What Is the Average Lifespan of a Window Air Conditioner?

Highly subjective. Depends on usage, average usage varies considerably by location, and maintenance and proper wiring, to name just a few variables. Given the average knowledge level of the average consumer in the US, for example, I think they are lucky to last two or three years' use before they are destroyed by misuse, poor installation and upkeep, and bad storage practices. They should easily last ten-fifteen years if used and cared for properly. What is the average lifespan of a window air conditioner?

1. What could be the problem when your air conditioner doesn't put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?

Engine coolant temp light coming on, is due to low coolant fluid or overheating. Could be all part of the same problem. Might be a blown head gasket?First check if you have any water in the oil? Oil will turn milky looking, kind of like light chocolate milk. But that's only if it's allowing water to get into the oil. Also check the tailpipe. You could be blowing coolant out the exhaust pipe. So if coolant is getting low, but you do not see where it's going, check the tailpipe.You air conditioning is usually a separate issue. Sounds like you need to get it recharged. Have that checked for leaks. You might have a loose connection that's allowed the refrigerant to leak. Or could be a bad seal somewhere. Sounds like you have 2 separate issues.What could be the problem when your air conditioner does not put out cool air and your engine coolant temp light comes on?.

2. Living Without an Air Conditioner?

Try putting wet sheets over your open windows - not blankets. They will blow when the wind blows and the water evaporating with help, You and your pets need to drink lots of cold water - put ice in their water bowls. Wet dish towels and put them around your necks - you could even do that for your pets. Putting something cold on your wrists, forehead and neck - like a cold coke - can can cool you down. During the day you can go to shopping malls that are air conditioned - there are many benches scattered throughout you could sit on. Doing your studies in an air conditioned library is a great idea. The heat here in Arizona is dangerous and nothing to joke about. Are you on welfare or getting help from social security? I ask because they might be able to help you. Good luck!

3. S10 Air Conditioner Problems?

Ive dealt with this excellent supplier for a long time with no problems. They are qualified and quick response. Pretty pleased to deal with them

4. Where to buy air conditioner cover?

Go to your local awning shop with the measurements of your unit. they can make one out of canvas which can breath and not trap moisture, Also you can pick a color to match your house. Mine cost about $50

5. what is inside of a wall cooling air conditioner?

A compressor and a fan and sometimes controls

6. What is the best air conditioner made in the USA?

I, personal, would recommend GE. And to take a step further, i would suggest putting forth the money to buy an energy efficient system. It may be more money in the beginning but it is more than worth it in the long run. Best of Luck

7. Air conditioner blows air but it is not cold?

probably need "freon". Go to auto supply store and buy can of "freon" and install. Can with gage approximate cost of$25. Otherwise go to A/C repair shop and get their opinion and estimate for repair

8. Built-in air conditioner timer switch wiring

I tried hooking up a NO relay to the blue wires, but activating it did not seem to turn the AC on, even though I heard the relay activate.I just realized the AC unit has a continuous mode by turning the timer knob all the way to the side, so instead of modifying the timer switch, I am going to set the AC unit to on, and then power the unit through a relay. Thanks for all the help, appreciate it!.

9. 2006 BMW 330i Auxiliary fan blowing at full speedno heat?

You may have a leaking head gasket. There may be coolant getting into air conditioner and/or cabin heater

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