Possible to Change Oil Filter Without Changing Oil?

The oil can be changed without changing the oil. Be sure to check the oil level after changing the filter and starting the car. Since you are going to have to get under the car to do this, you might as well just drain the oil from the engine and do the job right with a full oil change>.

1. Crap...wrong oil filter installed, can I still use it?

Yes, as long as there is no leak and the engine is not making any .. knocking sound after the oil filter installation

2. How bad is it if I don't lubricate the gasket on a new oil filter?

Probably it will make no difference, but if it does you will notice the oil leak under your car

3. Where is the oil filter on a 2006 Saturn Vue?

You will need to tell us which engine you have. If it's the 2.4 liter 4-cylinder, the oil filter is a cartridge in the front of the engine down and to the left of the battery. Look for a large socket head

4. Is it necessary to change the oil filter every time you change oil in a Duke 200?

If you're already changing the oil, honestly, why would you also not change the filter for an extra few dollars at the same time? That makes no common sense at all.While the oil is draining, remove the old filter and then recharge it. Once the oil has drained and is a very faint occasional drop, reinstall the drain plug, reinstall the new oil filter with the cover, and then add-in the required oil. Measure the oil level and add as needed to the upper lever of the max area. Now start the engine and let it idle on it's own for a few minutes, then shut it off and recheck the oil level. Add poil as needed.These filters are only $4-6 USD at the most through many online sources via eBay, aliexpress, and other parts sources. Order a box of 4-6 filters and then store them for future use. This way you'll always have them, and save yourself lots of money from regular retail prices.Now the price of replacing your engine or rebuilding it is almost $2,000, so replacing the $4-6 USD oil filter when performing an oil change should be common sense and a routine practice. That is, unless you've got a bottomless pit of money to burn replacing engines due to failed oil filters or other damage caused by not changing it.Is it necessary to change the oil filter every time you change oil in a Duke 200?

5. should I change the transmission oil and filter?

no, no, no don,t flush it ! you have some idea weather it needs it or not. does the fluid smell burnt and does it hesitates once you start it and drop it in gear? if the fluid is,nt dark and smell burnt and once you start your car and drop it in gear it,s ready to go then you don,t need a fluid and filter change yet but when you do have it changed don,t let them talk you into any flushing or you could end up with major problems

6. what kind of oil filter do i need?

you,ll have to look through their filter book to get the proper number of the filter,or got to parts store,they will know,you can find it in the book at wal -mart if you go and look,good luck

7. Does anybody knows how to change the transmission oil filter for a chevy Malibu 1998?

there is a pan under your car at bottem of transmission. it is pretty big like 10 by 12 inches wide, and has around 14 bolts in it. take all those out and drain fluid into a bucket. now get transmission fluid and filter gasket set at autozone or pep boys or whatever. when you drop the transmission pan wipe the bottem of pan out and leave the magnets in there, they collect all the grazed metal. pull the two bolts out of the filter and replace it. now wipe down the pan and replace the gasket and put it back on and add bolts. then replace the transmission fluid. then on a level surface go through all the gears and with the car in park and running check the fluid to see if it is correct level. i usually do this once a year and the next year i have it flushed for like 100 bucks at mechani or jiffey lube. now by draining tranny and replacing the filter you are only changing half the fluid cause the other half is in the torque converter so thats why it is nice to flush it sometimes, hope this helps. on another part. you might need a second person putting the pan back on cause keeping the bolts lined up inside the gasket can be tricky

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