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Hot Water Heater Upgrade -Worry - FREE Rental Program GAS, ELECTRIC, TANKLESS Need new hot water heater?

Old water heater is leaking?

Looking to change the size of your hot water heater?

We carry all water heater types and sizes including Tankless water heaters on demand RENTAL RATES start at $12.49 per month Get 2 MONTH Free Rent (limited time offer)!!!!!!!!!

FREE standard installation Enbridge Billing BENEFITS:

- New energy star technology - Environmentally Friendly - Reduces energy consumption up to 30% (avg. savings of $10-$20 per month) - No sediment build up, Ceramic glass liner - High density foam insulation keeps water hot up to 3 times longer (up to 40 hours) - Perforated dip tube increases circulation of water and you get up to 20% more hot water for the same capacity - Decrease in home insurance up to 10 % based on the home insurance policy - Clean Safe Water - Vacation setting - Free Upgrade of Venting to Bring up to TSSA Gas Code Call today to schedule your free upgrade 647-847-2998 Or visit us online

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