What Kind of Proof Does a Collection Agency Need to Have When They Are Suing Me for Medical Bills?

They need to prove that you received the services that are being billed. They also need to prove that you agreed to pay the particular sum of money that they are claiming you owe. If you did not agree to pay any fixed sum of money (very common at hospitals, where a patient simply signs an agreement to pay for services rendered, but is never given a price list of what those services will cost), then they must also prove that what you have been billed is the "reasonable value" of the services you received. If you are talking about a few thousand dollars, then you would be wise to consult with an attorney. If you are talking about a few hundred dollars, then just pay the effin bill.

1. Is it worth paying a bad debt if it has already gone to the collection agency?

Yes, paying the bill mitigates the fact that it was in collections. You can make sure that the account is noted as now current and up to day

2. Is it illegal for a collection agency in Ohio to send you email?

Never, NEVER, agree to accept a payment plan over the phone. It is your legal right to negotiate a plan and then get the plan in writing for your written agreement and acceptance. If the collection agency balks, so be it. They are paid to get you to agree over the phone. They want you to agree verbally to start their clock asap. Making them mail paper to you cuts into their profits and delay them getting you money. As to e-mail acceptance, I do not know if e-mail is considered a legal document in Ohio. make them mail it to you - they MUST if you insist.

3. How do I resolve a collection agency bill from a bank account I closed 3 years ago?

pay it or talk to the collection agency to try to get it reduced. Once it goes to the collection agency you can not longer dispute with the bank it since you get plenty of notices before that happens

4. I need help fighting the collection agency!?

If a judgment was entered against you without your knowledge (meaning, that you did not receive proper notice of the lawsuit that was filed against you), you may be able to have the judgment vacated, which would re-start the law suit. Do not try to do this yourself, but hire an attorney to do it for you, as in most states, there are certain procedures (and court cases) that must be followed. "Bob" is wrong on one count, if you did not live at the address where the law suit was served, it is not considered good service and hence, the default judgment can possibly be vacated. Also, there is no law in any state where you have to notify your creditors of your current address.

5. If a collection agency does take me to court, what will happen?

In most cases, they are probably going to win and get a court judgment against you. If you can not pay your debts, get a consultation with a few bankruptcy lawyers. Most BK lawyers will give you a free consult. If you are dead broke and unable to pay your debts, the bankruptcy laws can give you a new debt-free lease on life

6. Can you quit claim deed a property to a collection agency?

Chase does not own the debt anymore, remember? You could but I doubt they would agree. They want money, not a house.

7. Can you be sent to a collection agency for medical bills file when you were under 18 in Florida?

Florida may have a few incentives available. That information can be looked up on the internet . But the answer to your question is whomever signed for you while you were under the age of 18 is responsible for the debt. Who was your guardian at that time. Who signed for your for that medical bill?

8. How do I handle collection agency bogus court papers?

there is no reason to not enable it bypass to court docket. bypass to court docket and tell the choose which you are keen to and characteristic tried to artwork with the creditor. he will hear. merely teach data. If it incredibly is small claims, you are able to truthfully preserve it your self. do not overlook approximately it, because of the fact they are probable taking photos for a garnishment. convey all workplace work demonstrating your goodwill attempt in progressively making partial money. supply element budget proving that what you despatched them replaced into you will be able to desire to locate the money for. stable success and combat.

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