What Is Going on with My New Gas Water Heater?

Do you have a temp. screw under the cap on the water heat like most of them do? What is that turned to? You may have to turn it up. If I were you, I would get on the horn w/ a plumber & get some questions answered, as I really think your guys are BS'n ya. I do not ever memo having problems like that w/ mine.

1. When replacing gas water heater, does it have to be the same size?

no - the size of the water heater depends on the need for hot water. living alone or as a couple you will use less hot water than a household of four or more. how did your current water heater work for you household? if ok maybe get the same size. if you ran short sometimes maybe get a bigger one

2. What is causing an odd odor from gas water heater?

Look inside the opening where the burner assembly enters the heater. Look for contamination such as mice nests. If stagnant water or moisture is found instead, look for water dripping from an improperly installed exhaust flue pipe. (The run" should be about a quarter inch to the foot minimum slope up)

3. i just replaced the 50 gal gas water heater but I can only get cold water flowing but not hot water.I have?

is the gas control valve turned to the on position and is the thermostat on the heater turned up? usually they will come with the stat in the off or very low position. these are places to check if you have water flowing out of the hot water only side of a faucet. if not then either you forgot to open the water supply to the heater or the valve is broken in the off position. pop the relief valve on the side of the heater open to see if it has water in it. kneel next to the heater to see if you can hear the burner. did you turn the gas back on at the valve by the wall and bleed the air out of the gas line from there to the heater. if not it could be trying to start with air instead of gas. they will not self bleed the air out. they will just shut off once it decides it is not going to light.

4. The pilot light went out on our Enviro-Temp gas water heater last night. How to relight?

Read the directions. There usually is a diagram where the spot is. Is it electronic ignition? If you still can not figure it out, call the landlord. That's what you pay rent for

5. Battery backup system for tankless gas water heater (outdoor install)

Technically, a UPS could be wired in, but there are a few caveats:

6. why my gas water heater will not stay lit at pilot position?

Smokey is most likey correct. There is a part on the pilot assembly that is called a "thermocouple" and when they go bad they do not allow the oilot to stay lit for safety reasons. They cost about 10.00 and are pretty easy to change. Good luck

7. Pilot light in gas water heater won't light?

Most likely the thermocoupler needs replaced. If you are in a rental house get the landlord to fix it

8. Does anyone know anything about a tankless gas water heater?

in my opinion i think of they are a waste of money pondering how little power it takes to maintain the water in a 40 gallon tank warm. in case you have ever became your water heater off for twenty-four hours you will see the water remains rather heat even after 24 hours. The tankless require bigger venting and are plenty extra costly to place in. they are limited in how various of a temperature enhance they are able to furnish. in the experience that your incoming water is genuine chilly you may could set up 2 instruments in sequence. you will could seem on the guidance from the producer to make sure the temperature difference.

9. Gas water heater not working correctly, and I know nothing about gas heaters - help please!?

You might want to turn the unit off. It is not functioning properly. Have your gas company come check for carbon monoxide. This is very hazardous and can kill if the level gets too high. You cannot smell or taste it. It causes headaches and will put you in a very deep sleep and will displace your oxygen, therefore not good! If you had not said it came on I would say the pilot light was out. And you could just relight it. Just turn the gas valve off til repairs can be made. Do not go to sleep with it on.

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I agree with above answers 1,3,4 Make sure valve is seated by giving it a quick pop at the relieve lever. If not try what 1,3,4 said.1. Gas Water Heater Issues. Water is too hot?Sounds like one of your thermostats is messing up. Dial your thermostats back some more and see if that does the trick. PS. It has nothing to do with your thermocouples2. How do i re-turn on gas to water heater?you need to keep the gas valve depressed for several minutes(which can seem an eternity)3. Gas Water Heater pilot light does not stay lit. Gas is On. Any Ideas Why?you likely need a new thermocoupling - plumber They are easy to replace unless you have one of those new water heaters with the enclosed burners, but it can still be done. Turn the gas valve off until you figure out for sure what the problem is. Word to the wise.4. Gas Water Heater Pilot Goes Out Every Morning?Replace the thermocouple just for good measure, Clean the pilot assy. -- could be partially gunked up with sulfur deposits blocking the full flow of gas getting through. Make sure the tip of the thermocouple is in the flame, and you got a good pilot. Check around for "Air drafts" blowing the pilot out --install a "hood" on your vent pipe on the roof. Consider a new tank if these measures fail--the pilot assy if plugged can cost $35-50--the gas thermostat(side of tank)could be going out--$75-100. A new tank bought at a lumber/hardware store >> low end about $300 and up for better models.5. how do you replace a gas water heater?No, no fuse. Need to check and see if pilot light is lit, that is likely the problem. When hot water heaters fail and need to be replaced, it usually due to a leak6. Can you switch a hydro heat system to a regular gas water heater & pump?It should not be a problem converting the system over to a gas storage tank type hot water system. but do you really need a circulation pump for the system ? a heat pump is for a domestic heating system. the only use on a hot water tank is to keep the water in the lines hot when the faucet is open. the cost is according to the size tank you will need for the unit it is being used for7. Gas water heater not working correctly, and I know nothing about gas heaters - help please!?Sounds like to me the gas valve is bad. Call the landlord to have fixed or if water htr is too old they should replace it8. Natural Gas water heater safety designsThanks for the input, we figured this one out. Because we could not find a leak in the tank and the T&P valve was not leaking we were a little baffled. When this unit was installed it was so tall we had to actually dig a hole in the crawl space about 1' deep. This hole was filling up with water. Since we are in a group of 5 townhomes we figured out the water was come from 3 homes away due to a broken water line, thus filling up the hole our water heater is in to the point it would prevent enough oxygen to keep the pilot and burner from working. This is one of those crazy things that makes you think outside of the box9. Proximity between electrical and gas water heater not met.?Most likely since the water heater being moved causes this to no longer meets code it most likely had to have a permit pulled and be inspected by local officials. I believe Ontario's rules are similar to North Carolina's which require the contractor to install any work according to local codes to be approved by the inspector. If indeed they did fail the inspection it is the utility companies responsibility to make the changes needed to meet local codes. I hope this helps.10. Gas water heater pilot light won't stay lit. Any advice?Sounds like your pilot light may need cleanig . IF you can reach with a small steel brush or steel wool, give it a good brushing,rubbing, but be fairly gentle as not to bend it ... Other than that, Sorry
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