Wanting to Buy a Big Rig (commercial Tractor), Any Ideas on Financing?

This is an handy repair. Its inevitable stated character will transfer their truck at a few factor. When they do. Park one in every of your automobiles there. And depart it there. Therefore, there's no approach they may be able to park the truck there anymore. Just must be inclined to park one in every of your automobiles there and no longer transfer it for a at the same time is all. Effecively in time stated character will recognize they are not able to park there anymore due to the fact it's occupied via one other car. They will uncover someplace else, and no longer suppose approximately parking in that spot anymore. Reverse psychology.

1. replacing fuel filter on 21 hp sears lawn tractor.?

Okay. Shortest answer for you. I've got good news and bad. Bad news is there is only two ways to do this. The right way and the wrong. Good news is the wrong way has an infinate amount of possibilities Okay sarcasm aside. Yeah it should be no problem for using the filters. Would be nice if they match but it is not that crucial for the operation of the machine. So long as you have a fuel filter to help you clean out the rubbish it would be fine. Is the salesman correct maybe not because he might be trying to sell you a more expensive filter than you need.

2. Is there any point in buying a diesel tractor just to mow acreage?

You changed your mind on the real tractors you were asking about.I would still get the diesel tractor because you might decide later to use it for more than just mowing. It's always nice to have more tool than you need,that way you do not go out and buy later.

3. Please Read; help with growing grass?

If the dirt is hard packed, it will need to be rototilled, preferably with a front tine or tractor mounted tiller to make the soil fine enough to start grass. Assuming the dirt is not hard packed, rake the dirt level and to remove any small surface stones. If the dirt is a good organic loam, go ahead and seed. If not, ask your garden store to recommend a lawn-starter fertilizer. Spread the fertilizer and water it in. Seed thickly with a grass seed recommended for your area. Sprinkle liberally with finely ground peat moss available from any garden store. As an alternative (and one that I use), dump the peatmoss into a big wheelbarrow and thoroughly mix grass seed with peatmoss using a hoe. Then dump the mixture and rake it level over the lawn area. Water thoroughly -- at least 1 inch -- to know how much this is, use a felt pen to make marks on the inside of a salmon can at 1/2" and 1" from the bottom. Set the can out where it will collect water from your sprinkler. Water only in the late afternoon / early evening For the first to weeks water 1/2" to 3/4" every day. By this time the grass should be well sprouted. Cut back to every second day for one week. If the grass looks healthy, cut back watering to every third day. If the weather is hot and the grass looks a little wilted, water a little more often. After six weeks you should have a healthy looking, though a bit fragile lawn. Once it is established, 3/4" once per week should be enough unless you have some really hot weather. Look closely at your grass in the late afternoon to see if it is wilting. If it is, give it water..

4. Electrical wiring on tractor.?

Hi there..... I had the same problem near my barn... The oly thingthat worked was rat traps and rat bait. But becareful whne you go to use the tractor afterwards..... I forgot about a rat trap... it hit the cooling fan and .. bits of rat flew everywhere... ... I have heard that tractor supply sell a spray for this but i have never been able to find it.

5. Do tractor trailer trucks have cruise control?

yea most of them do...better question...why do some eaton 18spds not have overdrive?

6. What is the best tractor for 10 acres?

YAzoo YaZoo Buntun International Cub Cadet You had a good question going... untill you put "No used tractors" and then a price tag of under $5k... good luck You are now very limited. I will say you can NOT buy a High Quality Farm Tractor Brand New to use daily - anywhere near 5k SOooo this limits you to alot of imported chineese junk.

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