What If a Printf() Is Written Inside a If() Like: If (printf ("Hello World")), the Output Returns He

Actually the built-in function printf( ) returns the integer corresponding to number of characters it prints, now coming to your queryprintf(hello world);Here printf returns 11 since, the count of characters it printed is 11.H-1E-2L-3L-4O-5 - 6W-7O-8R-9L-10D-11if(11) is true ( if (any positive integer ) is always true )so the body of if will be executed

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Hello Hyuna, are BTS and BLACKPINK friends?

No according to some sasaeng info(I'm not one pls don't kill me)BTS and BlackPink don't even meet. BTS r only friends with Twice, Red Velvet and MamaMoo off screen!! On screen whatever they show!! None of the bangpink ships r true. None!Again this is all gossips among some paid sasaenfs which I found on Twitter and Quora only and I am no one to interrupt there life nor I am a sasaeng!!Thanks byy.


Why do we say hello?

It comes from the original Hallow or Hallowed which meant Holy before the Reformation IIn England in the 16th century. Then to it developed into Halloa or Helloa a call to the hounds at Horse-riding events to urge them on after the fox.This eventually became Hello or Hallo - a friendly greeting or call - probably once England became more industrialised at the end of the 18th century when fewer people worked on the land and it was mainly the Aristocrats and Landowners who regularly continued to horse-race.


How do I get ideas out of the "Hello World!" and calculator phase? How do I get ideas on what to make?

What interests you? When I was a teenager, I liked mazes so I wrote a program to draw a maze. I also liked games so I wrote programs to play games (mostly games of luck--my one attempt with a friend at a game of skill (chess) in a 2nd year CS class was unsuccessful). I also had ideas for simulations: in particular I was interested in chaos theory and artificial life. I've since done a lot of work on chaotic systems, although precious little in artificial life


In computer programming, what is faster, a for loop that prints "Hello World" to the screen 1000 times or 1000 print statements that each display "Hello World" once?

During execution, you'll probably spare few branch instructions to your CPU by writing 1000 consecutive instructions. However with modern computer architectures (with pipelining and branch prediction) the difference won't matter much, especially for only 1000 instructions.You may, however, want to try to concatenate all your strings in a single one in your loop in order to print everything in a single call. Sparing multiple small accesses to the graphical driver should be (relatively) faster than both of your options


What is the Tagalog of the word 'hello' and 'hi'?

In Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala (1754), you have the word for hello in Spanish Hola! Since youre looking for its equivalent in Tagalog, youll get the word ohoy and its slang variations hoy and oy (some use ay).Today, Filipinos (usually Tagalog speakers) would get your attention by saying Hoy! even when they know your real name or nick.Usages:Hoy! (Hey!)Hoy! Kumusta na? (Hey! How are you?)Hoy, gising! (Hey, wake up!)Oy, mahiya ka! (Hey, shame on you!).


How do you say "Hello, my name is" in Welsh?

You could sayShwmae, fy enw i yw Dafydd.Helo, fy enw i yw Dafydd.but another way to say it would be:Dafydd dw i.I am DavidThe i is the suffixed form of the pronoun meaning I or me.dw is equivalent to ydw given in another answer probably a little more colloquial. Some Welsh learning resources have letters in brackets which can be omitted in more colloquial language.The super-formal literary Welsh would be:Yr ydwyf (fi) Dafydd


How do you say/write "Hello lady" in Italian?

It's really quite unclear to me what you mean by "Hello, lady". If it were formal surely an Italian would say "Buongiorno, Signora" but I don't think it is ("Good morning, madam" would be more correct in my non English mother-tongue view).

If it is joking-like, probably said to a young woman with whom you have more than some acquaintaince, you'd say perhaps "Ciao signorina", but more probably "Ciao bella" or "Ciao cara" (hello beautiful/dear).


In America, do the men in your family kiss when saying hello and goodbye?

My family? No. My dad would kiss me on the head when I was very young, but never after that.However, I do have a couple of friends who are Cajun, one of whom is gay. It's pretty common for them to hug and kiss on the cheek as a goodbye.

It surprised me the first time, but I actually rather like it. It's just an expression of affection, it's not sexual or anything


What is the Vietnamese word for "hello"?

Actually, we Vietnamese seldom, if ever, say "xin cho". It works fine in all situations but it's not just the way we greet each other. We usually say (the way you address yourself) cho (the way you address the person accordingly). For example: "Em cho anh" (me to some a bit older male),

"Em cho ch" (me to some a bit older female). In short, you have to consider age, gender, relationship etc (and it may be complicated for foreigners).


Do you agree that "hello world" is a dumb first program to teach programming?

No, As far as this convention started with C and have become defacto first ever program that everybody writes. Its fun and gives programmer idea how his language journey going to be. Often people try to make a guess about complexity of language by looking at hello world program, Which most of the times proves to be right. (I dont think you will implement Dynamic Programming algorithm as your first program, At least not normal humans like me even think of attempting it)


How do we say hello in Urdu?

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and State language in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi. More than 300 million in Pakistan and India alone speak Urdu. Urdu is language that combines Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English and Sanskrit terms together. Learning to speak common Urdu words and phrases can help you communicate with millions of people.-> Hello: Assalaam-o-Alaikum (if you are first to say Hello)-> Hello: "Wa'alaikum Salaam" (reply to Assalaam-o-Alaikum)


What's the "Hello, World!" of deep learning?

