What Dose Water in Your Engine Oil Mean?

A bad head gasket or a crack in the head. In simpler terms - an expensive repair.

1. Moving a 2005 Lexus is300 that hasn't been moved for 1 year??

#1. Whoa! Check all the fluids (engine oil, transmission fluid brake fluid) before you start it up. #2. If you can follow Robert the Nit Wits, misspelled words good for you. Removing the rear bank of spark plugs in this motor can be a chore #3. Spinning the motor is a good idea but you do not need to remove the spark plugs! All you have to do is to remove the fuse for the electric fuel pump, spin the motor for 8 - 10 seconds then slip the fuel pump fuse back in place!

2. On average (in mileage), how often do I have to change the engine oil in my 2000 Toyota Corolla?

Every 6000 miles or as per the owner's manual. Castrol do an oil specifically for engines with in excess of 75,000 miles on the clock (GTX High Mileage)

3. My car's engine oil pan was ruptured, leaving my engine with no oil...?

The odds that the motor will be ok are almost zero - the knocking sound gives it away Expect a motor rebuild at a cost of 3000-4 depending on your location You may be able to find a used one in a wrecking yard and perform a swap for 1500ish One option which you can decide if this is ethical or not - is to put a product in the oil called motor honey - this thickens the oil and minimizes oil knocking - then take the car to a used lot and trade it for something else - most dealerships are so used to ripping people off on trades they barely look the cars over during the trading process See what kind of trade you can pull and if you end up losing 1000 bucks or so in the trade, you are actually coming out ahead - during the trade, you are not obligated to tell the dealer anything about the history of the car - some people will say this is unethical - but look at it as karma - they rip people off all day long so they expect to be snake bit every now and then

4. Is SAE 30 small engine oil the same as?

It does not matter what size the bottle is if it lists it as SAE 30 and "small engine". Car oils are usually denoted with a W like 10W30 - do not use these - just the straight SAE 30. Stick with a small bottle as the newer motors last a while in these mowers.

5. Which is the best engine oil for pulsar 180 ug4?

if i were you i would check the factory recommendations

6. Which is the best engine oil for a Maruti Brezza?

For the Brezza with the 1.3l DDIS diesel engine, use MSIL recommended 5W30 oil confirming to ACEA A5/B5 specifications. Some easily available 5W30 A5/B5 oils in India would be Castrol Magnatec Fully Synthetic, Idemitsu Fully Synthetic and Mobil Super 3000 X1 Formula FE which is again full synthetic. Please make sure to stick to the A5/B5 specification. Change the oil at say 7500-8000 kilometres, I personally, do not believe in 10,000-15,000 kms engine oil changes for the harsh conditions that cars in India run in.For the Brezza with the 1.5l K15 petrol engine, please stick to the MSIL recommended 0W16 oil. 0W16 is not readily available in the open market yet and hence would recommend to stick to the 0W16 oil available in Maruti Service centres. Also, please insist the service centre uses 0W16 and NOT 0W20 or 5W30 on your Brezza Petrol because the engine makes use of Variable Valve Timing (VVT). For VVT to work perfectly, the oil specification is extremely important as it is one of the factors which helps in the proper functioning of the valve timing. In an emergency where 0W16 is not available, use 0W20 but get it changed back to 0W16 ASAP. Which is the best engine oil for a Maruti Brezza?

7. Is it OK to use engine oil in my chain case and gear box on an 05 FXDC?

Put in what the manual says

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