What Are the Benefits to a Representative Democracy?

The main benefit upon inception was two-fold the populace vote didn't really matter and the elected officials cast the votes that actually elect the candidates. There are many reasons why this is preferred over a true democracy from education levels to classes of people to equal representation of states and/or jurisdictions. In the beginning this may have kept British sympathizers and/or other outsiders from impacting our elections by flooding poles or rigging ballets but as all good things come to an end todays corrupt officials use it to keep Americans out of the process.

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How did Charles Darwin contribute to science?

What is Darwin's contribution to modern science?Muddling religion and science.Evolution is when you are commanded to pretend to believe the theory by some person who claims to be an authority. Satan is the god of authority. (Luke 4:6) God is the God of freedom. He allows everybody to believe whatever they think they should according to the available evidence. Evolutionists don't offer evidence, they only change the definition every twenty years or so.Thousands of professional Darwinists laboring for 160 years have not explained the origin of a single complex functional feature of life with the degree of rigor expected in all serious sciences


Is there a bad Led Zeppelin song?

Yes, there is. MISTY. MOUNTAIN. HOP! Ok, dont take this the wrong way because I like the keyboards, the drums, and guitars on this, its the SINGING that sucks: WaLkInG iN tHe PaRk JuSt ThE oThEr DaY bAbY if it was instrumental, it would be ok but, it is not and on the alternate mix they SLOW IT DOWN!!!, it sounds like a fricking nightmare, but It is a good song nonetheless and other than that weird singing its a good song, a song I really hate by Led Zeppelin is Battle Of Evermore, because of that freakish mandolin thats used in there, I HATE IT!!!The worst alternate mix (Misty Mountain Hop)


How can you assess someone's leadership skills?

Every leader has a different style, but all leaders have the same sets of skills, which are communication, responsibility, innovation, motivation, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and delegation. Conducting an interview or observing a person will not let you know if a person has these leadership skills. On the other hand, a leadership assessment test will help evaluate if a person has these essential leadership skills. As these tests are scientifically designed by experts, they remove the bias and favouritism in the selection process. MeritTrac offers leadership assessment tests that can be used during workforce development, lateral hiring, and succession planning


Who was the last country Iran attacked?

A2AGod! A Sean and you say (Who)?, It is rather ( What was the last country Iran attacked?)!In all cases, it is KSA & UAE using its stooges in Yemen to do that, before that it was Yemen, before that was Syria, before that it was Iraq, before that it was Kuwait ( the stooges engaged with sabotage acts and as usual, fled to Iran eventually). Iran is worse than the Zionists when it comes to Middle East security and peace. Iran is deep into many African countries, Yemen is important for Iran because it ease reaching Nigeria, Mali, Sudan , what a list for which the Mullas mouths drool, like hell they do.


Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Is he a good guy?

Depends on your point of view. He represents the "old old" Labour Party (from before Tony Blair). People of that persuasion see him as a return to the "true Labour movement", and therefore the saving of the Labour Party's soul. Right-wingers and centrists (off all flavours) see him as a way to wipe the floor with the "old old" Labour Party once and for all, by getting a landslide victory for all the other parties, to show "old old Labour" that they are unelectable and out of touch with where Britain is today.

Me? I have no idea. I wouldn't vote for any of That Shower (career politicians, bah! Humbug!)


How did the Indian population become so large?

The main cause of increase in population in India is poverty and lack of education. With so much advancement being done, people still don't know about contraceptives or birth control methods. Also people feel ashamed of using contraceptives as if it's a bad thing. So views of the society about birth control methods needs to be changed.The median age in India is 27 years, compared to 38 years for China. Children under age 18 account for one-third of Indias population as compared with one-fifth of Chinas. However, due to fertility declines to near replacement levels, Indias population is also aging


Would the Confederate Army have continued its invasion of the North if they won at Gettysburg in 1863?

Statistical the major battles of the Civil War were typical attrition blood baths. Day 1 of Gettysburg cost the South 6000 casualties with significant damage to three of nine infantry divisions. The North took 9000 with the 1st and 11th Corps practically combat inoperative. Day two doubles Union losses and trebled Confederate losses.If the Army of North Virginia managed to compel Meade to withdraw it would have to be done on day 1 with a successful dislodgement of Cemetery Hill. Otherwise Meade could not afford to give up the field, and Lee couldnt take it away from him.

I see Lee hanging around Gettysburg long enough to police up booty, then returning South


How does Pink Floyd fare against The Beatles?

Not sure what youre asking in terms of what? Popularity? Beatles hands down. Sold more albums rhan anyone, by a huge margin. Talent? They were all extremely talented musicians. Vision? Dark side of the moon and sgt peppers heart club band were possibly the top 2 visionary albums made in that era.They were 2 completly different bands, stylewise so to compare their music in any other way qualitatively is a completely fruitless venture. Music is an expression of art. One is neither better or worse than the other. Its simply subjective. I enjoy both bands music equally for different reasons


If I get screened out in my first ssb attempt does that mean I am not fit for the armed forces?

