Were Is the Heater Core for a 99 Lincoln Navigator?

It should be against the fire wall on the passenger side under the hood

1. still minimal heat in my truck and heater core hoses are warm.?

If you have a 195 thermostat installed after the motor is warmed up fully the top radiator hose should be too hot to handle with a bare hand. If it's luke warm you need a new stat. Keep an eye on the level of coolant in the recovery bottle and radiator. If the coolant is dropping drag out the heater core. Another quick test is remove the radiator cap 1/2 hour after driving. If there is no residual pressure in the cooling system the cap will come unscrewed without any pressure. That means the pressure has gone somewhere (leak in heater core.)

2. Needing a new heater core? car smells like syrup?

is not that radiator fluid? there may well be a leak. i could in all likelihood initiate by utilizing getting canned air & blowing your vents, sparkling w/ qtips basically to be sure it is not something very minor. How long as a results of fact the filter out's been replaced? initiate small & rule them out first.

3. How often should a heater core be flushed?

If the coolant is flushed and the syetem is cleaned according to manufacturers instructions the answer is NEVER

4. Radiator and over flow frozen in 1996 jeep grand cherokee Please help I was stupid!!!!!!!?

You need to get this vehicle inside to a warm place ASAP before you do some expensive damage to the engine. As water freezes it expands. This expansion is strong enough to damage your engine. At the very least, you could pop one or more freeze plugs. These are lightweight metal disks located in the engine block and cylinder head(s). In theory these pop out of the block to allow room for freezing water in the water jacket. If you poped a freeze plug you will want to have this vehicle towed to a mechanic for repairs. Worst case this ice in your engine can crack your engine block, cylinder head(s), radiator, and heater core. Starting the engine may not be a good idea. There is a good possibility that the water pump has ice in it. If you start the engine you could destroy the water pump and serpentine belt. Try this. Remove the fuse for the fuel pump. Open the hood and have a friend watch the water pump. Crank the engine a little. Your friend is watching for the water pump pulley turning. If it turns you are OK. Replace the fuel pump fuse. If you are on a budget, try this. If you are in a garage, open the garage door. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes. Watch the engine for leaks. If water starts leaking turn the engine off immediately. You have damage that must be repaired immediately. If there are no leaks. Turn the engine off for a few minutes and close the hood. After a few minutes, open the hood, start the engine, and allow it to run for a few minutes. Repeat this process for as long as it takes to thaw the engine. Once the ice is melted you really need to drain all of the water from the engine and replace it with the correct mixture of antifreeze. Most engines will also have a block drain plug. Remove this plug also to get all of the water from the engine block. If you do not get all of the water from the engine it will dilute any antifreeze that you add later. Do this right away so the engine does not freeze again. $20 worth of antifreeze can save you $5000 in engine repairs. Well worth the investment do not you think?

5. My car is overheating, what should I do?

If the coolant level is too low it will not circulate through the cylinder head and it will overheat. If the cylinder head overheats it can warp and then you will have a permanent overheating issue when the coolant either leaks into the engine or outside the engine or the compression gets into the water jacket which can break the radiator, heater core, or pop a hose.

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