What Can I Extract Phosphorus From and How?

Animal charcoal or bone ash has enough calcium phosphate from which phosphorus can be extracted. Or you can use phosphate mineral rock. Finely powdered rock material is mixed with coke and sand. This is then heated in an electric furnace to a temperature of 1000 to 1500C. The reactions are in a two step processes and are shown below. Ca3(PO4)2 6SiO2 ----> CaSiO3 2P2O5 calcium phosphate sand ---> slag phosphorus(V) oxide 2P2O5 10C ---> P4 10CO The phosphorus obtained by this method is white or yellow phosphorus.

1. help! how to shave underarm?

do not be scared of razors.just be careful not to injur your skin.i saw a girl in the film of 'hous of sand and fog' shaving her underarm with a razor.why do not you try gillet razors?

2. Poll: Was it a huge mistake, or good idea for the mother of a kidnap victim to address leader of ISIS?

this is her child you would walk on sand all day or swap your last breathe to get your kid back alive. You not in her shoe no poll can help

3. Sand art on Shabbos

No, because by using sand in this form it's a form of drawing, which is a biblically prohibited act on shabbat. Even if something is not permanent (for example, writing letters on frost on your window), this would at least be rabinically prohibited

4. In the absence of lead, what can I use for a projectile in a flintlock rifle?

One could use many natural things as a projectile, but I will limit my answer to two items and the lethal possibilities would depend on how close you are to the victim. This is such an expansive question, I hope others will have better ideas.My first possible source would be rock salt or halite. If you are more interested in keeping small varmints away this is possibility. In any case rock salt in a wound would sting something awful.My second idea is the use of course sand and a wax mixture (beeswax is a natural product). You can see their video here.

5. i read that calcium sand is ok for bearded dragons?

I have heard so many mixed things about calcium sand the reality is any kind of sand may impact a beardie. Calcium sand is also very expensive if you have a large tank. I personally think sand looks the best and is the most natural substrate for a bearded dragon i have a large tank and couldnt afford the sand at pet stores and i looked everywhere for silica free sand but i coulnt find any so i just bought playground sand i sifted it washed it and baked it it was super cheap and it looks good. The main thing with any type of sand is to simply feed your lizard in a seperate container for live food and get a large food dish for greens if he doesnt ingest the sand there is no risk of impaction

6. What do I do about my ingrown toenails?

Submerge your feet in sand

7. Silica Sand or Play Sand... Or another type of same?

sophisticated subject. browse with bing and yahoo. that can help!

8. What sand should be used in sand bag?

Gels are quite water. as a results of fact that's water pushing against them, you will desire so plenty extra shape and weight on precise for a wall outfitted of gel bags to hold back floodwaters. in case you recognize the civil engineering annoying circumstances, gel bags could be a physically powerful selection for a sort of motives, yet you are able to no longer basically pile up a stack one bag thick as severe as a results of fact the predicted flood

9. need info on refinishing wood floors?

Use polyurethane. Do not roll it on or you will get air bubbles. Use a mop applicator that is sold in Lowe's etc. for this purpose. Or spray it on. Use a stain sealer first to get the color even. Sand if the floor is really bad. If wax is on the floor you will have to get it off first because nothing will stick on it.

10. Making Candles From Remnants At Home?

Separate wax into dark colors and light colors. Light colors could perhaps be recolored. Dark colors, not so much. Melt the wax over a low heat. I would buy a second-hand hot plate so you could do this outdoors as wax is very very flammable. Add a crayon if you want to add more color. Pour it into something. One of your old jars. You can hollow out a hole in a bucket of sand and pour it into the sand to make a sand candle. Poke three deeper holes in the very bottom of your sand hole to make "legs" for your candle once the wax hardens. Or you can pour it into a paper milk carton and later peel away the cardboard. Lots of options here. Before pouring (sorry these are out of order) hang a wick (purchased from your local hobby shop) so that it reaches from the top of your container to the very bottom. Wrap the top of the wick around a pencil and set the pencil across the top of your container. You probably will want to tape the wick or otherwise anchor it to the bottom before you start. Let it cool. Peel away cardboard or scrap away sand. Voila! Also, just do a web search on "make candles." You will get more directions, more complete directions, different cool ideas, etc. than you ever will by asking just one question on here. Good luck! EDIT: Just noticed your question about the new candles storing the energy of the old. You can carefully sort the candles based on energy compatibilty - which would be interesting. Or you can cleanse the wax before you remelt it. At least, that's my take. SECOND EDIT: Wicks are not expensive. But if, for some reason, you feel very strongly about using something you have around the house, then you will just need to try different types of string and see what works. Good things to try might be yarn, twine, shoe-laces, braided embroidery floss? Try to stick with stuff that will both burn well (ie NOT nylon cord) and stuff that will wick well (ie NOT wooden skewers). Honestly, the very first time I tried this, I would do my darnest to use good wick. Heck, recycle a wick from a tall pillar that you have that has burned funny and that you can not get to stay lit. But there are so many variables here (how you melt the wax, how the color will turn out, what you will pour it into) that I would hesitate to add yet another. Good luck!

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