What Were the Events That Led to Anti-Sikh Genocide in 1984? Who Was the Culprit?

It depends upon how far back you go. But first of all, it was not a genocide, it was riots targeting Sikhs, mainly in Delhi, Kanpur, Dhanbad, and over a score or more places. At many places, Hindus and others came out to protect their Sikh neighbors and friends.The immediate provocation was the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi at the hands of her Sikh bodyguards. The riots in Kanpur started when one or two influential Sikh families started celebrating her death by lighting lamps & distributing sweets.They in turn were ignited by some fanatic Sikh priests to take revenge for the extensive damage caused to the Golden Temple during Indian Army's Operation Blue Star, ordered by Indira Gandhi.That in turn was ordered because the Golden Temple had become a harbor for Khalistani separatists, and an armory for them. They had been wreaking terror in Punjab and elsewhere, killing thousands of innocent non-Sikhs. A huge cache of guns and bombs was found in what is supposed to be Sikhism's holiest place

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How do you tell whether advantages for corporations led to the upbeat economy which led to the first solid wage increases in the US in a decade? Trickle down economics supposedly don't work. How is this not trickle down?

The premise of the question is erroneous. Here is a graph of average hourly wages since 2009 (source BLS). Where is this first solid wage increase in a decade?Not sure how you define upbeat economy either. Here is a graph of GDP growth over the last 4 years (source BAU). Weve been growing slow but steady and thats good but nothing magical happened in 2017.Private sector job growth has also been steady for years. Heres another graph from the BLS, this one shows job creation. The red line shows not much has changed.

GDP, job creation and wages are likely to continue to grow in 2018 but that doesnt change the fact that the recent tax bill was a bad bill. We didnt need fiscal stimulus. As illustrated here, the economy is (and was) doing fine. We should be reducing our debt in a time of growth, not increasing it. The whole fiasco is inflationary. It doesnt help to raise wages if inflation erodes the purchasing h of those wages.We could have and should have done better


I come from a Middle Eastern country with a lot of censorship, am now living in Europe, and I am not experiencing the freedom I was led to believe existed here. Why is that?

There is no freedom in the Middle East nor much of Europe. The East legally endorses the rape of women and is generally backwards in treatment of the LGBT and human rights. Most of Europe is raised on Globalist ideologies and has no knowledge of what natural human rights are.

If you want actual freedom you move to America. You can defend yourself with a firearm (the government doesn't decide for you whether or not you are brutally murdered) and you can say anything as long as you don't make threats. If you tried having the open and truly free conversations that Americans have in Germany, you'd get tossed in prison for some make believe hate crime.

Europe truly is a terrible place to live if you value freedom and autonomy. However, they do have some nice healthcare. For most people in America they'd rather drive themselves to the hospital while having a stroke than call 911 and pay the thousands that ambulance ride entails. It's not a good situation.

So if you like free healthcare, stay in Europe.If you like actual freedom and autonomy, come to America


Did Led Zeppelin enjoy touring?

Yesinitially. They enjoyed playing live in front of audiences where they could expand their music and take it to heights they couldnt do on vinyl. The great ones could play the same song 10 nights in a row and do it differently every time and Zeppelin did it as good as anyone. Dazed and confused sometimes went twenty minutes or more and concerts went 45 hours musician nirvanaIf, by enjoying, you were referring to life offstage on the road yes they did, rather spectacularly, if not legendary, in fact, indulging in groupies, drug and alcohol abuse , and general mayhem to the point of being banned from hotels across the world. Think about it for a second youre in your early twenties, have all the money in the world and attorneys to take care of ANY problem you create, youre on the road 300 days a year living out of hotels with drug dealers and groupies waiting for you at the hotel when you arrive I wouldnt have been any different


Did the miraculous events that led to the Israelites' victories in the Promised Land actually occur?

Yes, if not we would never have gotten to what we find in archaeology or to the present.

One key for not getting confused is use the Torah Chazal based chronology for what is duly recorded in Torah testimony.

Using the current consensus is to apply a straw-man, using an inflated chronology, at times not even in relative alignment, where it will never add up in an internally consistent manner, as it only does in Torah testimony context.

2448 Exodus, cause and effect abrupt downfall of old kingdom.

24872488 Moses defeats Og and Sichon.. Midyan reaps what it sowed.

2488 Joshua leads our return, defeats about 28 Kings.

2556 Ehud (Start 108 Year Hyksos occupation.)

2636 Devorah and Barak (Help New Kingdom emerge).

2788 YifTach

2813 Samson

2871 Samuel (during EA El Amarnah span..)

2881 King Saul

2884 King David

2924 King Solomon

29283338 Holy Temple I

3389 Daniel by Handwriting on the Wall, fall of Bavel.

3390 Cyrus Proclamation

3449 Year 1 Seleucid era (Minyan Staros).

5780 anno-mundi year to date.

reference volume III of the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment Torah Discovery Chronology for the alignment of ancient civ. and Torah testimony.


What led to the fall of the Sikh Empire?