No problem man if u are passionate u will achieve but it's takes time. When I was called for 5 day camp in ssb interview at Coimbatore the frst I have seen around 300 people in that the superiors asked candidates who came for 2 and 3 time make another line. It's quiet common there when I have selected there for first they announced there will 5 more days for me and around 300 they just took only 30 people. So for next u should be prepared well if u really want to crack it. Trust it will be tough if we you are got in analytical thinking and proper communication. But if u are ready to survive you can get there.


What amount of resistance do I need to lower the voltage from a 9V battery to an LED? How do I calculate it? The LED is about 2V.

the equation for LEDs series resistor is as follows -Rled (Vsupply - Vled) / Iledso, assuming a typical current of 20ma which is usual for an ordinary LEDRled (9volts - 2volts) / 0.02 ampsRled 350 ohmsround it up to nearest available valueRled 380 ohms.that would be orange, gray, black in resistor colour code lets not quibble about the fourth or fifth band, the tolerance value.

keep in mind that LEDs are defined by current, not voltage - the series resistor is a current-limiter, so your LED doesnt go BANG! from excessive amps. no sense in wasting a small miracle of tech, is there, hmm?have fun. B-)


Is Winston Churchill's revered place in history deserved?

Cometh the moment, cometh the man (Ok, woman/person these days). Their is no question he inspired the UK - and probably the empire to fight on in 1940, and probably the rest of the Empire (Commonwealth from 1949) and the vanquished nations of Europe and eastern Asia, and America, against the most evil regime the world had ever seen at the time, executing their own people because granny is a bit ESN, or uncle whoever is Gay, any defect was an excuse for eradication. Jewish people were not the only victims of the Concentration camps. Read his books and speeches, put them into context, its a no-brainer as the modern saying goes


Was the Vietnam War essentially a US invasion of Vietnam?

The Vietnamese people came to see the US as just another colonial occupier. So I've got to go with yes. We sent combat troops in to save the government from a communist takeover. The problem was, we could not stabilize the government enough so we could ever get out. And it started consuming more & more American troops.Not sure who president LBJ was listening to, but wow, did he get some bad advice. But even Nixon kept the war going for another 4 years. And 1/2 of the casualties happened on his watch. The war is lost. Get the soldiers out - enough already


Why was Socrates killed even with his Apology?

He was put on trial because people didn't like him. People didn't like him because he was intelligent and persuasive, and he used these powers to troll them. He put on a glorious defense that established to them yet again that he was intelligent and persuasive, and he revealed a rock-steady foundation of integrity. The sort of integrity that would preclude any regret for his trolling, let alone allowing the people of Athens to save face.The Apologia proved to the court that Socrates was every bit as dangerous to their egos as they thought he was


Which countries are as or more conservative than the United States?

Quite a few as nearly all theocracies are quite conservative. Which means that nearly all the Muslim countries are as or more conservative than the USA. Including putative US allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

There are several in Africa. Swaziland and Mali come to mind and there may be others.In general the more politically powerful religion is in a country, the more conservative the national politics are likely to be. In a general way, how religious a nation is tends to be inversely proportional to how peaceful a nation is.

As i recall, Bali's agricultiral irrigation system is under religious control and while the Balinese people are culturally conservative the nation is not politically conservative


If Dennis Ritchie can develop a programming language in a few years, why can we not master it in few years? Why does it take a lifetime?

You could learn the syntax for any programming language in a relatively short time. You could learn to code many routines rather quickly, too. What takes time to learn is the flow of code and how it all comes together to complete the task(s) youre designing the program to do.

My personal opinion is that a really good programmer has to know how the user expects the program to work so that it is intuitive for them. If you think the training will take care of that you are in for a lot of problems. I've seen a lot of good code behind programs that were poorly designed.


What was the last battle of WW1 on the western front?

Fighting on the Western Front continued to virtually 10:59 on the 11th November 1918The Last British Soldier to die in combat in Europe was Private George Edwin Ellison aged 40 a pre war regular who had served all the way though the warEllison, of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers was scouting near the town of Mons he was shot at 9:30am on the 11/11/18I dont have names but some French and US commanders were ordering attacks on the 11th though the french put the date of the 10/11/18 on their headstonesThe last shots of WW1 were in Tanganyika (a German colony) as the news of the armistice didnt arrive there until the 14th November


When did cameras start taking color photos?

