The Hottest Questions About Led Monitor

Do you want to know about led monitor? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. Anyone know good led monitor?

I recommend Samsung monitors. I have 4 of them and they work great for everything from movies to games

2. Is this possible to change LED monitor as touchscreen?

no, because it would need additional electronic components to be installed inside of the display

3. Purchased a cheap LED monitor with no power leads, how do I find the power leads? [closed]

I see at least two cheap linear regulator looking parts on the left. It's a good bet that they share two nets, GND, and VCC input. You should be able to figure out which one is GND, maybe you can trace it to the negative side of a capacitor, a gnd pin on the main IC, or maybe a tab on one of those connectors. Then the other one is probably VCC input, and I bet you can trace it to one of those connectors.You should check the regulators and see if there's any markings on them, then google for data sheets. It's hard to see what they are with the picture.

4. what is an LED monitor?

its lcd monitor and it refers to the type of screen and picture

5. What is the best 60 inch LED monitor/TV for a conference room?

I prefer to buy something frameless from Samsung or LG because I find the quality and reliability to be very good.You might also want to research about touch screens, increasingly large touchscreens are becoming big in conference rooms because they work well for presenters and also for brainstorming

6. What contrast ratio to choose on an LED monitor?

the better your assessment ratio the blacker the blacks and the whiter the whites , a low assessment ratio will supply a grey washed out effect quite of black annoying while gaming and searching at video clips

7. Does this LED monitor have a power cable?

Monitor Power Cables

8. Is a 24" LED monitor sufficient in size for graphics?

There is a diminishing returns effect with Monitor size. Presuming you are dealing with a full HD (1080p) widescreen monitor The only benefit of a monitor larger than 23-24in is that with a larger monitor you can sit back further from it... The thing is there is an inter-relationship between the size of a monitor and the normal human field of view. AD

9. using samsung 3d LED as monitor wants to use 3d for pc games?

ATI has no options for 3D and nVidia's 3D games are for use with their 3D Vision kit

10. Yes, I was just wondering, does anyone have best picture setting for a HP 2711x 27 inch Diagonal LED Monitor?

what is the color temperature of your room? (using incandescent, fluorescent, etc. lights?) I use daylight/pure/cool white 6000K led bulbs, so I set my monitor for 5000-6000K color temperature. you will need to adjust your monitor for gamma correction first (brightness and contrast), and also your color temp. those are the only settings that matter. gimp has software monitor calibration/gamma correction. ps does not do that anymore. if you are not using any paint program, then adjust brightness and contrast so there is no eyestrain or harshness. pay close attention to your eyes. your eyes should not hurt while viewing white (such as using notepad, wordpad, or microsoft Word).

11. help finding a 1080p led monitor?

A tuner card would be the way to go. Its just a piece of hardware you buy at Circuit City that allows your computer to read the feed. Think cable box for the back of your computer. If you have HD service through your cable im sure your monitor has an hdmi input though.

12. What is a LED Monitor/tv?

the only actual distinction is cost and the connections so you might use with the television. visual reveal unit-tvs often have DVI HDMI and VGA ports besides as a while-honored television composite, YGB, and each so often usb

13. Is it possible to connect a standard resolution Laptop to an external HD Display LED Monitor?

As long as your laptop video card supports external monitor (and it does, it has external VGA), you will be fine. Resolution is mostly limitation of a screen, not video-card. And to make external monitor a primary, you will need to make it primary monitor in monitor settings (presuming you are on Windows OS).

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