Sparta S38-4 Folding Wheel Bike Spider

Depends if your dad will get pissed if you wake him up. If he will get mad do not and man up and kill it yourself, if he wont be mad wake him up

1. Spider Graph Legend and Caption

Here's one possibility. If you want your object to be treated as a floating object, you can use the figure environment and then the standard caption command to provide the caption (as I did in my first example code). If you do not want your diagram to float, you can use a minipage environment and the captionof command integrated into the KOMA-Script classes, to provide the caption (as I did in my second example code).To design the legend, you can use a

ode and a tabular, at the desired position; of course you can change the settings according to your needs.First, treating the diagram as a floating figure object:And without flotation:In the standard classes book, report, article, the captionof command is accessible through one of the packages capt-of or caption.

2. POLL: if theres a spider in the room...?

i usually catch it with something and then let it outside

3. Is this picture of a spider fake?

all of these are real. the first is nothing more than a huntsman with spiderlings. 2)is an optical illusion of camel spiders(they are only 3 inches long) 3)is a yellow scorpion vs.solpugid (sun spider) 4)is a huntsman with a very small (infant) lizard 5)just a fairly large tarantula (harmless), there are larger. 6)a gangrenous result of an infection,and CAN NOT be venom related. had this been a brown recluse,this person would have died from systemic failure,for the amount of venom to cause such a wound. none of the arachnids shown are harmful to humans

4. Will a spider be killed if...?

That seems very likely to me. Oh, and you misspelled "too", by the way.-Steve

5. What kind of a spider is this?

Sounds like a american house spider

6. What is a good spider repellent?

I've always been told that mint leaves can keep spiders away

7. making a haunted house, any ideas?

A graveyard theme for one? Get fake/styrofoam tombstones and a fog machine. Also, spread dead leaves and branches on the ground and a little dirt ( if you do not mind cleaning up a little ;D). Make it so that it looks like feet/hands are coming out of the ground. Also, you can get a large cardboard coffin or two and have someone in a scary costume go inside and pop out scaring people. Hmmm.... Make ghosts out of posterboard?... You can just get a white one (of course) and draw a face and cut it out. Paste/tape it on a wall or hang it from the ceiling. You an also put some fake cobwebs and spider and rats near the coffins. Turn on some spooky music - there's this one tune by Bach (something and Fague?... xD) whicch would be pretty good. Get a track with howls and screaming and stuff on it. You can also get a bunch of people together and make a giant paper mache tree and put it on the wall. Hang fake bats from the ceiling and other stuff... Hmmm.... At some Wal-Marts there is something called a dropping head? It's really cool and is motion censored. I saw it today and loved it! :DDD It talks/yells at you and it's eyes light up. This is just some ideas for the whole graveyard theme. :) Oh! You can put a pile of fake bones throughout this room also. Hope I helped! :P.

8. Are spider bite piercings worth it?

I had my lip pierced on the lower left side and I loved it! For about six months... then I kind of outgrew it, so I took it out. I had it done with a 14 gauge needle (no, it did not hurt), and most of the time I wore a bioplast stud (to prevent gum recession & tooth chipping) with a small ball or a tiny rhinestone stud at the end. It looked cute while I had it, but it was a phase. Now, almost five years later, the hole has still not closed up, but has left an indented scar on my face and it looks terrible. I am sure most people do not notice, but I know it's there and it bothers me. I used to have the mentality that piercings were better than tattoos, because you could just take them out when you did not want them anymore! I did not think they would leave scars, but they do! I regret it, but you may not. The best advice I can offer you is to think it over for a few months before you commit to it. If you are not 100% sure now, you might be completely over it in a few months. So to me, it was not worth it, but to you, it might be. You only live once, right?

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