1907. Timeline of photography technologyBlack and white photography done by silver salts responds mostly to blue light, so even if you could find the right filter and color separation process, color photography needed a series of incremental advances to succeed technically. James Clerk Maxwell (the physicist who unified the electrical and magnetic forces of physics into the Electromagnetic field) developed the three color philosophy 1855-1861, and Hermann Wilhelm Vogel developed properly color sensitive photographic salts 1873-1890. But the actual introduction of commercial color photography was patented by the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumire in 1903 and commercially introduced in 1907 as Autochrome Lumire. The modern company Ilford Photo is the successor to the Lumire name

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The New Technology of OLED 5g TV Will Be a Turning Year for the Color TV Market in 2020
As the only truly mass-produced product in the next generation display technology roadmap, OLED is ushering in a "highlight moment" - although the sales growth in 2019 is limited, the joining of Huawei and Xiaomi is shaping a new image of "OLED".The killer mace of Internet brands?Recently, South Korea reported that LG display will supply OLED panels to Huawei, and the two companies are negotiating the supply. It is reported that this will be an emerging "TV" with 5g function.Lenovo thinks that the 5g package of the three traditional telecom operators has been officially launched in China; The fourth 5g license has Zhao Jingchun, chairman of China Radio and television. At the recently held world 5g conference, it was revealed that China Radio and television will promote 5g business for individuals next year. Huawei's smart screen series products will receive a "completely different product form upgrade" in 2020, which is a high probability event.It is also reported that emerging TV manufacturers Vizio and Xiaomi plan to use OLED panels next year to enter the OLED TV market. It is even reported that Xiaomi has signed a supply agreement with LGD for OLED display panels next year.If the radio and television 5g network is commercial, a batch of 5g TVs must be listed before. This is a "great opportunity" for communication enterprises and Internet enterprises to enter the color TV market. Industry experts believe that not only mobile phone companies that have "news" at present, but also other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers may launch 5g TV next year.In this context, OLED products with continuous tight supply of display panels will be particularly popular: just as OLED used to be synonymous with high-end in the mobile phone market. 5g color TV market, this scene may accelerate. In particular, considering that the new capacity of OLED panel supply of LGD in 2020 is concentrated on the 8.5 generation line in Guangzhou, there is no reason for domestic brands not to "get the month first".Therefore, 5g OLED, as the killer mace of the color TV industry in 2020, especially the mobile communication and Internet brands, has a sufficient "value foundation".Reshape the value chain of color TV, new brand new technologyAt present, the pattern of the domestic color TV industry, in addition to Xiaomi's great success in market share and sales scale by relying on low price and high quality, the traditional disk is still not much different from that 10 years ago."Among more than 10 innovative color TV brands, only Xiaomi is still active in the front line!" this is a true portrayal of Internet color TV entrepreneurs in the past few years. In this regard, industry experts believe that this is mainly because the "new brand" has no "substantive technological breakthrough" except "image, price and more dependence on e-commerce"—— The old routine of price war has also brought financial pressure under huge losses.The biggest feature of 5g OLED combination is the "hardware technology" which is very different from the traditional mainstream LCD TV.Wu Zhanghao, vice president of LG display and Minister of TV business, predicts that the sales of OLED TVs in China will reach 300000 400000 units in 2019, and the sales of OLED TVs in China is expected to reach more than 1 million units in 2020 - this product with short supply and growth is a good helper for the new brand to "create unique" technology competition value.On the other hand, 5g TV technology is bound to create a new concept of "cognition" between traditional TV brands and mobile phone and other communication enterprises. As a global leader in 5g technology, Huawei obviously has outstanding advantages in all aspects, especially in the fields of 5g signal processing antenna, chip, codec and so on. Industry insiders believe that the technical core capabilities of 5g TV and Huawei smart screen will be improved across dimensions."The new round of communication brand TV is very different from the previous Internet concept brand: because this round of new brand entry has 5g, OLED, fan aiot ecology and more hard core content."The battle for high-quality resources begins. Should the color TV industry changeFacing the upcoming 5g OLED color TV war in 2020, what is the biggest variable? The answer is the battle for upstream resources.On the one hand, the supply of OLED TV panels is always insufficient, which greatly limits the improvement of OLED market sales. For example, the data show that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics sold 1.16 million QLD TVs worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 520000 and a month on month increase of about 70000. Similarly, as a high-end TV, LG OLED TV sold 1.06 million units in the first three quarters, an increase of only 1%.On the other hand, the supply of 5g related chips and other products is also in the "initial stage". Unlike 4G new products and system products, high, middle and low-end gears are fully supplied. In 2019, the layout of many mobile phone brands on 5g mobile phones actually received the restriction that the chip is not in place. For example, apple is a typical example.Therefore, in the expectation of tight supply, Huawei Xiaomi seizes the new technology of OLED 5g TV, which has the effect of "dimensionality reduction and attack on traditional brands". Industry experts believe that 2020 will be an extraordinary "turning year" for the color TV market!
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