Steel Bar Induction Hardening and Tempering Furnace Is Heading for a New Phase of Green Industry

At present, China's non-ferrous metal industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Under the environment of national ecological environment protection, Forever has increased the technical equipment updating and environmental protection investment of steel bar hardening and tempering furnace, which has promoted some new changes and trends in induction heating industry.

In the heat treatment industry of steel bar, Forever machine embodies the improvement of heat efficiency of heating equipment and the control of process parameters of the whole production line. We take the medium frequency induction heating of thyristor and IGBT ultra-audio frequency induction heating power supply as the core, adopt the closed-loop of quenching tempering temperature and the closed-loop of steel bar tension through P LC centralized control, complete the process control of the system so as to achieve the high efficiency of the system, high quality products and high consistency of performance.

The application fields of steel bar heat treatment furnace are metallurgy, mining, automobile, casting, metal processing, mechanical manufacturing and many other industries. Forever is a leading manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment in China. It produces high quality equipment with the lowest cost.

All power supply in the heat treatment and quenching production line of Forever furnace has local and remote control functions. The double closed-loop characteristics of current and medium voltage are adopted to ensure that the quenching and tempering temperature does not change with external factors (such as inlet voltage, load impedance, etc.).

The induction heating and tempering equipment for steel bar is continuous and uninterrupted working mode. PLC and touch screen are used in the control of the whole production line. Frequency conversion is used in the actual transmission to adjust the whole production line. Compared with the traditional slip motor and DC speed regulation, the control precision is high, the adjustment range is wide and the operation is more stable.

Medium frequency induction heating is used as heating source of heat treatment in the quenching machines. It has no pollution to the environment, safety, less oxide scale and low cost. It ensures that the workpiece is heated evenly in the process of heat treatment, and the workpiece does not need straightening machine after going through the roller table, thus reducing the cost. The workpiece is quickly and evenly quenched, and the induction heating coil has a long service life.

Forever induction heat treatment furnace features of heating high efficiency, intelligent automation, safety and environmental protection, energy saving in many industries promote the green development of non-ferrous metals, accepted by the majority of users at home and abroad. Forever will unswervingly take the road of green and low carbon cyclic development, and will open up a new situation of non-ferrous metal recycling industry and make new contributions to promote the construction of ecological civilization and achieve sustainable economic and social development in China.

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