Wall Charger Doesn't Charge Ps3 Controllers Anymore?

the controller is not designed to charge via a home current, it will fry the charging unit in the controller and render it useless, or it will cause the wiring in the cables to defualt and forcably carry a lesser voltage load, in other words charging a ps3 controller can miss up a few things the controller the wall adapter and the cables and can amount to up words of 100 USD to replace the controller and the charging cableadapter 25 each if your buying one to mock a apple stock charger

1. My phone died and now won't charge using my USB cord. How can I get it to charge without using a wall charger?

Throw it at the wall and try again. What about one of those battery chargers they sell at the check out in home depot?

2. How long does it take to fully charge a 10000mAh (max 60w) power bank with a 30w wall charger?

It would depend upon the voltage of the power bank, the voltage of the charger, the current rating of the charger, and the initial state of the power bank when you start charging.Personally, I would use a timer and a digital volt meter to determine the real-world answer. Start the timer when you start charging and monitor the charge level of the power bank with the digital volt meter. When the power bank is fully charged, you have your answer.But, hopefully, you have a smart charger with an LED that will shut off when the power bank is fully charged. In such a case, you don't need the volt meter. Calculations in this case will likely vary considerably from the real-world experience.This sounds like a question that might be on a test.How long does it take to fully charge a 10000mAh (max 60w) power bank with a 30w wall charger?.

3. What are your favourite travel gadgets and gear?

I can make just about anything work and I am quite a minimalist when I travel, so I do not need much. Here's a few items I absolutely travel with everywhere -CLOTHING:Quick dry, performance T-shirts. I use Patagonia capilene or any of the Icebreaker shirts. They are durable, have antimicrobial properties and dry really fast so you can wash them in a sink and they will dry in no time. Their performance is also second to none. They will keep you cool when you are warm and warm when you are cool. Go with neutral colors so you can pair them with anything.Pants. I really try not to stand out like a tourist. In most places, wearing shorts as casual wear is a really good way to look like a tourist. I like Bluffworks: Pants for Work, Play & Travel pants because they are really tough but stretchy and comfortable. I love that I can hike, climb and bike in these pants with no issues and then wear them out and still look really sharp. They have an added bonus of a 2 hidden pockets, one of which has a zipper to help with pick pockets. Great Socks. I prefer to wear my rainbow flip flops when possible, but if not having some super comfortable versatile shoes that you can play and work in are crucial. That being said, pairing them with socks is about the most important and easy thing you can do to improve your experience/comfort. SmartWool | Socks, Clothing & Accessories makes the best although I hear great things about Darn Tough Sockssocks too. Patagonia Men's Houdini Jacket - Windbreaker Jacket - This jacket is probably the most versatile piece of gear I carry. It folds down smaller than a tennis ball and weighs about 3 ounces. Because it's so small and light, it's easy to carry anywhere. Great for sudden rain showers or adding a layer of warmth, especially if wind picks up. Alternately I've been stuck out in the sun where I've used it to actually keep cooler and prevent sunburn. Seriously, awesome gear.Hybrid shorts. For guys, these things are awesome. Their shorts that look like khakis but are made from quick drying, board short material. I can hike or go surfing in them and 20 minutes later they are dry and ready to go out looking sharp.ExOfficio Give-n-go boxer briefs. Brandon Green listed these below with a link as well. Once I wore my first pair, I promptly threw out my old briefs and replaced them with these. GEAR: The perfect pack. I hate the weight of the spinner bags and the fact that you have to tie up a hand to carry it around so I prefer backpacks. I've built up quite a collection while searching for the perfect bag. I am a minimalist so I really try to keep the size between 20-30 liters. I did a three week round-the-world trip carrying the Tortuga backpack, but even that was probably a little too bulky for me -it's got a lot of bells and whistles I do not really need. The Minaal backpack (found here> Tools for efficient travel) looks like the best bet, but I have not used it yet so I can not speak on it.Pack towel. There's tons of options but I recommend getting one large enough to use as a blanket (think a long flight on a cold airplane). This is not an absolute necessity but it's become something I use so often that I would encourage it.Secondary pack. I will only bring this if necessary, and it usually is not , but if I am traveling for a longer trip this has been super convenient and enhanced the quality of my trips. If I am using a larger backpack like my tortuga, it's nice to have a smaller pack to use for day trips and trekking around towns. I use the REI flashpack (18 liters). It's super light but also really tough too as I tend to be rough on my gear. If I am traveling lighter and already have a small pack to begin with I will just use a versatile ipad case as my secondary pack. I use this as my "sit down" pack; meaning I use this to hold everything I may want on a flight with me. It will hold, in addition to my ipad, extra chargers and cables, gum, snacks, magazines, etc. Makes the transition on and off the plane seamless and easy. ELECTRONICS:Any type of camera. I used to always travel with a DSLR but found it too bulky to keep my pack really small and light so I switched to a Gopro. I use the ventilated helmet strap (8 bucks) to strap it to the shoulder strap on a backpack. Pair this with a blackout camera housing and most people do not even notice it, making for some incredible candid photography/video without seeming intrusive. Again, this is not a necessity but a killer piece of gear that will help you capture those memories forever. On a side note, all of the cameras are awesome but if you can splurge, I would recommend the hero4 Silver edition because it comes with a built in LCD screen. Universal Adapter. No reason to have some for each country, just get the universal ones. Super cheap off Amazon.External Battery. If you are traveling with and relying on electronics, these are almost so handy that you can not afford NOT to have one. I've had great experience so far with my Anker portable charger. I use this one - Amazon.com: Anker 20000mAh Portable Charger PowerCore 20100External Chargers. Especially useful for traveling with my wife where we may need 2 phone chargers, 2 ipad chargers, gopro charger and the external battery at one time. These are a lifesaver for keeping things clean and organized. Here's one similar to what I use - Amazon.com: Wall Charger. These will also make you the most popular person in an airport when charging space is limited. What are your favourite travel gadgets and gear?

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