What Could Cause My 2005 for Focus to Chug and for a Clicking Noise in the Dash.?

I am guessing ur motor has a dropped valve seat . Clicking maybe you have no motor oil . Crimp ur PVC hose that goes to your air box and tighten up your air intake hose so your mafffff can meter all the air it sucks inn

1. How to clean dirt out of my miniquad motors?

There are several steps to cleaning the motor:An air compressor can be used to blow off the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the chassis and speed control. It's best to work with a clean car and workspace to prevent crud from getting into the motor. If necessary, use an old toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt deposits. Check the speed control for frayed wires and damaged insulation; these can lead to radio interference and, worse, short-circuiting, which can burn up the motor and speed control. Repair damaged wires with heat-shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape.You do not need to unsolder the motor's power leads or unplug the sensor harness, but doing so will give you more freedom to work. After removing the motor, wipe it with a rag to remove dust and dirt.Take the motor apart (this is quite easy to do) then you can wipe the individual parts of the motor.Remove the rear bearing from the motor for cleaning. The front bearing on Novak brushless motors is glued to the front endbell and cannot be removed; leave the front bearing in place, and give it a good dousing with motor spray.(Steps adapted from this link)IMPORTANT: Before disassembling the motor, if your item carries a warranty, opening and attempting your own repair, will void whatever warranty you have.First, get to know the parts of your brushless motor:(Image Source)The parts needed/recommended for disassembly:(Image Source)Step 1:The first step involves in removing the circlip (E-ring), followed by the collar ring from the rear shaft using the pliers. Be cautious when removing the circlip because it might spring out. If you do not have any spares, do not lose it or bend it out of shape.(Image Source)Step 2:The second step is to pull and remove the rotor (the bell) from the stator (the body). (Image Source)Step 3:Notice that there are two bearings attached to the rear end and front end of the stator. The next step is to remove the bearings from the stator. Sometimes, the bearings are easy to remove, and some have a tight fit. Remove one of the bearings using barbeque skewer or any wooden stick to plug out the bearing from the stator. Usually, the front end bearing is easier to remove.(Image Source)(Image Source)Step 4:After you have managed to remove one of the bearings, use a pin punch tool to push the other bearing out from the stator. (Image Source)Step 5:Place the stator on the plastic wire spool / solder bobbin and carefully tap the pin punch tool using the hammer until the bearing drops out from the stator.(Image Source)(Image Source)Step 6:The next procedure is to remove the shaft from the rotor (the bell). Use the allen key to remove the set screw on the rotor. (Image Source)(Image Source)Step 7:The final step is to push the shaft out from the rotor using the similar pin punch tool technique implemented previously to remove the bearings.(Image Source)(Image Source)Motor disassembly steps adapted from this article


Use vacuum cleaners manufacturing name. They will have spares or can give name of supplier. Unless we are building new from scratch? In which case fining a suitable cleaner on market is first step. Then make of motor used in it.

3. My garage lift only works if the light switch is on!

It sounds like they ran power to the motor and light via the light switch instead of directly to the motor which would have a much smaller, separate set of low voltage wires running to the garage door button. If you flip the light switch the motor and light now have power which then makes the garage door opening button able to do its job.The only way you can confirm this is by pulling out the light switch off the wall and looking to see how many sets of wires are in the box. I really can not imagine they've somehow split the power to the light and motor for the garage door at the destination though. If so, then they are not utilizing that functionality by having one light switch control it all. This sounds like they wanted to do something cool, did not think it through very well, did the work and then realized it was not going to do what they intended and left it. Either that or a bad wiring job. If you are sure this is how it's controlled and there are no other factors involved, and there is one set of wires running to the single gang light switch, then no, you would not be able to split the power to the light and motor without isolating the power to the light alone and then running power to the motor on a new line that would bypass the light switch. You would could check the motors docs though, there may be a way to split power at the motor already which would at least make the job a bit easier. Bathroom fans with built in lights are doing this to make splitting the fan and the light to separate switches much easier now a days. You just have to run separate *edit (control power wires) to the unit.In my opinion, I would remove the switch from the equation completely, and just make that a junction box with a cover and power the door the way it was intended

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