Wher Can I Get Led Lights for My Car Vents and Dome Light???

You can buy all sorts of LED products from ebay. I just bought some turn signal and tail light globes off there. They came from hong kong to Australia in under two weeks. There are strips, bulbs, colour changing ones, basically whatever you want

1. where do you recycle microchips that have all been stripped of valuable pieces like LED lights etc.,?

put it in your right hand or forehead; and let the government keep you safe 2013 is a year of change everyone good things will happen

2. Why led lights continues to glow though if some portion in middle stops glowing?

Probably there are short segments that have a few bulbs in them, and each segment is wired in series. But then each of the segments are wired in parallel. So if you had a wire or LED failure that caused an open circuit, only the lamps in that segment would go out. All the other segments would still be on. Having short segments in series makes it easier to use low voltage LEDs (often 2-4V) and higher voltage supplies (like 12V).

3. What are the benefits of the community switching the stoplights to LED lights? (10 Points to who answers correctly)?

Cheaper to operate

4. how would i add led lights to my xbox controller and xbox ? anybody..?

you will need some electronic training to add leds to your controll and xbox. you will need to know how to solder wires, and small components

5. How to make LED lights wire to batteries?

I do not know but if you go on youtube there is a guy called kipkay that does this all the time. You could probably find most of the materials at radio shack or home depot

6. Will this add too many watts to my led lights and blow them?

I dont think you will get come directly out of your computer's power supply... that's just nasty and unsafe..probably cause a short circuit.. that aside, there is a regulator for most vehicle light strips, you should be okay, that is what I did. Just monitor the lights for the first 10 minutes, if they get too hot, i would say you should not do that....

7. Are Blue LED lights legal for interior lighting of a vehicle in California?

Realizing how extremely regulated NJ is, i am gonna bet sure. I do know they are unlawful in most all states, but yea must assess with the popo or DMV. However... I would think if illegal, is sort of a forty eight hour fix it ticket, so you could repair it, then put them again on later hahaaa.

8. Where can I find individual LED lights?

Individual Led Lights

9. Where to buy strip LED lights that you can stick to the side of a mirror?

relies upon on what you want. If I have been you, i might take the accessory colour in this guess set, (which as a result's white) and use that colour. i might then accessory your room with distinctive black upload-ons, to truly make the room pop! If all else fails, deliver the image of the comforter to the paint shop and notice what they propose! terrific of success, Marisa

10. where can i find 1" or 1/2" round led lights with grommet to use as clearance lights on my truck?

Your best choice would be to order a catalog from J C Whitney. They have just about everything you need. In some state red is illegal, yellow is common and you see them on big 18 wheeler trucks all the time.

11. Questions about how to get LED lights to flash with music beat?

Agree with what Cindy replied

12. can anybody explain to me how i could instal interior underglow(led lights) to my car w/o the cigarete lighter?

Huh? You better take it to someone. Really!

13. i hooked up led lights into my ac control and now my speed mph gauge doesnt work ?

you blew the fuse you rocket scientist you are the winner of a point that alot of people will tell you IF IT WORKS DONT TRY TO FIX IT

14. Will a 3 gang 1 way switch power 24 LED lights split into three sections?

More info please - are they mains LEDS or low voltage, what wattage are they, how do you expect people to know these things if you do not tell them ?

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