What Kind of Proof Does a Collection Agency Need to Have When They Are Suing Me for Medical Bills?

In the future, you should ask them for copies of all of the bills they are claiming and second, ask them for proof that they have a contract with the medical providers to represent them on that case. (It's amazing how they never seem to have that.) They need to have all of the bills and if you have a common name, proof that they bills are yours and not someone else's. You have a right to ask for all of the bills prior to going to court. If it's small claims, it's worth it to fight them. If nothing else, you can make an offer in court for paying over time. I know someone who did that with a credit card bill - offered to pay $100 a month. (And no interest was charged.) The important thing in going to court is a lot of these places try to charge credit card fees when they are not allowed to in many states. In Oregon, they can only charge to 9% unless you agree in writing to pay more. (And if you had no choice, like emergency surgery, then it was not legal consent.) By the way, if it happens again, you can negotiate lower fees and payment plans with the hospital. They also have to treat a certain number of patients free under the Hill-Burton act.

1. Can a FAX letter from collection agency substitue the written settlement agreement by normal US mail?

I think it is I have never had this problem I mean my creditors are practically willing to HAND deliver it if it will mean they will get the money sooner but I do not think it will be a problem as long as it is the same info that is on the mailed one and if when they receive it they say the have an issue than by that time you should have the mailed one anyway so then mail it then but i do not htink it will even come to that Good Luck

2. I received a letter from a collection agency but I think there might be a mistake. What should I do?

Send them a CERTIFIED letter asking to explain what the debt is. Keep your reciept to prove you sent the letter. Either they will reply to you or they will not. If they do not , then do not worry about it.

3. If you get sued by a collection agency, do you become a felon?

No; a "felon" is someone convicted of a felony crime in some jurisdiction.Being sued by a collection agency is a civil action, and does not usually give rise to criminal charges

4. After making a settlement payment to a collection agency, I receive another invoice asking for more..?

Write them or call them and ask for evidence of the debt. as quickly as you get that interior the mail you ought to use it as a bargaining ingredient. you be attentive to the quantity due then see what they are going to furnish, money repay. as quickly as they settle for the repay, they can not come once you. yet once you are frightened, do no longer provide them your account numbers (EVER!), deliver a verify or cashier verify or money order. yet, did you be attentive to that as quickly as you compromise, you are able to desire to declare the unpaid quantity on your taxes because of the fact the tip of the year? pay attention of this. this is mandatory. great which you would be able to be paying off your bills!!

5. What do I do if I'm getting calls from a collection agency for a doctor's appointment that my insurance should have covered?

Call the company...any chance your plan changed? Confirm they received the submission and whether it was denied, then ask why. Ultimately, you may be on the line for the bill.

6. Can a credit collection agency throw me in jail for a bike payment that has went delinquent?

I want to address donfletcheryh's answer first. It is NOT fraud to change your address and not notify the creditor. In order to be charged with conversion you must first fraud and intent. Conversion is when someone wrongfully uses property of another for their own purposes or alters or destroys it. In an action for conversion, the taking of the property may be lawful, but the retaining of the property is unlawful. To succeed in the action, the plaintiff must prove that he or she demanded the property returned and the defendant refused to do so. But please note that in the context of a sales agreement, conversion law will not apply. You entered into a contract, so the most they can get you for is a breach of contract. UNLESS you can prove that you entered into that contract with intent to commit fraud. Again, very difficult to do, and in this situation nearly impossible. I address this because I can already see a million debtors who moved to a new address, and they now have visions of criminal charges being filed on them for not notifying the past creditor. Sorry folks..not going to happen. To answer this question...keep in mind that there are a lot of "hick" sheriffs that will try to assist collectors in getting paid. I know of a video rental store that has a relationship with a local sheriff deputy. He will show up at your door in full uniform requesting the tape be returned. Nothing illegal about it, unless he implies he is there in a legal authority. I would love to see a copy of this "warrant" you were served with. This whole thing sounds very suspicious.

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