What Is This Small Motor Under My Sink?

This is a kickspace heater. You must have hot water heat. The fan operates off its own thermostat that senses the water temperature of that radiator

1. How can I find boat motor parts for a 5 hp motor Model # 217-58610?

Gamefisher Outboard Motor Parts

2. GM motor 3.4L SFI overheating while driving and while sitting parts front wheel drive car?

It's time to have an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test to find external or internal coolant leaks

3. why is my pontiac motor contanstly overheating?

did you see if the fans are comming on

4. Blower motor on central a/c barely working?

Is the rubber drive belt for the fan broken, or slipping? Best thing to do is call for an accredited repair person to make sure that it is fixed correctly....

5. 77' Grand Marquis motor blower replacement?

Nah, they are easy. Find the hump that is on the passenger side, engine compartment near the firewall. You will see a circle of small screw head. Undo the electric to the hump of the motor. Take out screws and pull straight up. Install in reverse order, maybe use a little silicone sealer on the new one. If I remember you might have to move one of the struts that go across, it will be in the way. Take off one end, loosen other end pivot away.

6. what is the best motor oil for my truck?

You are smart using synthetic oil. I have been running Amsoil in my 4runner since I purchased it back in 2003 (it's a 2001) with 17,000 miles on it. I now have a little over a hundred and it still drives like it is brand new. The recommendation for your truck is 5W-30 so just stick with that. Any of the quality manufacture synthetic oils will do. The only reason I use Amsoil is because I put a by-pass filter system on it and I only wanted to change my oil once a year. I have been doing that for the past six years.

7. Advise on installing 2.3 motor into 1989 Mustang?

Did you use a clutch alignment tool? they are cheap and should come with a new clutch. try putting the tranny in gear and turning it from the back to line up the splines with the clutch

8. Will a vacuum motor help motorize my bicycle?

no !! but even if it could, you would have to have a very long extension cord to plug it in the electric outlet of your home to power it . because you would not be able to ride it very far

9. could someone help me pick a motor control for a small 240v AC motor?

I do not see why it would not work. They have a couple fan controls at home depot also, may save you a few bucks...other than that why not replace the timer? Something a little more variable

10. Motor Size vs Power,What's the relation between motor overall size with its power?

Roughly, the available power of a motor is proportional to its weight. This gets fudged depending on duty cycle, environmental conditions, the nature of the load, and other matters

11. Oil coming out exhaust on boat motor?

Seek some help. There's something wrong in your motor. Fix it quickly to avoid accidents. Ask some help from the insurance company so that you would not have to pay in order to get it done

12. Is an electric powered motor home possible ?

I did see a piece of writing about Motor properties of the destiny and the author had this theory: an electric powered motor on each and each wheel and the generator powers them - the want for a diesel engine is now not necessary and the generator will be a "little" larger. in case you had to run this automobile on batteries and by no ability the generator then the battery economic employer would soak up a good number of area and upload weight (would the batteries be as heavy because the unique motor?). The battery economic employer would also be intense priced.

13. FOC for a BLDC motor with Hall sensors but no encoder

can FOC even work for BLDC without an encoder but just with Hall sensors?You have an encoder, it just does not have very high resolution. But how to increase it? Once you know how fast the rotor is spinning (time between Hall sensor signal changes) you can predict intermediate angles. If motor speed is changing then the prediction will be off, but you can compensate for this too by measuring the acceleration and factoring it in.

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IGBT of Fuji Motor Electronic Equipment Technology
The IGBT technology of Fuji motor and electronic equipment technology has been commercialized since 1988 and has been supplied in the market so far. Figure 1-3 shows the development process and application technology of IGBT products from the first generation to the fifth generation. Epitaxial wafers are used in the first to third generation IGBT, and the characteristics are improved by optimizing life cycle control and refinement technology of IGBT. Then, the fourth and fifth generation products have achieved significant characteristic improvement through the transition from epitaxial wafer to FZ (floating zone) wafer. In this regard, the design policy of IGBT has changed greatly compared with the past.Firstly, the basic design idea of IGBT using epitaxial wafer (series products up to 600V of the third to fourth generation, called "breakdown type") is as follows. In order to realize the low-pass state voltage during IGBT conduction, a large number of carriers are injected from the collector side to fill the IGBT with high concentration carriers. In addition, the n-buffer layer specially set to maintain the high voltage forms a very thin n-layer, so as to realize the low-pass state voltage. In order to realize fast exchange, life cycle control technology aiming at the rapid disappearance of carriers filled in IGBT is also adopted (through these, low exchange loss (eoff) can also be realized). However, once the life cycle control technology is applied, even in the normal on state, due to the effect of this technology (the carrier transport efficiency decreases), there is a problem of increasing the on state voltage, which can be solved by further high carrier injection.In short, the basic design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer technology can be simply summarized as "high injection and low transmission efficiency". In contrast, IGBTs using FZ wafers (series after the fourth generation 1200V) adopt a reverse basic design to inhibit the injection of carriers from the collector side and improve the transmission efficiency by reducing the injection efficiency. In the above-mentioned design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer "high injection and low transmission efficiency", the carriers that are not easy to be injected are forcibly suppressed through the control of life cycle, which not only limits the improvement of characteristics, but also increases the standard deviation of on-state voltage characteristics through the control of life cycle, It is very disadvantageous to the large capacity required for parallel use with increasing requirements in recent years. The technology developed to overcome this problem is a new IGBT using FZ chip (NPT: non punch through (used from the fourth generation IGBT) / FS: field stop (used from the fifth generation IGBT) - IGBT). The IGBT does not adopt life cycle control. Its basic design idea is to control the impurity concentration of the collector (P layer), so as to inhibit the carrier injection efficiency. However, in order to realize the characteristics superior to the IGBT using epitaxial wafer, it is also required to realize more than one hundred for the 1200V high voltage resistant series IGBT μ M (the thickness of n-layer in NPT and fs-igbt using FZ wafer ≈ the thickness of chip (wafer). The thinner the thickness, the lower the on state voltage can be generated). In short, it is not too much to call the development of IGBT using FZ chip a challenge to chip thickness.Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology has solved these problems. Starting from the fourth generation 1200V series - IGBT, it has realized the commercialization of "s series" constructed by FZ chip NPT. In addition, 600V series technology with higher thickness requirements is further developed, and 600v-u2 series (fifth generation) is being commercialized. In addition, in 1200V series - the fifth generation "U Series", in order to improve the performance better than s series, NPT structure has been changed to FS structure.The so-called FS structure does not use the life cycle control technology. While following the basic design concept of "low injection and high transport efficiency" of carriers, an n buffer layer to maintain voltage is set on the FZ wafer, so as to realize the IGBT structure thinner than the NPT structure. Through this change, 1200v-u series realizes the low on state voltage characteristic better than s series, and completes its commercialization. In addition, this technology is also used in 1700V series high voltage withstand series, and is also starting to be commercialized.Figure 1-3 changes of Fuji motor electronic equipment IGBT application technologyIn addition, Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology is also refining the surface structure indispensable for the improvement of IGBT characteristics (IGBT is formed by multiple IGBT plates. Through refinement, the more plates, the more low on-state voltage can be realized). Up to the fourth generation products, the planar structure (the structure of planar IGBT) has been used to promote refinement, so as to improve the characteristics. However, starting from the fifth generation products - 1200 and 1700V series, the grooved IGBT technology slotted on the Si surface and constituting IGBT has broken the subtle technical barrier and achieved unprecedented characteristic improvement. Figure 1-4 shows the change of characteristic improvement of 1200V series.Figure 1-4 improvement of balance characteristics
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