What Are Some Amazing Box Office Collection Stats About the Film Bahubali in the Beginning?

The below feats are phenomenal for a region bounded movie. There is not a single record in any way remain not shattered by Bahubali in AP and TG and is not explicable for the length of the records. Outside AP records are as follows:1) Collected over 55 crores as gross in overseas and counting! Telugu Version alone collected over $6 million which is a step change as the second best comes only at $2 million.

2) Record collection in Hindi belt: collected a gross of 80 crores and highest ever for a dubbed movie. Second best comes at 30 something for the movie 'I'.3) Distributor share is pegged at around 200 crores third best in India after PK and Dhoom 3.

4) Collected a gross of 35 crores in TamilNadu5) Collected a gross of 10 crores in Malayalam.6) Collective collections is pegged at a gross of 355 crores WW.7) Apart from all these earth-shattering records it is sensational as a non-regional movie in that it became the highest ever grosser in Karnataka beating the homemade movies.

nSource: 'Baahubali' (Bahubali) 10 Days Box Office Collection: Prabhas Starrer Creates History in 2nd WeekendPS: The achievements pointed above are established records themselves are on the way to break the records prevailing. Malayalam version of 'I' reportedly collected about 18 crores and judging by the talks and performance of the movie doing business it is touted to best the existing records for a dubbed movie

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How are ETF fees collected?

There are two types of ETF fees:-Trading commissions - Like a stock, you will usually pay a commission to the investment firm every time you buy or sell an ETF. Consider how these costs will affect your returns if you're planning to make frequent purchases or trade often.Management fees and operating expenses - Like a mutual fund, ETFs pay management fees and operating expenses. This is called the management expense ratio (or MER). MERs for ETFs are usually lower than those for mutual funds in the same class. They are paid by the fund, and are expressed as an annual percentage of the total value of the fund. While you don't pay these expenses directly, they affect you because they reduce the fund's returns. This can add up over time.Assume an ETF has a stated annual expense ratio of 0.75%. On an investment of 50,000, the expected expense to be paid over the course of the year is 375. If the ETF returned precisely 0% for the year, the investor would slowly see his 50,000 move to a value of 49,625 over the course of the year. The net return the investor receives from the ETF is based on the total return the fund actually earned minus the stated expense ratio.Therefore, the ETF's expenses are deducted either from the return on investment or from the investment (if there is no return for the period).


Can you list 12 songs for an album of The Beatles' darkest songs and what would you name this collection?

Musical Conspiracy for the Satanic SoulMaxwell's Silver HammerRun For Your LifeYer BluesGetting BetterNorwegian WoodPiggiesHappiness is a Warm GunA Day in the LifeNo ReplyYou Can't Do ThatEleanor RigbySexy SadieMaggie Mae**I want to note that I am just being funny with my title for my Dark Beatles Compilation Album because some of these songs I chose because of their sinister connections created by Conspiracy theorists, such as Sexy Sadie, and Maggie Mae of which in my opinion do not lyrically define dark, but people with too much time on their hands did a fantastic job finding uncanny conspiring connections in the lyrics. Coincidentaly their lyrics are in their favor and that is why I added them, it's my secret message albumcoincidentaly giving it that title for a reason, especially after adding those two songsit give conspiracy theorist more to ponder oncall it an album with a little added entertainment, a touch of twisted humor for people like me, and not to mention every conspiracy theorist would see a rise in their blood pressure if they came across it, and then I am entertained after I find out what crazy connecting scenarios the create for it!!! Win win! The Fascinating Untold Truth About The Beatles, Manson,Helter Skelter,Roman Polanski and How I Figured Out Im Rosemarys Baby creates the most fascinatingly unsettling conspiracy including the two :0)


What does your manga collection look like?

It's a bit meek but, I'm working on it xPTop shelf, right to leftBoku Dake ga Inai Machi Another record(a light novel for the series) haven't finished it yet.Boku Dake ga Inai Machi vol 1-8, absolutely love this series!Vinland Saga vol 14-19, you're probably wondering why 14 and up..... Well that my good sir/lady, is simply because I love that part of the story and onwards the most xDBottom shelf, right to leftKekkonshitemo Koishiteru vol 1-3, it's a little nicy nice romance story that I found myself to truly enjoy so I got it because why not :PYotsubato! Vol 6-13, yeah I'm working on it descendingly for some reason.

The only two Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game volumes, I love KnB, but there was no way for me to get the entire original set, "yet" anyway so..... I settled with this xbTokyo Ghoul vol 8, only 8 because I really wanted to see the part when Kaneki crushes the shit out of Ayato ^^; I do plan on getting the rest tho, I love this manga.aaaandBoku Dake ga Inai Machi Another Record ANOTHER TIME yes, because....

