Since the Human Body Needs Salt, Why Do Doctors Discourage the Use of Salt?

Well doctors do not so much advise against using salt as they do limiting it, and even then there are some exceptions of people who may require additional sodium, such as athletes, pregnant women or people with heart or kidney diseases.Though figures vary, the human body generally needs about 1200-2500mg of sodium a day. Most people eating 'unprocessed' foods would be able to reach that lower figure without adding salt to their food, as it exists naturally. 100mg here, 200mg there, and they would get enough.The problem is many people consume far too much sodium, which is thought to contribute to diseases such as high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks etc. While some of this can be attributed to the use of additional salt, the main culprit is processed foods, which have enormous amounts of sodium to extend their shelf lives and improve their taste. Be realistic; a small bag of chips can easily pack 3 or 400mg of sodium, and that's in addition to the other meals, snacks and drinks you eat in the day. It sneaks up quickly.Adding salt to so called 'unprocessed' foods would not be nearly as bad as eating processed foods high in salt, let alone adding salt to those as many people do. And it's also possible to not consume enough sodium on such less-processed diets, in which case adding salt would be a good idea. Doctor's do not so much discourage the use of sodium, rather they advise you limit it and keep an eye on it.Since the human body needs salt, why do doctors discourage the use of salt?

1. Do vegetarians eat frozen processed foods?

Well you could eat things like macaroni or spaghetti. I used to be vegetarian

2. Veganism: How to avoid dairy products that are in processed foods?

First: read the ingredients on EVERYTHING. Second: Replace things like milk chocolate with dark chocolate, eggs with egg replacer (for baking), milk with soy milk, ice cream with coconut ice cream, etc. Find things that replace items until you can be completely independent from them. Good luck.

3. What are processed foods?

Not always. I mean, you can have canned fruit after all. I like to think of 'processed food' as anything that man has played a serious part in making. Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, milk, yogurt etc - all pretty much naturally occuring, not a lot of intervention from 'man'. But things like chocolate, sweets, icecream, biscuits, bread - man has played a big role in the making or 'processing' of those foods - adding sugar and other things to them along the way.

4. Advice on avoiding processed foods?

Yes: do it! Buy fresh foods and cook them yourself.

5. What foods can I stop eating that would make me healthier?

High fat animal products. Processed foods. Anything white (sugar, white rice, potatoes, breads and crackers). A lot of cheese. Minimize fruit. Stick with fresh preferably organic, non-starchy vegetables and fish

6. Senior Citizens, how would you change processed foods to fit healthier diets?

Sell irradiated fruits and meats. Stop the spoilage

7. how do I add protien into my diet?

There are plenty of alternative forms of protein available. The trouble is, I am not sure you are going to get any quality food "cheap". Vegetables do not have long shelf lives, and processed foods strip a great quantity of the nutrients away. Frozen is your best option for the highest nutritional value. All that being said, here's a few quality vegetarian sources of protein. Although you may not find them to be much cheaper than meat. Eggs Cheese Yogurt Tempeh Tofu Nuts (Almonds are especially high in protein) Seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin, sesame) Beans and legumes Many other vegetables have significant quantities of protein as well. Do your research on the internet to find the foods you like the best. But, as always, you are what you eat. So if you eat highly processed or junk foods, you are not going to feel very good no matter how much protein it has in it. Also, I would caution you against using protein powders or protein snack bars on a routine or daily basis. These types of products do not adequately excercise your digestive system and you could end up with all sorts of gastro-intestinal difficulties down the road.

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