What Are the Factors That Led in Rise in Greek Civilization?

They adopted the Phoenician alphabet c.800 BC. So when the Romans took over in 146 BC. They had almost 750 years of Greek writings to peruse at their leisure

1. Has feminism led to degradation and fall of white people in many fields?

You make the assumption that an increase in non-white population shall lead to less power for whites. I do not know that your premise is correct. In New York City whites have a slight majority but really not much to brag about. In the 1980's a black man ran for mayor. He was elected. Mayor Dinkins was brought into office because 95% of blacks voted for him. It was exactly the nightmare that you personally envision - a bunch of blacks voting in a black mayor with their numbers. He served a single term and did a poor job. Never again since that time has a black person become mayor in NYC. The black population has not dropped. My conclusion is that blacks voted in a black man because they wanted a 'black' man in power. They could have easily given him a second term but they did not. They could have brought in another black mayor but they have not. Why; because they saw what a poor job that man did and they decided that in the future they will vote with thought and not along racial lines. (They were not as dumb as us white folks who gave George W Bush a second term after he screwed us all royally during his first term. Or maybe you were living in Australia at the time.) You may think that all blacks are a bunch of dumb n|ggers but I have been surprised to find out (quite delightfully) that they can be just as civilized and intellectual as us. I found it amazing how blacks in my city rejected the outspoken radical types like Al Sharpton and Farrakhan who just like to stir up trouble. There are certainly some parts of the city that I do not care to go to because they are primarily black and those districts are sh|tholes. But that phenomenon does not hurt the white power that you aspire to hold onto (what ever good that may do you). Low birth rates are a plus if you will ask me. Smaller families mean better control of your finances and more free time to be involved in politics and community organizing - things that are really about power. If anything, feminism helps a race progress. Apparently you are just a punk who has not considered these issues in depth. I will bet you do not even vote.

2. Do the colors get staled on LED lights?

Yes, LEDs do age. The structure of the diode junction is fairly precise, and the atoms which form the LED can migrate under the force of the electric field and slowly degrade the functional regions. However, this happens far more slowly than the degradation of incandescent bulbs. (Semiconductor lasers are far more susceptible to this effect. ).

3. On-board LED connection to GPIO

On the Pis with the 40 pin expansion header (except Pi3)

4. LED Numbers and Letters

Too many printf()s; too many for loops.Try it online!

5. Time to get the led out?

Put IN: To make the engine run smoother (a.k.a. engine "knocking"). Taken OUT: Lead in the air from the exhaust. Lead Shot: Many states now require STEEL shot to be used in their states instead of lead. The other states will likely do the same soon enough. Either way, STEEL shot is available to hunters if they so choose. Fishing Equipment: Lead weights... because it is pliable enough to "pinch" the weights onto the line. Again, nowadays, it is being phased out of use. Pencils: Yes, I knew that. Rock band: So what? The Beatles "misspelled" beetles on purpose, too. Have a Seasoned day!

6. Is an LED power supply safe?

The power supply has a filter in the mains section to prevent noise being sent to the grid. Usually this filter has some capacitors to ground. The cabinet of the power supply is connected to ground. If you do not connect the ground pin of the power supply to ground you are going to act as a ground connection when touching the case. It is uncomfortable, but it should not be dangerous.The correct measure is to ground the cabinet on the grounding terminal.

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