We Rang Duncan to Ask Where He Was Going on Holiday. I Saw the Above in the Collins Learner's Dictio

in british english people say things likebe in hospitalgo on holidayin the US we do use A

1. From a professional musician's point of view, is there something unique or interesting in the drum solo in Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" that makes it so fascinating to us the audience? Could you explain it using technical language?

There is a comment on 'Gated Reverb'. But most often that is a digital version of gating a created room Impulse-model's sound. The digital G-R became ubiquitous on snare drums for that decade.But the Phil C Solo Sound was a talkback mic heavily compressed and slightly gated, but not like the GaterReverb sound to come. (Found during an earlier Peter Gabriel session)The 'legendary "Stone Room" at the Town House in London, sadly since torn out, was paneled with rough stone slabs and was very tall,but not very wide or long. So you had a very tight set of short reflections that fed into a very tall space. The 'talkback mic' was way up there and heavily conpressed so musicians could be heard talking to the prouction staff. But in this case it was accidentally heard coming in while Phil was playing. And the console was modified to send that post compressor signal to another channel, mono.Hugh Padhagm said: "The drums were recorded with two Neumann U87s compressed with UREI 1176s, 12 or 15 feet from the drums,the reverse talkback room mic into a modified SSL console [called a Ball and Biscuit, made by a company called STC] with the heavy-duty compressorand a U47 close on the bass drumand a Shure SM57 close on the snare drum. "But 90 percent of the sound was the live room mics and then I would add a touch of close bass drum and close snare drum to give it a little more snap," Padgham says."So the U-87s gave the stereo panning of the sound, but the room sound was the more distant Ball n Bisquit, mixed very hot in the mix, and doing a pseudo gating when the compression stopped. Not an opening and then closing down, but a lessening of the full force compressed sound. So maybe you can call it gated reverb, and maybe it started a trend that was overdone for much of the decade, but I think this was different than the GR of lore.Then the kick and the snare mics brought in for clarity of the beat.Below is my own Stone Room, built while thinking about the Town House room. It has more loaf of bread stones than the T.H. room. I wish I could have built it taller

2. What is the poem "Litant" by Billy Collins about?

Billy Collins Litany

3. Poll: How would you react if i told you THIS is Phil Collins Daughter?

Phil Collin is not ugly

4. Wedding ceremony & reception venue Fort Collins, CO area?

Ca not remember the name, but just north of La Porte on Overland Trail is a victorian house and grounds that's let out for weddings

5. How does the book, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins end?

All that the other guy says except there is not one more Hunger Games... it is up to Katniss to choose whether there should be one or not and she pretends to agree and says yes, but ends up killing Coin. and Gale goes and works in another district. Also Finnick dies and Annie has a baby.

6. What is the poem "Nightclub" by Billy Collins about?

It is about a night club

7. What does Collins Dictionary mean?

To draw attention means , to get your attention, to make you focus, to concentrate on the point , to look at matters closely

8. Doesn't Adam Levine sound like Phil Collins?

at least adam has hair

9. What do you think of Senator Susan Collins of Maine voting to acquit President Trump?

Do not know the Lady, but she's entitled to vote the way she ants, its called democracy

10. Im writing an essay on how Suzanne Collins connected her Hunger Games trilogy on todays gov. and war. help?!!?

Suzanne Collins said that she first though of the idea when she was watching news and saw footage on the war in Iraq

11. If the Titans went 13-3 with Kerry Collins why put Vince Young in?

Lauren is right The Titans lost their first 6 games in a row with Collins, they did not get a win, until they put Young in, against the Jags, it was Young that rescued their season and turned an 0-6 year into a, 8-8 one

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