During ranjit singh the power of the sikhs was on climax.ranjit singh gave special attention to the organization of army he had built a state whose main base was army the main foundation of a military state is efficient leadership.after the death of ranjit singh the army become cause of dissolution of sikh Kingdome. After ranajit singh due to the weak successors all power went to the khalsa army.in the 5 yrs of the death of ranjit Singh the number of soldiers increased 3 times and salary was also increased and due to the decreasing income of the state this situation became unbearable. Soldiers formed their own Panchayats through them they start making important decisions like military campaigns,supporting the state's clamaint etc.

thus due to the absence of skilled leadership basic power of state became the reason for decline of state. And other important reason for decline of sikh state was internal conspiracy. Thus the moral decline of army ,internal conspiracy,falling economic situation make sikh state a victim of the british policy of grab.


Are Democrat-led states handling COVID-19 better than Republican-led States in the United States?

First I would like to note that state governments can only exercise powers that they have given themselves through laws and regulations duly passed by state legislators and most states have found that they do not have the legal authority to do many of the things necessary to limit the spread of contagious diseases. For instance, a state needs duly passed state laws to order a lockdown, enforce quarantines, require the wearing of masks, etc. Hopefully the states will make passing the required laws needed to deal with a pandemic a priority.

I think that you can find both blue and red states that have handled the pandemic well and both blue and red states that have done poorly. I do think that red states are more inclined to prioritize economic and other factors higher than blue states which are more likely to give a higher priority to life to the exclusion of other considerations.I would hope that there is a nationally led post mortem to determine how better to handle future pandemics of which there will certainly be more.


What led humans into thinking of a creator or God?

We are the faces of God. All our thoughts are God, thinking. It is much easier to be a human than to be God, so mostly that is how He is manifest. (Well, and everything else, too.)Yeah, sure, God can be lazy, too. He is in our image, after all.One of the things which we allow to fool us is words, which are just tags for our mental representations of the reality of the world outside our minds. We think we think in words, mostly, but the relations between the words are only sometimes faithful reflections of the relations of the real world they attempt to describe.

Most people have been taught, as they grew up from infancy, that it is much more fun to be human than to be God. This is understandable. Knowing what God knows has significant upsides. But also some really significant downsides. In any case, it is not easy to know.

Talking about the real God, here. Not the God of most peoples limited imaginings.So the real question here is: What leads God into thinking Hes human(s)?


What circumstances led to your homelessness?

A really long time ago, I discovered that alcohol, made me funny, I got lots of attention, and I didn't hurt anymore. This was the summer before I turned six. I didn't know what was wrong, but I knew that something was. My dad took us to an Air Force picnic to get us out of the house, and the folks at the picnic thought it would be a good idea to get the five yr old drunk. Twelve days after my sixth birthday, my mom died. Dad remarried 3 yrs later to an alcoholic. Hard core alcoholic. Who was a violent abusive drunk. That was when my drinking career began. I was a functional alcoholic for many years, then I wasn't. It took a couple, three months to lose everything. My family, friends, of course my job. The funny thing about homelessness, didn't take long to get there. Took almost seven years to come out of it. May 7th, 2018 I achieved 4 years sober. I'll always be an alcoholic, but I don't have to drink.What circumstances lead to your homelessness?


What year was Led Zeppelin at the height of their popularity?

I would say 1975: a massive two leg American tour followed by a triumphant home coming to 5 consecutive nights at Earls Court was backed up by the release of their iconic double album Physical Graffiti. When Physical Graffiti hit the charts at number one all Zeppelin's previous albums recharted simultaneously. Unfortunately it was also the year the heroin started to grip Page and Bonzo put on a lot of weight and the violent alcoholic moods were the forefront of his behaviour. Though the Earls Court gigs are cited as the pinnacle of Zep's performing prowess the truth is that musically they were already starting the steady decline. If you watch or listen to some of the raw footage on You Tube (not the edited official release) you will here how bad Plants voice is and the massive variance in Page's playing. Look at Rock & Roll and Heartbreaker in particular and you'll see what I mean. As a visual spectacle the performances were fantastic and I think that's what seduces people into thinking they were such great gigs. Forty minute drum solo anyone?


What led Iraqi President Faud Masum to remove Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from power?

Lets start with the fact that before US military involvement, there were 1.5 million Christians living in peace in Iraq and 1 million in Syria.The current crisis is created by the imminent threat by an Islamic army to commit genocide against the remaining Christians in the area.

Christians have enough support in the US and Europe that it has forced a temporary reinvolvement in Iraq and forced the issue of al-Maliki refusing to even pretend to create a unified government.Nixon was a terrible person but for a few million dollars he was able to install US puppets in Latin America that knew what they were and behaved.Bush-Obama wasted over 1 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan and ended up with less competent and less reliable puppets.

At the very beginning of US involvement in Iraq we were told it would be over in a few weeks. Then 10 billion in US cash in Iraq simply vanished and was never accounted for. At a minimum the US has to have a government in Iraq that respects the rights of minorities and the Europeans and UN are of the same view.

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