What Is on My Shower Drain and Why Is My Shower Not Draining?

That is a push-to-close drain stopper. It will toggle between closed and open if you push on it. Many of them can be removed by a firm pull. It will have some sort of spring or rubber retainer.

Likely that your shower has a hair clog. Pull the stopper out and see if you snake it. They have cheap plastic drain snakes out there these days

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Pros and cons of one vs several memcached instances on the same server duplicate

If you're splitting hairs about 60 MB with an application built to handle caching gigabytes and gigabytes of data, I assure you that your bottleneck is hardware and not the memcached configuration. I can't even fathom a scenario where you have enough traffic to need six memcached instances to service your requests, but have so little data that your working set fits into that amount of RAM


Is it Okay to use "white" hair products on African-American hair?

Most of the "white" products say for all hair types anyways so just find the one that is closest to look you are trying to achieve for example : curly , full , straight etc . I like using Paul Mitchell or John Frieda if I must use anything . Try mixing the two you must know your hair before you can know what exactly to put on it .


Will using certain hair products strip the color out of my hair?

Anything containing zinc.

Excessively washing your hair will also speed the fading process.

Avoid using anti-dandruff shampoos unless you have dandruff, and only wash your hair every couple of days rather than every day.

Hair will also fade a lot quicker if you've previously bleached it, because you've stripped the outer layer of your hair and applying a six-week "permanent" wash out.


Can perms make your hair fall out?

This Site Might Help You.


Okay i got a perm about 5 months ago December 2006 and its May 2007. i have been loosing a lot of hair lately and its been EVERYWHERE!!! also when i wash my hair i still have a perm smell, it something wrong with me or my hair??? should i see a doctor about it?? please help??


What are the origin, meaning and connotations of gringo in Spanish?

In Per we call gringo to every person (foreigners and locals) with blond hair, white skin, blue eyes, etc. I was told (not sure if this is real fact) that the word itself came from the phrase Green go! used by Americans in war to order their troops to move forward.But I would say that when we use gringo we refer, mainly, to Americans (USA).


Can anyone give me hair tips?

DO NOT brush wet hair, it causes damage and is very bad for your hair. Use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom up working out tangles and knots. To keep long hair healthy you are going to need to use conditioner (don't condition roots). Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Avoid heat styling as much as possible


How to store cards when game boxes don't have slots for them

Hair BandsSimilar to using rubber bands, but they don't deteriorate and stick to the cards over time. If possible get metal free ones, rather than the type on the right - less likely to catch on the cards.Small Cardboard BoxesHave a look around your house, you'll probably find something that's the right size. Plasters often come in boxes that are a good fit for cards


What does 'gnaw off' mean in this sentence?

Here, 'gnaw off' means to slowly and gradually cut off.

To provide a perspective, the hair braids can not be cut at once by scissors, so as one starts to cut them they make a sound (which actually sounds like a few hair strands being cut at a time) and eventually (and gradually) they are cut off. I suppose that's why they used the word here.


Is it okay to use hair products on my dog?

NO! Take the dog to a vet. If you are bathing your dog then stop as you are causing the dry skin. Dogs do not need baths they clean themselves.

To satisfy your vanity no more than two baths a year spring and fall with an oatmeal dog shampoo and oatmeal dog conditioner.

Brush the dog daily to distribute the natural oils and remove any dirt.


I have noticed that every time I brush my hair globs and gobs of hair come out with it. What is causing this.?

its natural it doesnt mean ur going bold! lol it means ur dead weak damged hair is finally coming out.. its natural and usually happens... ur age doesnt matter and if ur hair is coming out in blotches causing ur head to have spots of boldness then see a doctor.. u need to re grow ur hair in a natural way and giving it volume and nutrients.


I have flyaway hair, what do I do?

First you get a really good hair cut. A good stylist may even be able to give you the full bangs that you want. If your hair is fine and flyaway, there are some excellent products on the market and ask your stylist to recommend. Find out what the stylist uses on your hair and if you are satisfied with the result then you buy the product.


Who all is the Great Cock sending on this Epic Quest?

Eliot was assigned the quest, so he can't be his own friend or helper.Margo is the Conqueror, Penny is the Traveler, Julia is the God-Touched, Quentin is the Fool, Josh is the Lover of Tomatoes, Kady is the Warrior, and Alice is the Torture Artist.

Remember, Kady taught them Battle Magic, and Alice tortured Lampreys to death to see them turn into pretty, pretty lights...


Abstract nonsense versions of combinatorial group theory questions

One of the simplest consequences of Sylow's first theorem is the Cauchy theorem, saying that

a group of order divisible by a prime $p$ contains an element of order $p$.

I'd like to point out that there is an analog of Cauchy's theorem for semisimple Hopf algebras, arXiv:math/0311199, which has been generalized to quasi-Hopf algebras (i.e., fusion categories with integer dimensions) in arXiv:math/0601012.


What kind of hair products should a 14 year old girl use?

I have Matix Biolage products. They're formulated for color-treated hair AKA dry hair. They work well -- especially the "Ultra Control Deep Smoothing Masque."

