What Happens If a Collection Agency Purchases a Debt? I Have No Agreement with Them to Repay Anythin

This has to be one of the questions I am asked the most. Do I have to repay a debt if sold and if so should I try to settle for pennies on the dollar?Well easiest way to answer this question is if you purchase a home you are told mostly your mortgage will be sold and yes you must make all your loan payments.With most agreements or contracts you have signed with the company that you formed the contract with, you will find that it provides the lender/firm the right to sell the debt at their discretion. The purchaser of the Debt gets all the benefits of the original agreement as the O Original Lender. So with the sale of the debt/loan/contract goes all of the original binding terms of the contract/agreement to repay. So basically you do have a contract with the new creditor and yes all Terms and Conditions can be enforced.

Most agreements with lenders provides them with the legal rights to sell debts. Many debts that creditors have trouble collecting on are sold for pennies on the dollar to debt collection specialists who will work your debt to get as much back as possible. One important factor went you get a call from a debt collection agency. See if they can produce the original agreement you signed. Most likely they can not and if this is so you can most likely assume you Debt was sold.If one of these companies are threatening to sue you or state they have filed a lawsuit ask them for a copy of the original agreement. If they cant produce the original agreement no lawsuit can be filed

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What are some non-Beatles albums that you have in your Beatles collection, and why are they in this collection?

I have several non-Beatles albums that I consider part of my Beatles collection.Carly Simon, No Secrets The James Taylor song "Night Owl" has Paul and Linda McCartney on backing vocals.David Bowie, Young Americans John, under the pseudonym of Dr. Winston O'Boogie, plays guitar on "Across the Universe" and sings and plays guitar on "Fame", a song co written by John and David Bowie.Cream, Goodbye Cream The song "Badge" was co written by George and Eric Clapton and George plays guitar on the song under the pseudonym of L'Angelo Mysterioso.Cheech and Chong, Los Cochinos George plays guitar on the song "Basketball Jones".

The Rolling Stones, Big Hits and Fazed Cookies John and Paul sing backing vocals on the song "We Love Us".The Rolling Stones, Their Satanic Majesty's Request I don't really have a good reason why I keep this with my Beatles albums. Maybe it is the most Beatle-esque. Maybe it's my favorite Stones album.Klaatu, Klaatu Again, no really good reason other than some people speculated that the album was a secret Beatles reunion album. It is not.

I also keep several non-Beatles 45s with my Beatles stuff, including:Elton John, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds""One Day at a Time" features John as Dr. Winston O'Boogie on one Lennon/McCartney song and one song by John.Elton John, "Philadelphia Freedom""I Saw Her Standing There" features John playing and singing the B-side live with Elton and his band at Madison Square Garden.

Badfinger, "Come and Get It", a Lennon/McCartney song produced by Paul.Mary Hopkin, "Goodbye", a Lennon/McCartney song produced by Paul.Billy Preston, "That's the Way God Planned It", produced by George.


What is the best way to display a product roadmap for a collection of highly dependent sub-projects and sub-tasks?

I'm a fan of using wiki's because you can collaborate and view edits. The more public the better. :)I like to build a top-level "Roadmap" page that represents your current best thinking (important to communicate that things can and likely should be able to change.) The roadmap contains high level details and links to individual "Release" pages. The release pages have more details (ie target dates, specific projects that will happen during a release, costs, etc.) I usually link off to a wiki page for each project with the individual stories/work items explicitly spelled out. If you're costing your work and working against bugs it's a good idea to integrate all of these systems so you can really track everything - helps to be able to see "what's done" etc. Like the process I'm describing, Wiki and Bug tracking s/w is too personal a pref for me to weigh in on suggestions. I prefer to use web based tools vs desktop s/w that someone like a project manager has to deal with managing (it's generally out of sync/etc). I don't believe in the philosophy that it's 1 persons job to keep everything on track. Everyone on the team should know what's going on and have some concept of a dashboard. The more the tools are shared and integrated the better. An updated schedule should ideally propagate to everyone.

There's no right/wrong way as long as you and your team have clarity about your approach. I've found nothing works better than lots and lots of communication.Alternatively, if this is primarily for visualizing a roadmap perhaps you're better off using one of these tools (like I've said I'm just not a fan of them):Windows:* MSFT Projectmicrosoft.


aspxMac:* OmniPlanomnigroup.



Can a collection agency collect for a debt that's over 15 years old?

Federal student loans are not subject to a statute of limitations, but private student loans are. A statute of limitations sets a clock that limits when a credit can sue a borrower to collect a debt. Debts for which the statute of limitations has expired are often referred to as time-barred.

Be careful when talking with a collection agency, as there are many ways to reset the clock on time-barred debt. For example, if you make a payment on the debt, no matter how small a payment, the clock gets reset to zero.You have the right, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to tell a collection agency to stop contacting you.