For me the Hello World! of deep learning is definitely MNIST digit recognition. It's a very classic dataset with a long history of research and considered to be solved. You can apply standard feed-forward networks to it but also extend it to more advanced concepts like convolutional neural networks, use regularization and data augmentation. You find plenty of examples and will feel instant gratification when it works. A good starting point for it is this tutorial:Neural networks and deep learning


Apart from 'hello', what are better ways to greet people on the phone?

Good evening/morning depending on the timenamasteHi (followed by your name and residence)jai shree krishna ( common in many hindu families)Yo whatsup!! ( just for fun)how may i help youa curt yes??thank you for calling , who's this??good day!!a welcome message on an answering machinejai hind ( common in the armed forces )Keep silent ( not recommended though)nThank you Shubhangi Sharma for the new additions.nSat- sri akalnAs- salam alaikumnPranamWhat are better ways to greet people on phone? Apart from 'hello'


Is there another way to say "Hello" in Esperanto other than "Saluton?"

Yes. You can say, "Kiel vi fartas?" (How are you doing?)Bonan tagon/vesperon/matenon! (Good day/evening/morning!)Kio okazas? (What is happening? I suppose this would be the equivalent of "What's up?")And there's no rule against being creative and humorous. "Ĉu via parol-oficiro scias, ke vi ĉiestas?" (Does your parole officer know you're here?)"Sal'!" is an abbreviation of "Saluton!" and is used idiomatically.


How do you address a nurse who is your primary care provider (e.g. APN)? Is "Hello, Nurse Doe", or "Hello, Jane" more acceptable?

I dont think Ive ever met an NP or DNP who didnt prefer to be called by his or her first name by patients but its up to the provider. Technically, a DNP has the right to be called Doctor just like anyone else with a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, EdD, PharmD, etc.). If the NP doesnt tell you, ask! By the way, APRN or APN includes more than Nurse Practitioners so probably better to be specific.


Why does my neighbor not return my wave or my hello greeting?

Your neighbor is UNhappy about something and that is their way of letting you know. Might help if you go over there and talk to them a little and see where theyre coming from. My guess is they will tell you about things in their LIFE arent too peachy. Try to sympathize -BUT- dont get drawn in . Hows things is all you need to say after greeting them. Theyll give you lowdown


Where does why does Willy Wonka say "good morning starshine, the earth say hello" in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

When Willy Wonka meets the children and their and-ones before entering the factory.This only exists in the 2005 remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not the original, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.The line, Good morning starshine the Earth says, 'Hello' is taken from the opening lyrics of the song Good Morning Starshine by Oliver released in 1969.

Regardless of where it comes from or who said itIt is a great way to greet someone in my opinion


How do I say "Hello" in Cambodian? What are some other common greetings in Cambodia?

It is really hard to write down pronunciations, especially in English.

In general Khmer is very simple, there's no conjugations, there's no tenses, but there is many different words for I, you, and him/her, and the pronuciation needs to be kind of exact, otherwise they won't understand it. Hello: Soo-uh Sdaai

how are you: soh(k) sabaai? (the k inside parentheses is "half" pronounced)

I'm fine: soh(k) sabaai.what is your name? Nee-u(k) che moo-uh aai?My name is Jack: Knyom che moo-uh Jack


How do you say 'hello', 'goodbye', and 'thank you' phonetically, in Norwegian?

You can say hallo, /halo/,Or god dag /gu dag/ ,For goodbye- ha det /ha de/Thank yoy- takk /tak/, orTussen tak /tusn tak/ this could mean something like thousand times thank you, but it stands for thank you very much, but for that you can sayMange takk /mange tak/ orTakk skal du ha /tak skal du ha/You should read it as it is written, but they read letters differently, so that may cause you problems with understanding


What is a quick hello?

Not sure I should ancer this one. But i will.now this depends if you know the person well or not.but I see a quick hello as being one of two thing.a way for someone to see if thay want to spend time or like what thay see.

on the other hand might be someone in a real hurry that dose care so in that case. I would say hello sweets well make time to talk later. Hope that helps


How do you move a relationship from the Hello/Hi zone to the friend zone?

You should really not do so unless you intend to only be friends.The friend zone as a tactic to weasel your way into a girls pants is total bullshit. If you want to date her, then say so.Now, if you're genuinely trying to just be friends with whoever ask them to hang out sometime. Nothing too serious or too much of a time commitment. Maybe just coffee or something. A lighthearted, low buy in, easy way to hang out


How do I convert the text "hello world" into binary code in Python?

import Data.Char (chr, ord)import Data.List (unfoldr, intersperse)intToBinary :: Int -> StringintToBinary x reverse $ foldr (:) $ unfoldr generator x where binToChar :: Int -> Char binToChar x chr (ord '0' x) generator :: Int -> Maybe (Char, Int) generator 0 Nothing generator x Just (binToChar (x mod 2), x div 2)strToBinaryStr :: String -> StringstrToBinaryStr foldr1 () . intersperse " " . map (intToBinary . ord)result strToBinaryStr "hello world"How do I convert the text "hello world" into binary code in Haskell?


How do I say "hello" in Japanese?

Different ways to say "Hello" in Japanese, , ...Also I would add one important thing to know about Japanese is that there are two distinct types of speech: Formal speech, to be used with strangers, people older than you and family members you do not know well.Informal speech, to be used with close friends, family members and those who are the same age or younger than you. I got the detailed explanation from here: Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.comGood luck to all other learner of this beautiful language !

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