Redline Motor Oil?

Red-Line is Synthetic oil from a blender in Southern California. Nothing more or less. Viscosity and type of oil you buy as well as amounts will be found on section 9 page #2 of your owners hand book... Please read that book... 1 3/4 quart of manual transmission fluid (not hyploid gear oil) HQ multi 75wt - 85wt. That is what we used to call mineral oil or gear lube #4 (GL-4)very little smell to it. Red line bottles look just alike so make sure it says manual trans oil or do not pump it in. The weight of the oil does not have to match perfectly just the first number has to be close. Syncro dammage not covered by warranty will result if you put in rear end grease. Engine oil just buy Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec 5wt to 10wt over 30wt or 40wt depending on your outside temps.

1. What does a symbol with motor with lock mean?

The description of the indicator would be in your owners manual, but anything with a lock is usually security related. Are you using the correct key?

2. Motor performance

You cannot "run" a motor at a certain amperage, because of the two fundamentals:voltage determines speedtorque determines amperageOkay, but why I can not select the torque then?You can, but because both the motor and the part driven have a torque over speed characteristic, they automatically run at the crossing point of their characteristics, the working point. At that point, the torque of the drive and the countertorque of the part driven are balanced so the speed does not change any more.That means the torque determines the speed. You can play with the voltage to ramp up the speed, but get another torque balance then, which most times also means the amperage goes up as well

3. Controller for a Brushless DC motor (with ESC)

Most RC model ESC's have a linear throttle response. Specifically, the throttle input is linearly translated to a PWM ratio. If your ESC is designed to give a non-linear response then its instruction manual should tell you. linear PWM control produces linear effective voltage and no-load rpm, however under load the speed will drop due to voltage lost in the motor's winding resistance. If the load is non-linear (eg. a propeller) then linearity will be affected and you may have to adjust PID tuning to compensate. Most ESC's deliberately slow down the throttle response speed to filter out glitches and reduce current surging under heavy acceleration. One way to improve response speed is to increase the input pulse rate. The standard rate is 50Hz, but many ESC's can handle up to 400Hz. Some ESC's can be re-flashed with 3rd party firmware for even faster response, and you can even buy ESC's which have been pre-flashed for use with quadcopters.

4. Im looking for a boat motor?

What is Craigslist anyway??? Try a local marina or boat dock that rent boats. They usually update their equipment every couple of years. They keep their equipment well maintained, but check it out closely though. If you want new, try a marine dealer.

5. Active electric motor for on specify voltage

It seems you want to turn on a 9 V motor from a 0-1 V control signal.One way is to use a NPN low side switch:You did not say how much current the motor draws, but let's say 500 mA, and that the transistor can be counted on to have a gain of 50. That means you need at least 10 mA base current. Figure the worst case B-E voltage drop is 750 mV, which leaves 250 mV across R1. (250 mV)/(10 mA) = 25 , which is the maximum allowed base resistor. 20 might be a good value in that case.You have now changed the question so that you want a control signal threshold to be 500 mV to decide whether the motor should be on or not. This can no longer be done with the circuit above, which was for the spec of 1 V control signal to turn on the motor. With such a low threshold, you should use a comparator, which can then drive a transistor to turn on the motor. You will have to provide the 500 mV threshold voltage to one input of the comparator, and the control signal to the other input. If the 9 V supply is stable, you can derive the 500 mV reference from it with a resistor divider. Otherwise, you can use the 9 V supply to power a regulated reference that ultimately produces 500 mV.As for controlling the motor from a 3.5 mm jack, you can use any connector you like. If you want to drive the motor from a audio signal above some amplitude, then that is again a totally different question. I am not going to keep chasing a changing spec

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