The statute of limitations on federal student loans was eliminated by the Higher Education Technical Amendments of 1991 (P.L. 102-26). Prior to this law, federal student loans had a 6-year statute of limitations. This statutory change eliminated statutes of limitation on all federal education loans, even loans made prior to 1991. This is why you should never, ever throw away any documentation relating to federal student loans. If you believe your loans were paid off in full, but you did not preserve the paid-in-full statement, you may have a difficult time proving that the loans were paid off if the loan magically resurrects itself.Statutes of limitation vary by state. It can be confusing which states laws apply. Possibilities include the borrowers state of residence, the lenders state of incorporation or a state specified in the promissory note.Statutes of limitation that apply to private student loans range from 3 years to 15 years. Other types of debt may have different statutes of limitation.

3 YearsAlaskaArkansasDelawareDistrict of ColumbiaKansasMississippiNew HampshireSouth Carolina4 YearsCaliforniaNebraskaNevadaNew MexicoPennsylvaniaTexas5 YearsArizonaFloridaIdahoIowaMissouriNorth CarolinaOklahomaVirginia6 YearsAlabamaColoradoConnecticutGeorgiaHawaiiMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth DakotaOhioOregonSouth DakotaTennesseeUtahVermontWashington8 YearsMontana10 YearsIllinoisIndianaLouisianaRhode IslandWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming15 YearsKentucky


How do I collect the entire collection of DC and Marvel films?

My suggestion would be to watch all the Marvel films:Howard the Duck (1986)The Punisher (1989)Captain America (1990)The Fantastic Four (1994, only available on YouTube)Blade (1998)X-Men (2000)Blade II (2002)Spider-Man (2002)Daredevil (2003, there is also a Director's Cut of this film which is better and grittier)X2: X-Men United (2003)Hulk (2003)The Punisher (2004)Spider-Man 2 (2004)Blade: Trinity (2004)Elektra (2005)Fantastic Four (2005)X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)Ghost Rider (2007)Spider-Man 3 (2007)Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)Iron Man (2008)The Incredible Hulk (2008)Punisher: War Zone (2008)X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)Iron Man 2 (2010)Thor (2011)X-Men: First Class (2011)Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)Marvel's The Avengers (2012)The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)Iron Man 3 (2013)The Wolverine (2013)Thor: The Dark World (2013)Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro (2014)X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)Ant-Man (2015)Fant4stic (2015)Deadpool (2016)Captain America: Civil War (2016)X-Men: Apocalpyse (2016)And decide which ones you like an dislike. Write a list down in two columns and place which films belong in each. Once done, save up and buy them all, or whatever ones you want. Some will be harder to find than others, and the 1994 The Fantastic Four cannot be found on DVD or Blu-Ray so just watch that on YouTube and decide whether or not you like it.Then watch all the DC films:Superman and the Mole Men (1951)Batman: The Movie (1966)Superman: The Movie (1978)Superman II (1980)Swamp Thing (1982)Superman III (1983)Supergirl (1984)Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)The Return of the Swamp Thing (1989)Batman (1989)Batman Returns (1992)Batman Forever (1995)Batman & Robin (1997)Steel (1997)Catwoman (2004)Constantine (2005)Batman Begins (2005)V for Vendetta (2006)Superman Returns (2006)Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006)The Dark Knight (2008)Watchmen (2009)The Losers (2010)Jonah Hex (2010)Green Lantern (2011)The Dark Knight Rises (2012)Man of Steel (2013)Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)Suicide Squad (2016)And do the same thing. Hope that helped :)


Can you show us your dice collection?

I have six sets of dice, that I keep in my rainbow chainmail dice-bag.The first set was given to me by my best friend and her wife on the eve of my first Dungeons and Dragons session, and while they might be cheap acrylic dice, they are special to me, because of who gave them to me, and that they were my first ever dice.The first dice that I bought for myself were two metal sets, one a dull silver colour, the other more brown and coppery. They are wonderful to roll, but it can be tricky to tell which dice belongs to which set, because unless you have lots of light they tend to look very similar. This can be frustrating, because I like to roll everything at once. My Barbarian gets two attacks per turn, so I roll both attacks and both damage dice at once, using one set of dice for one attack, and another set for the other attack. If the attack lands then I just look at the corresponding damage dice, and I've got all the numbers nice and quickly.The next set are also metal, this time with an iridescent rainbow colour to them. I bought two sets of these, for me and one for my friend's wife for her birthday. They look lovely, but they can be hard to read at times.The next set are also metal, because there is nothing as satisfying as metal dice. They look much darker in person, and the bright blue contrasts well, making them very easy to read.

