What Happens to a Bee Hive If the Honey Is Not Collected?

This depends on a few things.Initially there will be no problem. The bees will eat honey over the winter and the surplus will still be sitting there in the spring. Leaving plenty of honey for winter and then spring build up is a positive.Problems can develop in spring and early summer, however. Bees need open cells in the hive for both honey stores and for raising brood. Extracting honey and returning empty frames gives them plenty of scope for both. However if they have limited space and a good nectar flow they will pack it into the hive wherever they can, including the brood nest. As the queens laying area shrinks this sets off the big urge to swarm. This is natural for the bees but annoying for the beekeeper, as a hive that swarms is unlikely to be productive that year.This is filling of the brood with honey and nectar is termed being 'honey bound' and in extreme cases the bees may simply have too little space to raise their brood. I rescued a colony from a roof recently that was in exactly this position. They had filled all the available space with comb, but the open brood area was the size of my palm at most. They were doomed by being unable to raise more brood.

In nature colonies occasionally die out. Scavengers quickly remove honey and wax, leaving the cavity open for a new colony to re-establish in that spot. We beekeepers don't like letting hives die out, so we have to manage that aspect that would normally be done naturally. I huge cavities becoming honey bound is not an issue as the colony can just keep making wax. In small ones it can be a critical limiting factor in survival

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How do you collect data?

Data collection is a method of gathering information in a way that allows businesses to address questions and predict future trends to make more effective decisions. Data collection is essential for credible research and business decisions.Data collection is a method of gathering information in a way that allows businesses to address questions and predict future trends to make more effective decisions. Data collection is essential for credible research and business decisions.Methods:Primary data collection:Quantitative: mathematical calculations, etc.Ex: black-and-white answer questionnaires; mean, median, mode, etc.

Qualitative: use of non-quantifiable information (i.e. emotions, etc.)Ex: open-ended questionnaires, case studies, interviews, etc.Secondary data collection:Ex: publication date, depth of analyses, reliability of sources, etc.

One type of data collection is market research. There are several data collection and market research analysis tools that you can use for online markets in particular. One great tool for online markets is Algopix. Algopix is a software that does product market research for Amazon, Walmart, & eBay Sellers. Using an algorithm, it analyzes market demand, possible margins, and shipping costs for current and future inventory. For consumers with large volume selling, Algopix has a bulk product analysis feature that allows the user to upload a spreadsheet with all the proper information of up to 3,000 products, which they then prepare a complete analysis for each product including shipping costs, possible revenues, demand, and much more. It saves time and makes it easy to manage your inventory as well as enter new markets.Algopix also has several tools that help sellers determine which market platform would be most beneficial to them. Such tools include an FBA fee calculator for Amazon, eBay category tree, online ASIN to ISBN converter, and a lot more. It is definitely one of the best market research analysis tools for online marketplaces


What criteria do you apply in the selection of board games for your collection?

In no particular order, my game-buying decisions will be fueled by some synthesis of these factors.Theme: Does this game look fun? Will it stand out from other games I have and enjoy?Designer: Is there a designer credit? Does that designer have a good track record?Number of Players: Unless Im specifically in the market for a two-hander, I prefer games that can seat five or more players for a maximum. Four is too often not enough in the places I most frequently play.

Niche: I am more likely to buy a quality eurogame with a play time of one hour or a bit more than any other type of game. But sometimes I look for specific types: A filler. A co-op. A party game for many people who are not necessarily gamers. An abstract with (near) perfect information.Space: How much of a pain will this game be to store?Physical Presence: Gone are the days of the 1970s and 1980s when we were starved for challenging novelties and would accept lousy production and substandard editing.Time: My sweet spot is around one hour plus or minus 20 minutes. I have a good number of fillers that are easy to teach and 30m or less. My tolerance for games exceeding two hours is much less than it was when I was a young man.Price: Is this game not only within my budget, but also likely to provide good value for dollars spent? Sixty to eighty dollars is a lot of money. But how many trips to the cinema or dinner or a sporting event does that represent?My last few acquisitions may give you a feel for all this. In roughly inverse order, Kickstarter deliveries excluded:Charterstone; Alien Artifacts; Doctor Who Fluxx; Sushi Go; Raiders of the North Sea; Scythe; Flamme Rouge; Fabled Fruit; Sola Fide: The Reformation; Cottage Garden


Why was Hinduism reformed into a single religion, but the Chinese folk religion remains a disparate collection of local beliefs, myths, legends, traditions, superstitions, and gods?

