What Was Your Experience in the Traditional School System That Led You to Decide to Homeschool?

Several things...It was 1993. When my kids were in 2nd and 4th grade. I had a conference in Southern California . We took them out of class for 2 weeks and went on vacation. (HELLO, Mickey!) When they came back, they were not behind a bit.

There were stories of elementary kids having sex in the bathrooms.Lice were a daily problemThis is a pretty economically depressed area. There was a wide range in learning abilities of the kids. Our kids (Who are BRILLIANT, I might add), were bored as the teachers needed to teach to the lowest level, leaving the more advanced kids to sit around an be bored at times.We had a foster child who was just not ready for learning at his class level. The Principal would not hold him back because "studies show" that holding kids back (where they can, you know, LEARN) is damaging to their self esteem and actually puts them further behind. (Because constantly FAILING in class because you are lost is so good for their self esteem.)There was talk of having school based health clinics in the schools. In many cases, these clinics usurp the parent's role and offer health services to children without notifying their parents. They can't give them Tylonol, but can take them to an abortion clinic at 12 years old.There was a big push for some now-failed plan that would, in our opinion, "dumb-down" education. It was implemented and later proven to "dumb-down" education.

We heard from teachers that they loved teaching, but didn't have their own kids in public schools. One of their biggest headaches was the uninvolved parents who thought it was the teacher's fault that little Johnny and Suzie were rude and getting poor grades.The next year we enrolled the kids in a private Christian school. The work was more to their level, the classes were small and the teachers did a fantastic job. There was tremendous parental support. It was a good thing.Home Schooling was not really on the radar at this time. When our next batch of kids came along 10 years later, Home Schooling was becoming mainstream. My wife and a friend (who had been a public school teacher) teamed up and taught the kids. We joined a wonderful Homeschool group in our area where we had classes, support and social time. The kids learned more and learned faster than in public or private school. Some of the kids in the group graduated with a high school diploma and an associates degree (and a 4.0 GPA) at the same time.What I came to learn was that Homeschooling was not about bringing the classroom to the home, sitting the kids down in straight rows while you write boring math problems on a whiteboard. It is about taking responsibility for the education of your children and teaching them how they learn best. It is about guiding them into adulthood with your values ingrained in them. It is about giving them the opportunity to flourish in their own way and not needing to be a little cookie cutter version of the school district's approved curriculum. You know your kids the best and know what is best for them and how they learn best. It is a great life and gives them a great start. You don't need to be a genius, and trust me, you don't need a 5 year degree. You need to have a bit of adventure in your soul, be curious and enterprising. A good support group helps a ton. Kids are smart. They figure it out. And here is another thing. Not all kids need to go to college. There are plenty of good-paying jobs that don't require college

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What is the most unsettling truth about the Delhi riots that you know?

Delhi Riots which shook the entire India, killing around 50 people and injuring over 200 people is a well planned and organised Attack.These riots are projected by Some Designer Patrakaars as Communal Violence between Non-Supporters of CAA and Supporters of CAA, to some extent Muslims and Hindus, Respectively.But the truth is not what these Designer Patrakaars have shown us, Truth is even more deeper than the Depth of the Ocean. A young under trainee IB Officer Ankit Sharma was brutally Assaulted and killed in this Shameful Act of Violence. Post-Mortem reports suggests over 200 injuries, including deep stab wounds, apart from blunt force impact (assault), indicating that he was tortured and then killed before his mutilated body was dumped in the drain.Delhi Riots was just a beginning of many more Incidents coming in the way like Spreading of Corona Virus by Spitting on Doctors and Men in Uniform and Applying Saliva on Fruits and Vegetables.

Let me explain the things which led all of this-PM Modi abbrogated the Article 370 and Article 35A. Who were the people most frustrated by this Decision?? Kashmiri Muslims, Pakistan, Regional Parties of Kashmir and Congress. All started shouting in one voice, to reverse the decision. Pakistan even went UN. But nothing happened as most of the Indians (except Seculars and Muslims) were happy with the decision of Govt. All local leaders were Isolated in Kashmir. Curfew was imposed and internet services was banned for more than 6 months. Indian Army and CRPF ensured minimum Protests and minimum movement in the Valley?? Nothing happened, everything went smooth but for how much time, it was the question????Then BJP govt. banned Triple Talaq. Even Leaders like Owaisi and Other Muslims Boards started shouting in the Parliament and in Rallies that PM Modi is interfering in the Religious Sentiments of Muslims. They cried like bitches and barked like Street Dogs, but nothing happened again. As India (except Secular and Muslims) were with the PM Modi. But question still remained the same, how much more time will they remain quiet???Now it was the turn of Ram Mandir Verdict. BJP in order to avoid any trouble from Opposition Parties gave the Pen into the Hands of Supreme Court to write the decision. And decision was known to me even before the Verdict. Their Biggest fight of all time in the Supreme Court was Perished like a Pakistan's hope of Capturing Kashmir. But what they could have done as it was the decision of the Supreme Court!!!They kept silent, kept Posion in the heart & mind and waited for their turn.

Now it's the turn of Citizenship Amendment Bill, Protests were not only done by Common Muslims and Seculars but it was done by Tukde Tukde Gang of India and Congress leading in front was Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Shehla Rashid, Anurag Kashyap, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Shiv Sena Leaders, Vishal Dhadlani, Nasrudeen Shah and many more big names. But nothing happened as Bill becomes an ACT. But the Question remains Same, how much more patience will they keep???Then Came the main Point of National Population Registration. Muslims say they form 20 crores population of India. But the truth is there are more than 35 crores of Muslims living in India. NPR is for those illegal Muslims/any other religious population who don't belong to India and are living here, leading the Possible Future Population Explosion in India. Things were getting complicated because of Shaheen Bagh Protests, where thousands of Muslims continued to protest for months. They were provided Food and other essential things without any charges. Govt of Delhi was clearly supporting them for their Vote Bank for Assembly Elections. Kejriwal won the Elections with 70% Muslim votes. And Muslim Vote Percentage in Delhi Elections was more than 70% in some Places. Five Muslim MLA's of AAP won by a margin of over 60 thousand votes.

Their happiness was short-lived. As Mr. Trump agreed on his visit in India. As PM Modi and other Cabinet Leaders were busy in keeping Checks of the arrangements, Delhi Riots broke out.It was not Delhi Riots, it was a Summation of all these Incidents (Article 370, Article 35A, Triple Talaq, Ram Mandir, CAA and NPR).They tried to show Mr. Trump that people under Modi rule are not given their rights and are harassed by giving it a name of Hindu- Muslim Riots. They were trying to tell Mr. Trump that Hindus have attacked them for their CAA and NPR protests. But Central Govt kept Mr. Trump far way from this.How was this Possible?? How can Riots Take place in Delhi continuously for 3 days?? Who has brought Petrol Bombs, Acid Pouches, Bottles, Bricks and Stones?? Who was the mastermind of all of this??TARIK Hussain, a councillor of AAP, was fully responsible with some Support of AAP leaders. He was arrested and enquiry is still going on!!There are many Such Riots are about to come in whole India. Tablighi Jamaat Incident is just a minor example. I am 100% sure they want to make Delhi the next Kashmir and plan all their Attacks from there only. Be prepared, as we don't know what's coming next.

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