Using Capacitors to Power a Motor?

Do you really need this regenerative braking capability? Honestly, for a bicycle there probably is not much to be gained utilizing a regenerative braking system unless you plan to encounter some very large hills. If this is for a school project, regenerative braking is a nice challenge, but I would not worry about capacitors unless you want to get an extra little bit of efficiency (less series resistance loss from the capacitors compared to the battery). You would do better to spend the time researching how to reduce drag/friction losses.

1. what year is my johnson boat motor.?

The control box is either out of adjustment or the switch is faulty. Try reversing the wires at the switch and see if the direction changes. The drive is controlled electromagnetically.

2. motor oil for a sewing machine?

get some 3in1 oil. Motor oil has additives in it that could harm the mechanism I know when I was rebuilding metal working machines Motor Oil was a no no. The additives would make some bearings turn to putty

3. How to replace 96 camaro window motor?

Switch out the motors

4. Pre-ignition of an outboard motor?

Applies to more than just outboards, it applies to all internal combustion engines including diesels. It is a condition when the fuel ignites before Top Dead Center is reach on the piston. A small amount is desirable, a lot is not. At full speed a motor may have as much as 15 degree advance on the spark, more than this causes pre-detonation or pre-ignition of the fuel and the engine begins to run poorly. If the advance is permanent for some reason, the motor will not run at all or try to fire through the carburetor

5. Motor switching

Probably. Are the engines the same?

6. blower motor only works occasionally?

The clicking in the fuse box is likely a relay. Please see the link below about relays. Maybe one of the relays is defective? Unplug each one until the blower does not work (that is the one that runs the blower). Maybe the relay kicks out when too much current goes through it (which might mean that the load is too great. . . maybe a short or a wire connected where it should not be?).

7. signs of blown head gasket on outboard motor?

Blown head gaskets are rare in outboard motors. Also, with electronic ignition systems, you should not "check spark" by grounding the plug wire to the block. the normal problem is loose terminals causing a failure in the CD ignition system. To check that you need special tools and ofter the failure is caused by loose Battery terminals or shorts in the old battery, so check the system closely

8. Stator rewind for 1929 motor

Looks like a pretty simplistic shaded-pole induction motor. Here's a schematic that's almost identical to your photo: (second one from a Google search) As shown in that diagram, you will want to reverse the connections on you winding coils.

9. Calculation of Motor HP?

'Drive' means a set of belts/pulleys, or a gearbox of some sort to match the motor rpm to the rpm required by the compressor. This is a huge compressor, and you can not just piece it together. Your components must be designed to work together

10. what is the best gas to use in a old boat motor

regular fresh gas

11. what is a motor trade?

motor trade can either be a mechanic as in the trade of mechanics or it can be a engine trade. For example if somebody is wanting a 4.6L from a 05 mustang they may be willing to trade a small block 350 from their old camaro

12. Brushed motor v brushless motors

If you are new to the world of radio control, or are just out of touch with the new technology, you may not know the differences between conventional brushed and brushless motor systems. I have written this guide to help other radio control enthusiasts understand the differences between the two. Brushless motors offer more power and higher efficiency than the equivalent brushed motor of the same size. You will get longer run times and higher speeds with a brushless motor of the same physical size, and very little maintenance is required with the brushless type. The internal workings of both brushed DC (direct current) and brushless DC motors are based on the same idea; the motor windings have current supplied to them and an electromagnetic field is generated, which pushes/repels against the permanent magnets and causes the shaft to turn. As the shaft turns, this pushing energy transfers from one set of windings to the next causing the motor shaft to rotate continuously. The differences between the two motor types are listed below, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. With a brushed motor, the windings are fixed onto the central shaft inside the motor case and spin with the shaft when current is applied. The permanent magnets do not move - they are fixed to the inside of the motor can. Power is supplied to the motor windings by two brushes (positive and negative) that push against the commutator on the central shaft. The friction between the brushes and the commutator is the reason why this motor is not as efficient as a brushless motor. Also, the brushes and commutator will wear out after some time, so brushed motors require maintenance and replacement parts from time to time. A more powerful brushed motor will wear out quicker than a slower one. If you have ever owned a ready-to-run electric rc car, chances are that you would have used a brushed rc motor at some point. Due to their affordability, brushed motors are usually supplied with most entry-level to mid-range radio control car kits. The extremely popular Tamiya kits, for example, are usually supplied with a standard 540 type silver can. The brushed DC motor goes back to the mid 1800's and it was this type of motor that first appeared in the early radio controlled car kits. Simple wiring - brushed motors only require two wires to power them and do not require any electronic commutation. Therefore, brushed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) are relatively inexpensive. Brushes and commutator wear out after time, although they are rebuildable in some motors. Not very efficient when compared to brushless. More power is wasted through the additional heat loss and friction of the brushes against the commutator. This means you will have shorter run times. The brushless motor does not require a physical commutator; this is one of the reasons they are so popular today. No commutator or brushes means almost zero maintenance (the bearings will last a very long time but obviously not forever). You will find a brushless motor system in the more expensive ready-to-run cars, and most serious racers will use this type of motor, if permitted. Brushless motor technology was invented in the 1960's but did not really become available for radio controlled cars until around 2003-2004 (earlier for model aircraft). None Very low maintenance; no brushes or commutator to wear out. None Higher efficiency compared to brushed so you will get longer run times. A more complicated 'Brushless ESC' is required to power it.

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