Sharing a USB Port From Ubuntu to IOS Via Bluetooth

Technically it would be possible to do, but I do not know of any software solution to run on Ubuntu for this (there appear to be software solutions for Windows at least). However, you can just get a cheap adapter such as the Yamaha MD-BT01, which will add Bluetooth capability to your MIDI gear

1. Is it possible to softmod an Xbox 360 via USB port or DVD?

Nothing has been created for the 360 that will allow any sort of hacking through the USB slot. However it is only a matter of time. Also I would not do anything to my 360 because Microsoft is really cracking down hard on modded systems

2. What would happen if you connected a computer through its USB port to another computer through its USB port?

Others have covered this well. I think it's worth mentioning that if you wanted it to work, you would basically reinvent ethernet. and you CAN connect two computers with usb-ethernet adapters. it will work fine, and probably perform well.

3. Is it possible to replace a USB port?

If your good with a soldering pen/gun you can do it yourself, otherwise, a local computer repair shop or a friend is your best bet. It also may just be loose, in which case, it just needs to be resoldered. .. Hope I helped.

4. where is my usb port? I have windows xp service pack 3?

they are the small rectangular holes in the front or in the back of your computer tower

5. Can you plug an iPod directly into a USB port on a car stereo receiver?

i try it did not work

6. USB port connection for my Motorola V3 ?

I had to buy Motorola Phone Tools 4.0 for my RAZR. I tried the same thing before I had the software and nothing happened. I bought my software off of eBay since I already had the USB cable. If you already have the USB cable, I would say do a search on eBay for Motorola Phone Tools 4. 0 and you will get it ALOT cheaper than you would on Motorola's website. Hope this helps!!!!

7. My usb port is not working right.?

How to fix your USB ports if they are not working or recognized!

8. whai is a USB port?

well...........a usb stands for universal serial bus..........its a or u can say a "plug" through which you connect pen drives and because of its popularity today connects almost any other extra device through it.....if you look at the front and back part of your cpu and see a plug with an icon of something like a "curved 3 pronged sword) (if you are Indian as your name suggests the icon looks something like a "trishul")

9. How to fix your computers usb port :( 10 points for best answer?

Hi, Unless you are technically capable of taking the pc apart and seeing what needs fixing then there is not much you can do.8-(( If it is a desktop and the motherboard has the right spare slot you can get a plug in usb card which will give you more ports at a cheap price. You could try pushing the frame back in and taping it there in case it is just stopping the usb connector to go in far enough. Arnak

10. Where can I find a jump drive that plugs into usb port?

flash drive or usb drive or pen drive that can be can get one from best buy.for 8gb ,you are looking around $29.99 when it's on sale

11. What is my DirecTV DVR's USB port for?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is my DirecTV DVR's USB port for? I have a DVR from DirecTV, and it has an enticing USB port in the front of it... what can I use that for? I have a DVD burner, does that mean I can burn shows from my DVR to DVD's? Hopefully someone can cut through all these initials and give me an answer. Programs that I would need would...

12. What is the weakness of a USB port system?

Any device on the bus can stop the bus. This is by design. A device can demand the right to communicate by pulling the bus down

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