Finally I have a set of clear acrylic dice that I bought with a custom miniature from Hero Forge. Despite the photo, they are very easy to read, and a joy to use, even if they are a little light

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Why Don't Security Services (like Garda's Money Collection People) Have to Conceal Their Handguns?
They are not police, true; however, they are legally armed security officers, and because they move large amounts of money, they are occasionally attacked by those wishing to take that money. At a WalMart in Washington state. in a robbery master-minded by a cashier, the shooter walked up behind the guard and shot him in the back of the head. No demand for the money or anything, just a cold-blooded execution. I am sure if I researched, I could find enough similar instances to let you realize why armored car guards are armed. It is to protect the security guards in the event of a hold up attempt1. car accident with no insurance. collection agency wants me to pay?The main uplifting news here is that they said that they may take legitimate activities. They normally do not say that in the event that its actual. Since they said that they may do it, they likely are not going to do it. On the off chance that they were going to do it, then they likely would not have cautioned you2. When do we need to add content inside for Java Collection?For the left hand side of assignments you need to specify the generic types. For the right hand side however you can use the diamond operator "" IF YOU HAVE JAVA 7 or newer.See here for a small motivation:Why Use Generics?In a nutshell, specifying generic types makes your programs more safe (in terms of security, but most of all in terms of stability). The inconvenience that you had to type a lot of stuff inside the braces is now partly gone because you can just use "" on the right hand side of assignments.Do not do stuff like "new HashMap()", do it so: "HashMap map = new HashMap()". You can also use interfaces in your variable declaration and you should whenever you can, so the best way would be: "Map map = new HashMap()". If you do not use Java 7, or better 8, yet, switch. The new features introduced there make your life easier, especially Java 8's stream API and lambda functions3. Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires A thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires 'a' thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?The drive that is being referenced is just one of many 30-minute drives that are possible; therefore "a," not "the."4. If one were writing the next Indiana Jones movie, what would Indy be seeking to add to his Museum collection?I would like to first answer the subtitle of your question, namely "where should the franchise head next?"...:I think there exists a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly "transmedia" property, which could learn from such disparate things as Will Wright's "Bar Karma", geocaching, Kit Williams's seminal book "Masquerade", and the still as yet unrealized promise of social engagement and crowd-sourcing.For better or worse, few properties are so fully developed in the collective consciousness of the consumer population as successful film franchises: we know the central characters intimately, the likely plot points, the requisite twists, and so much more about the mythology of a successful franchise of films. The result is a springboard for our fullest possible immersion, to a degree that most other brands could not confidently engage upon. We feel empowered to participate as more than just an audience, even if the means do not exist to realize and manifest this sense of empowerment. Just take a look at Ken Miyamoto's comprehensive and inspiring pitch, Jon Mixon's tangential but nevertheless compelling "alternative" concepts, and even Rodrigo Estrada Gil's critical satire. These could not have been developed in the absence of multidimensional, fully realized worlds, characters, and through lines. All that's missing is us.3D film-making is not the savior of the entertainment industry that it has been touted to be, IMHO. It is a stop gap gimmick: at best mildly compelling when used in service of the story (Avatar), at worst a messy device to overlay less than powerful content with a veneer of " a little sumethin' else", but most of the time little more than a flashy (and often dizzying) gimmick, designed not so much to enrich the story, but to justify an increase in ticket prices, and add an unneeded spice to the recipe of storytelling. (Oversimplification warning, simply to make a point) Stories used to be told by a griot, around a fire. Then the listeners began to act out the story, and theatre was born. Then came film, then TV, and the participation of the audience was eschewed, in favor of their acquiescence. The Internet, social media, mobile apps, WiFi, games, and other emerging modes of content creation and distribution have brought the process full circle, and the audience is once more moving toward the warm center of the story circle, participants once more in the telling of the story, first by extending the story across platforms and media, and now - quite possibly - by becoming contributors to the core story itself.Indy hunts a mythical treasure. Why not take a page (or several) from "Masquerade" by Kit Williams, a book that inspired a nation to go treasure hunting? Put an actual item of treasure somewhere extremely well hidden, somewhere in the world. Develop a story line that has crowd-sourced aspects (taking a cue from "Bar Karma", and learning from what worked and what could be improved upon in that production). Intersperse certain necessary story line milestones. Produce long form episodic content, incorporating user-generated plot points, characters, as well as professionally developed and existing characters and plot points. Add a parallel dimension to the experience, extrapolating from the storyline clues as to where this treasure might lie, incorporating video captured on mobile devices by fans, and other content. Use these content and story "uploads" to develop the next chapters in the adventure, always controlling the revelation of clues, so that the treasure cannot be found too soon. The layers of storytelling richness, cross-platform immersion, multichannel distribution, brand expansion, and audience engagement are almost infinite. The revenue generation possibilities are also multifarious. The undertaking would be monumental, but it could - if undertaken with equal measures of ambition, open-mindedness, creativity, and humility - finally help the entertainment industry evolve its business model and open the story circle once more to include one and all.
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