I had Redken products for curly hair AKA dry hair. Don't like 'em. Don't even like their styling products, too much.

You should starting using a heat "protectant;" it'll keep your hair from frying.


Tips for getting latte or soda out of your keyboard?

Somewhat controversially, Throw it in a dishwasher!Pro Howto: Scott MochellaAgainst: NPRAnecdotally: Worked great for me, but make sure you let it sit for a day or two to let it dry completely. Water doesn't hurt electronics, water hurts electronics that have power to them.Otherwise, yes, pop the keys off and wash/clean those. It's a long process, but it does tend to work well


how do i get my hair like this?

you have to have that type of cut and layers. If you already do have that cut, then first use mousse and blowdry your hair straight. then tease your hair. But, you should just show that picture to your hairstylist. they'll be able to do it for you.

help me with mine?:


My hair is SOO dry! Help!?

1) Take folic acid supplements

2) Eat more avocados and healthy fats like that

3) Buy a container of coconut oil and use it like a hot oil treatment once a week (the only oil proven to actually penetrate the hair shaft and heal from the inside out)

4) Give yourself head massages

5) Stop straightening at all

Your hair should show a lot of improvement over 1 months time. Hope this helped!


Help! My dog is scratching all his hair out!?

My dog has the same problem he bites his hair off on his back. I took hime to the vet to and they said it was allergies but, i dont believe it since hes never had these problmes before. but i put frontline on him and that seemed to work WELL and he doesnt sctratch for about a month but then he s starts up again.


i have long bangs and my hair always flips out and curls......how do i keep it from doing this???

Sometimes a straightener can make bangs a little too straight, if you know what I mean. I'd reccommend blow drying it but when you do, be sure to angle it so the air is blowing down. That'll straighten out your hair but not as much as a straightener. It may poof out a little bit, though, so use some smoothing milk to calm it down


What type of hair products to use on biracial hair?

my ultimate buddy is biracial and he or she loves the frederic fekkai products. i think of she makes use of the glossing shampoo and conditioner. additionally she each each now and then makes use of the Ojon extremely Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. you would be waiting to discover those products in most of the hair salons or on ebay for particularly low priced. wish that facilitates


Dual booting Kali linux and Ubuntu

What I did was install Ubuntu and go to the custom install then only used up half of my hard drive for Ubuntu then went into Kali Linux and selected install for largest continuing free space and it worked I know this question is kind of old but the answer above didn't help out what so ever(don't know how it ever got an up vote?)


Anybody Used BEDHEAD hair products?

Well I've used quite a few Bedhead products. But Bedhead isn't itself a product, they have TONS of different products - shampoos, styling gels, defrizzers, hairspray, etc.

It IS a good brand, but however some of their products do not work and are an absolute waste of money (eg Maxxed Out hairspray, Cocky thickening paste), so you have to know which ones to buy.


Historical developement of analysis and partial differential equations (especially in the 20th century)

If you are interested in the history of Banach space geometry, then the monograph Pietsch: History of Banach spaces and linear operators is a good reference, even if it reflects at places the personal taste of the author.About Sobolev spaces and this direction of PDE's, besides your references the book Tartar: An Introduction to Sobolev Spaces and Interpolation Spacescontains plenty of historical remarks and references


What hair product for?

The best product to repair your hair is Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it helps strengthen the hair that's prone to breakage, splitting or snapping off, gently smoothes the hair and form a protective mist on surface against heat damage, reduces friction from brushing and helps prevent further damage, leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient. Check it out at . Hope it helps


How do I get a huge knot out of my daughter's hair?

I have curly hair, NOW. And, I don't get those huge knots, I get small ones.. But the trick is, to work carefully - have it wet, comb it. Find the place where this knot is, and hold the part that's 2 inches away from it and keep combing trough it. It'll either fall out (just that piece, don't worry) or de-tangle.

Good luck :)!


How to keep hair from gettin oily?

Use loads of dry shampoo it works really well -

Also try to stop washing it so much it will make it get oily like 10x faster because it washes out the natural protective oils that stop it getting gross (sounds strange right!?!)

Try washing it say like 3 times a week.

Otherwise you can just wash it twice a day.



What can i do to make my hair thinner without having to go to hairdresser to get it thinned.It's really thick.

Try using different styling products. Use shampoo designed to moisturize or to straighten hair it tends to help close the hair follicles and make your hair appear thinner. You can also use a flat iron on your hair this works the same way it changes how your hair looks. You can not really make your hair thinner but you can make it appear and fell that way.


I'm a 14 year old African-American girl and my hair is damaged,what should I do?

First, you should consult a professional situations like this can go from bad to worse if you listen to an regular like me. Also, while your there ask questions concerning your weekly maintenance. To much or to less can result in major hair loss. Depending on what you have put in your hair and how many times. Don't listen to these people I'm telling you!!


Can a stylist use my products instead of theirs when doing my hair?

if it's for a condition then it should be fine, provided you call them before and ask first. an argument might arise over money, salons charge you for the products they use, if you make it clear that you are happy to pay the original price (and not get a discount for using your own product) then they shouldn't have a reason to object

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