What Led to the Decline of the Mogul Empire?

Command difficulties across such a huge space. At first all the aristocrats would gather from all over the world to debate and elect a new Khan, a process that was known to delay military expeditions by years. At first they divided their empire between four brothers with the oldest as the nominal head. These became independent dynasties that adopted more and more of the local customs. Power devolved further as these men experienced the same problems as the empires they replaced.In the Middle East and Russia power devolved even further. The Mongols found it easier to grant limited autonomy to local governments rather than fight everyone all the time. This went on in both regions to the point that the Mongol Empires only had direct control over key provinces and nominal over a series of indigenous princes. Then they broke up.In Central Asia and China they were subject to dynastic and internal upheavals. A dynastic dispute and a revolt overthrew the Mongols in China during the Black Death. Eventually the remaining Mongols became indistinguishable from the locals

1. What event led to the neolithic revolution?

Some say it was the discovery of how to brew beer (and eventually, make wine). People started living in one place so they could grow grain and have time to ferment beer, and all the other advances (new tools, domestication of animals, more sophisticated buildings, etc.) came about because of this sedentary and agriculture-based lifestyle. People started to put their creative energies into making things instead of into hunting and gathering.

2. Why is there a transistor between the MCU and LED?

Taking the context into consideration, he was probably just using a transistor to have something to decouple.Otherwise:Attiny datasheet states Absolute max current per I/O pin: 40mA, and source/sink capabilities symmetrical.So, if you are going anywhere over 2030mA you would not want to drive the load with the MCU (50mA in his example). Another possibility is when your load needs a Voltage rail higher than supported by the MCU (not the case in his example)

3. What events led to the Vietnam War?

A US would oggedness' by some US Presidents that no Southeast Asia country would fall to communism & the just as determined North Viet Nam government that they would spread to the South. That is simplistic but pretty accurate too

4. What is IPS LED technology?

IPS is in plane switching. It's actually LCD technology, but since LCD panels can't produce a light they need a backlight shining through which is provided by an LED diffusion system. This is the problem when your telly gives you sound but no picture; that's a sure sign you've got no backlight and almost certainly the problem is that the power to it has gone, we'll have to point screwdrivers at it and you're not watching the naughty channels for five days, sorry about that.In plane switching is a development on the old twisted nematic (TN) technology. The main difference is in the electrodes; they are on a single glass plate and are in effect parallel to it.There are two main advantages for IPS over TN. The first is a much wider viewing angle. If you move too far to the left or right of a TN panel, the colour consistency goes awry. IPS is consistent from very wide viewing angles. The second is they do not alter when touched and this is important for touch panels. The colour reproduction is much superior. Disadvantages are that they are more power-hungry than TN, more expensive, have longer response times and are subject to backlight bleed; we see a lot of that, customers notice it as white spots.Gamers are split down the middle over TN and IPS. I usually tell them about the above, and what budget they want, and let them make up their own minds. Sometimes they go off and talk to their friends about it first.There are others as well. VA (vertcal alignment) is another one you might see and Samsung have PLS (plane line switching) which is very similar to IPS.For most people it's bollocks. Even for technicians it's a bit bollocks. The easy thing is TN is cheap and good for stuff where you look from the front and don't touch. IPS is good for touchscreens and for wider viewing angles, but it wants more from a battery

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