What Are the Reasons for Valuing Plants and Machinery?

Plant and machinery valuation is defined as the total cost of the plant and machinery asset used in the production and supply of goods and services by all industry sectors. These are considered to be tangible assets that include land, buildings, plant and machinery that are immovable.Valuation of plant and machinery is a tedious job since it has lots of variables.

But it needs to be done on a timely basis. Let's understand why plant and machinery valuation is necessary?Factors behind undertaking plant and machinery valuation1. Best price to acquireThe buyer needs to know the correct value of the plant and machinery asset before proposing a bid.

It gives a rough judgment of the assets inherited by the company. Valuating the industrial assets gives an insight before investing in it.2. Know your selling priceProfessional buyers need to know the estimated price of all the plant and machinery assets acquired by the company.

The value is estimated is based on the condition, capacity, manufacturing date and comparing recent sales.3. Realize your collateral priceIn order to stay relevant and equipped in today's generation, it is important for businesses to invest in the latest technology available.Here, equipment financiers come into the picture, they offer services that enable to quickly procure machinery to obtain loan instantly.

Equipment financers need to evaluate assets to determine the collateral value to get the desired amount in exchange of newer machinery.4. Comparing economic statusPlant and machinery valuation is a must requirement for accounting purposes like balance sheets, auditing, and internal management. This helps in indicating the economic status of the company as compared to its competitors.


Extra benefitsOther benefits include asset verification wherein a detailed inquiry is done to examine the ownership of assets and title against a balance sheet.Estimated Remaining Useful Life (ERUL) is the total time period a machine is likely to operate before it is replaced or repaired. The economic life of the machinery helps to calculate depreciation and account for capital assets.

Planning for a loan?Loans can be obtained against mortgage of fixed assets which are considered as collateral security. This can be in the form of immovable assets like buildings, land, plant and machinery.Plant and machinery valuation renders generation of operational revenue, identify fair market values of assets that may be negotiable, enable proper reconstruction of assets, issue shares, procure loans or sales.

Every industrial business needs to go through this process to make sure the business is moving in the right direction.With its strong techno-commercial team of engineers including civil, chemical, electrical, textile and chartered accountants, Rakesh Narula & Co. works professionally in providing a valuation to small as well as large industrial conglomerates.

Valuation of immovable properties like plant & machinery offered by Rakesh Narula & Co. involves estimation of demand/supply, tax, price, etc. Contact us for your plant and machinery valuation requirements.


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