also believe that there is a reason that there is a maximum weight so I think it's not safe

4. Can I leave my kitten on a tie out leash and a harness when I'm gone?

Does not your bathroom have a door? Do not leave your kitten out in the heat, it could die!

5. Can anyone identify wires in Pontiac sunfire wiring harness?

go to pontiac.com and the request information link ask them for it and they are more then happy to send a diagram to you

6. Would it be a good idea to put a collar/harness on my bunny?

Harness for sure DO NOT put a collor on a bunny could harm them or they could easyly get out of it hope I helped

7. Which is better, head halter or torso harness?

well with a large dog and a torso harness you will be pulled a lot more. think about it, now he can put ALL of his weight and effort into pulling instead of just his head! torso harnesses probably work really well for little dogs that pull (i would at least expect so because they are anyways so light) but i would not use one for a big dog that pulls. look for a better quality head halter with a better snap maybe? and try to teach your dog to pull less. when he/she really starts to pull just stop and plant your leg (spread them so you do not fall over!) and try to not move until they stop pulling. if the problem persists you might want to consider getting professional advice/dog training. good luck!

8. Is there any science fiction book available about a Type 3 civilization (i.e. civilizations that have control over at least an entire galaxy, and theoretically are able to harness all the power in that galaxy)?

Type 3 is impossible because we would right now see an immense blob of infrared out there with no visible stars. The Most there could be is a type 2.7 or so that uses the energy from about 25% of its stars. We have not looked hard enough to eliminate that yet. Now you are getting into territory I described in Heaven's Reach

9. Why does this wiring harness connect the rectifier AC side to the ignition switch?

So a boating forum informed me that the gray wire is for the tachometer. Apparently the tachometer is measuring AC waves and calculating RPM.Onto the electrical stackexchange to ask how you can measure voltage from one lead.

10. does a head collar or no-pull harness work better at preventing pulling? ?

I have 2 labradors with 2 distinct personalities and temperments. So while I hardly need to use a leash with my 4 yr old boy, I use a Gentle Leader for my 1 yr old girl. My girl requires a lot of reminding and redirection - ok, she's a spaz - but she's adorable. Labs are strong - pulling with their chests, so head halters are good. Of course, in tandem with voice commands and a pocketful of treats .... you can not go wrong. Oh, by the way, I tried those around the chest and through the front legs kind of harnesses ........ big mistake ....... makes them stronger!

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