Hinduism was not reformed.We are still a disparate collection of local beliefs myths, legends, traditions, superstitions, and gods.We have been referred to as Hindu by outsiders, people living east of Sindhu, the river at the western boundary of Indian subcontinent. And we have been united by outsiders who attacked us brutally, the Mughals, the British, the Turks, etc.

Despite the unity we had to embrace due to outside invasions, we still managed to retain caste system, all the sub religions viz. Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Shaktism, Bhakti Movement, Advaitvaad, to name a few.Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism are daughter religions to Hinduism and have managed to stay on. Sikhism was actually born out of the struggle native people had to undergo from the invasions.We have culture variations every ten kilometres.We listen to all kinds of recitations of scriptures from Vedas to Bhagwat Puranam to Osho.

We perform havan and poojan for birthdays and weddings the details of which differ from region to region.We use kundali to ascertain feasibility of a relationship. And perform vrat, jaap, daan, yagna, wear rings with precious stones to ward off evil. We start new activity on a "shubh muhurta".Some greet each other with "Ram Ram Ji", some with "Hare Krishna", some "Jai Mata Di", some "Radhe Radhe", some "Namaskar Ji".We stop when a cat crosses our path, we use home arrangements according to Vaastu, our ladies don't call their husbands by name because that will shorten their life, we don't cut hair nails etc or wash clothes on Tuesdays.

We visit Haridwar, Vaishnodevi, Dwarka, Badrinath, Jagannath, Rameshwaram to wash off our sins. We worship Chaar Dhaam, Dwadash Jyotirlinga, Ekadash Rudra, Navagraha, Navadurga, Panchayatan Devata, totalling 36 crores.We are a disparate collection of local beliefs myths, legends, traditions, superstitions, and gods. There is no single religion called Hinduism


For people who have collections, what do you collect and how did it all started?

I collect a few things none of which are particularly valuable to anyone but other collectors...The main one is dice, not the normal kind you use for Monopoly or Yahtzee but RPG dice that have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20 sides. I have 6 glass vases on my bookcase, one for each type and they are all filled with a hundred or more of each type (the 4 sider vase has about 400 in it) and then there are other types as well.I've got 5-siders, 7-siders, 14-siders, 16-siders, 24-siders, and 30-siders. I have dice made of obsidian, dice made of quartz, and dice made of steel, I have a 20-sider the size of a baseball, dice that light up when rolled, dice that glow in the dark, there are even a few dice with roman numerals and dice with zodiac signs (12-sided).The other thing I actively collect are called Tegata.Tegata are a special autograph made by Sumo wrestlers. They are created by having the wrestler cover his hand in ink (red or black) and then pressing it against a special board. Once the ink is dry the wrestler writes his name using calligraphy. The process is done only occasionally due to the time required and the tegata are never sold, instead they are given away to companies that sponsor matches, members of their 'support clubs' which are like fan clubs that help pay for things like the mawashi and such and sometimes put in the gift bags given to people who purchase the expensive box seats at tournaments.

Due to the restrictions and time needed to make the items they can be pretty rare although it is actually the lower ranked wrestlers who are the hardest to find. The Yokozuna (grand champions) have regular session every few of months to create tegata where they produce hundreds at a time while the lower ranks might only do it once a year unless their popularity is high.Do you collect anything? If so, when did you start collecting? How large is your collection?.


Do you think India should be divided into a few countries? Would it be better if India were a collection of smaller countries which could cooperate, have controlled migration, and reap the benefits of their natural resources and local talent?

Should India be divided into a collection of a few independent countries? In my opinion there is neither good cause to think about doing so nor is it likely to happen in the future. Before justifying why, I would like to pose your question in the following way:How about decentralizing the central government, giving more power to the states and empowering the federal structure?

This I think makes for a good debate, considering the fact that how the poor centre-state coordination within the polity has led to some areas having high economic growth while others remaining backward. Now as to the original question; the concept known as India or Bharat is not something merely a few decades old, or a few centuries for that matter. It has existed for a long time. Even during periods in history when there was no single central rule, the numerous kingdoms and republics all identified themselves as existing under a common umbrella. Even after centuries of foreign and imperialist rule, the India had an inherent identity that led to the unification of princely states after independence, albeit with India being partitioned and Pakistan coming into existence. Nevertheless the deep cultural roots and the idea unity in diversity is still very much intact. With the exception of China, no other nation of such huge size and diversity in the world has this old a history of continuous existence. The comparison with EU does not hold good in my opinion; simply because there has been no cultural string connecting the countries in Europe through the course of history. While we may think of ways to handle the administrative problems facing India today, treating India merely as a collection of nations would not be fair. The right question to ask would be how can the existing states be managed more effectively by addressing issues like the disproportionate pace of development, migration, language among other things.

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