What Type of Oil Would You Put in a 2006 25hp ELH Mercury Outboard Elgine?

10W-30 is recommended. Your engine is actually a Yamaha painted black, or what we like to call a Yamamerc or Mercaha. The best oil is Yamalube 4M as your engine was designed for that. It is a semi-synthetic blend with anti-foaming agents that is designed for use at 6000 RPM. Normal oil can not handle those kind of RPM's Yamalube is available in 10W-30 and 20W-40 but your engine calls for 10W-30

1. PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know what "medium density fiberboard" is?

"MDF" - Compressed wood pulp fibers and adhesive. ("Medium density" is kind of a misnomer; this stuff is hard by comparison to natural wood/plywood). Usually comes in 1/4", 5/8", or 3/4" thick x 4'x8' and smaller pre-cut sizes (4'x4', 2'x4', etc.) at most home centers and lumber yards. Not lighter than plywood; actually heavier per sq inch. Pros: More stable than plywood (less likely to warp or bend). Smoother surface. Cuts better (no rough edges and splinters). Norm Abram loves the stuff. Cons: Harder than plywood (screws really need to be pre-drilled and staples might not penetrate very far before they bend/ adhesives might be better). Heavy. Not really for use in "wet" areas (baths and kitchens). Swells and falls apart if allowed to get and stay wet. Hope this helps.

2. advantage of plastic needle/cannula?

In my experienc the biggest advantage is the inherent flexibility versus a metal cannula. For example in apheresis where blood is extracted and the platelets selectively removed, metal needles are used due to the suction necessary to pull the blood out of one arm. The metal is not flexible at all, so the platelet donor must lie in place with no bending of the arms. Plastic cannulae may bend, but there would be concern that the plastic could collapse under the negative pressure. But if that were not the case, the donor could bend his/her arm without fear of the cannula piercing the vein in use (in this case the antecubital vein)

3. Change separators in HTML tags

If you would like to go a plugin route, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin which is a free and powerful SEO tool.Note: Yoast SEO is a full featured SEO plugin. So if you are not going to make use of the other SEO features of Yoast and changing the title separator is all you need, then this plugin will be overkill and the other answers given would be both much lighter weight and more appropriate for your needs.

4. Is giving up steak and hamburger really more difficult than...?

Honestly, I do not think it is a totally fair analogy. A fairer questions would be either . . . "Is giving up steak and hamburger really more difficult than not heating your house at all or giving up your car totally" or "Is cutting down on how much steak and hamburger you eat more difficult than keeping your house less climate controlled or cutting back on driving?" You see in one case you are asking for a total foregoing in the other merely a reduction in use. I eat very little meat. I own a car, but I always choose my apartment based on where I am going to school or work so I can walk there. I currently live in New York and have lived in Michigan, and New England, I do not have air conditioning, but I would not dream of going without heat in the winter. So to answer your question, all are about equal to reduce. But meat would probably be the easiest to complete give up, but for me a car would be a very close second (half the time I drive it, is just from one side of the street to the other, because of the weekly street cleaning). Giving up heat completely -- no way.

5. How do you properly use more than 3 colors in a crochet project?

You use more than three colours the same way you use three colours.If the different patches of colour are close together you can leave the thread idle while working till you need it again. When slightly wider apart you can lock the idle yarn under a stitch or wind it around a different thread that is handy.But if the distance is big, tie off and start with the colour again when you need it.Depending on the actual style of crochetting yarn taken along under the stitches might show or be hidden. If hidden, it is the best way to move the idle yarn for a few stitches, not only locking the lengths away but also strengthening the colour changes. You can also use this method to anchor the end where you take out a colour and the start of use of a new colour.

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