What Does It Mean "bearing Two-zero-one" in Navigation?

Submarines and surface ships are not the only ones to use that. They use them in the air as well. For example, an AWACs might give a threat assessment to pilots in the air. "Badger 2-1, be advised bandits, 2 ship, on intercept course, bearing 0-1-0, 40 miles, angels 20." Basically, bad guys north, 40 miles away from them at an altitude of 20,000 feet.

1. How to put balls back inside bearing block?

When you buy new blocks, they come with a rail shaped plastic insert to hold the balls in. Normally, to remove the block, you slide it off the rail onto the plastic spacer. I've made these spacer blocks from wood to match the rail so I could remove blocks without losing the balls.

2. How to tell if its a bad wheel bearing or ball joint?

TO check if its the wheel bearing pick up on bottom of tire if it moves up &down its the wheelbearing to check if its a balljoin take the tire off grab the rotor and pull out on it if it moves its bad get it replaced I had one go out the a-arm came off the spindle

3. Wheel bearing noise, 2000 pontiac grand prix GT?

it may be a bad hub bearing but i am not sure that you have a set but looking would be an idea

4. How do I replace a wheel bearing and seal?

as far as changing i wouldnt know but my husband buys auto parts at wholesale dealers in out area instead of going to autoparts. for example he recently changed our front headlights out because they were cracked. They would of costed $200 each we paid $80 for both.

5. How much of this load bearing wall can I remove?

Well from your picture it looks like you can open it about 10 inches to the right. You would need a longer and more substantial header possibly but at 10 inches you hit your shear diagonal support. From there you are talking about an engineer moving the weight off of that support and putting it somewhere else.

6. Load bearing walls in 1860s house

You will need an onsite review by a structural engineer to determine the answer.Old houses can and are framed in many different ways and there are no rules (unless this house has been updated with pre-manufactured trusses). Often ceiling joists bear on walls when the roof rafters do not. Also, there are often intermediate framing members for bracing of the roof rafters that bear on walls, and there is no pattern and at times can be almost random. Further, the roof members will not 'calc out' meaning that they surely will be considered undersized when using current material strengths, properties and codes, and you do not want to do anything that increase the load or decreases the strength. A structural engineer will review all the available information and give you the answer. I suggest hiring a smaller firm for better fee rates

7. Is there any way to make a fruit-bearing tree not bear fruit?

Oh for the love of Mercy... there is a product that will do it, but I can not for the love of .... remember what it is called! It's from a company called Ferti-lome (Hi Yield might also have something). It was intended for Crab apples, but I suspect that it would work on your Apricot too (they are related trees). I would check with your local independent garden center or nursery. I doubt that the big box stores would carry such a specialized product. You have to spray the tree while in bloom. The spray does something to retard the flowers. I am sorry I can not remember the product name, but at least I am sure of the product manufacturer. I hope that this helps

8. what is the types of needle bearing?

Types of Needle Bearings:- Needle roller and cage assemblies Needle roller bearings with machined rings Drawn cup needle roller bearings Alignment needle roller bearings Universal joint bearings Needle roller bearing components Combined needle roller bearings Needle roller thrust bearings Track runner bearings

9. airplane bearing?

1) easiest way to picture this is to draw a diagram: 480 480cos55 (480sin55)/sin75 (480sin55)/cos75 = 2681.561 miles 2) again, draw a diagram; note the third angle is 90 degrees: h = (sin47)* (1500sin43) = 748.173feet

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