. Well, long story short, accidents happen *sigh* (v.v)And on the top over there is a little Yami no Moribito light novel, a sequel to Seirei no Moribito, which is an AMAZING anime do check it out if you'd like ;)And that's it. Like I said, I'm still in the plans of expanding. All these I got on the span of two years anyway so... yeah, little by little, little by little


What's the shortest acceptable length for a collection of words to be considered a poem?

I also wobble on the word "acceptable." Poetry has a long history of forms, and the right length for a poem usually was inherent in the form -- couplet, sestet, whatever. Poetry is, to use the most high-falutin' word that describes it, art. That means the way it's done has a lot to do with whether it's "acceptable" or not. The Saroyan poem Jon Pennington mentions, "lighght" has a lot of art attached, because it was doing something no other poem did up till then, and no one else could do exactly the same thing without it being imitative. It also forces the brain places it doesn't want to go, like is there any difference how one spells letters which are silent? What does the silence do? Would the poem be read differently somehow? Since the sound of poems is important, it raised a whole series of questions about sound in poetry without being at all didactic. It also challenged the whole idea of what constitutes a poem. In my workshops, our teachers used to say that we hadn't "earned" a conclusion. I think Saroyan earned his poem by its existence.Nonetheless, if you work on mastering your abilities to write poems based on traditional expectations -- rhythm, syllables, repetition, specific forms, alliteration, rhyme, etc -- you will eventually be good enough that what you write outside the acceptable range will be taken seriously. That doesn't mean, of course, that everyone will accept it. I doubt all poets accept Saroyan's poem


What is the difference between a collection and a set?

Set theory, as initiated by Cantor, was thought of as a theory of collections. He "defined" a set as a whole of distinct objects, even if only from our formal thoughts. That is, the starting point was the analogy of sets with collections of things from our surroundings or imagination. But mathematics evolved. The abstract notion has emerged, and from a formal point of view, set theory speaks of nothings. We can developed a set theory without any mention of the word "set". The very notion of the basic entity comes from the interpretation of the theory. But OK, let us imagine it intends to speak of sets. Are sets collections? Impossible to answer. The notion of set is given by the axioms we use. So, in ZFC set theory, supposed consistent, there is not an universal set, but it does exist in Quine-Rosser NF set theory. Sets are those things given by the axioms you use, and it results that the notion of set becomes relative to the theory being considered. Something may be a set in one theory, but not in others. "Collection" is, as far as I can imagine, an informal word for aggregate or amount of things, standard things like pebbles and cats, which of course can be represented by sets, but have nothing to do with abstract mathematics.What is the difference between a set and a collection?


Was Persia a single nation or a collection of nations?

Well depends on the time but almost always the answer is a collection I mean every one who was born in any Persian empire(even Greeks like herodotus) has been called PersianNow what is Iranian? Well some would say the people who speak a single group of indo European languages which is true but also wrongSo you know how the people of the Roman empire called themselves Roman well the Sassanian created a similar identity for their country so a semitic place like Iraq was called the heart of Iran! So the Iranian identity has been based on an empire and a collective of nationsInterestingly the root for the name of countrys like USA, UAE, UK etc is based on when Timurids conquered great IranIt was renamed from Iranshahr (realm of Iran) to the governed states of Iran (ممالک محروسه ی ایران) the name was adopted by empires like the ottomans and mughals (like governed states of the Ottomans) than by the west like the united states of AmericaSo what are its nations well it was devided to Khurasani(from a little west of Afghanistan to all of central asia) and Iraqi(every where else) bouth are not ethnicitys but cultural divisions and parts like Azarbijan were also devided becouse it had different rules(from the beginning of time) up to the safavidsSo it's best to say a collection of states becouse ethnicity has always been unimportant regarding Iran


If you are iterating over a collection in C, will deleting an item in the collection mess up the iterator?

You don't delete items. you "remove" them or "erase" them (there is a subtle difference I'll clarify later)Short answer: yes.Long answer: it depends but be prepared to surprises if don't know what type of collection it is. So, if you are writing a generic algorithm and cannot constrain the type of collection you are working with, you have to assume iterators are invalidated.

Remove is a standard algorithm that takes a range (a begin/end pair) and a value or a value predicate. It scans the collection and the elements having the given value or matching the predicate. If the collection is an array based collection, this will shift the subsequent elements, so your iterator may now refer to a different element. If the collection is a link-based container (like std::list) than remove have some specific implementation as a member function that may actually remove by re-linking the list. As a result, if the element your iterator refers is not removed ... it's still there ad it still have the same identity so the iterator is still valid.Erase is not an independent algorithm, but a member method of different containers, that behave differently depending on the nature of the container. So you have to refer to the specific case: see for example how the documentation for vector::erase and list::erase differ

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