Please HELP!!! I Need Ideas on How to Keep My House Cool with NO AIR CONDITIONING!?

Assuming you have windows, open them in order to create a through draft and close any curtains/blinds where the sun comes directly into your home!

1. I have an 09 Hummer H3. The air conditioning fan just stopped blowing.?

Check the plug for power. If it has power, the blower motor is dead and needs replacing. 2009 Hummer... hmmm... I expected it to last longer, but what can I say about the quality of Government run industries. The switch could be bad or the speed control resistor, but then only a certain speed would be affected. The brower motor is most likely cooked.

2. My air conditioning unit has stopped working. The AC UNIT outside doesn't work (it is not spinning)?

There is a set of points on the compressor that are probably burnt.Better call a repairman. It has 220 volt inside

3. What's the best way to deal with an AIR CONDITIONING VENT above me, blowing COLD air, at my office desk job?

close the vent

4. i need a cool idea for an air conditioning poster ad...?

Use a picture of a Bear and the slogan, "We will huff and puff until we cool your house down."

5. can anyone tell me where to find military camping gear i am looking for a portable air conditioning for tents?

sportsman guide .com

6. can you get sick from your air conditioning in ur house?

It could be because of the coldness. What degrees was it? If you have it on too high or too cold, it could have given you the cold. Just in case, you should see a doctor

7. The hall did not have air conditioning on my July Wedding I want to file a lawsuit. is it worth it?

You paid $10,000 for the hall? I would definitely pursue legal means, especially if you have a written contract where the a/c is mentioned. With the summer we've been having (at least here in MO) it's been too hot to even think about going without the air. For $10,000 just for the hall, there is an expectation of certain amenities to be included--and air conditioning is included in that (unless you got married in say, Alaska, or an old building that does not have air.) I would write a formal letter stating that when you signed your contract for the hall (which, I am assuming you did), you knew the condition of the hall and anything extra that you would need to provide on the day of the wedding. By their deceipt (not telling you as soon as they knew there was a problem with the a/c) they essentially broke their contract with you by not providing full disclosure. Mention in your letter that, had you known, you could have taken the appropriate steps to bring in portable air units, evaporative air units, or even just warn people to dress appropriately for the heat. It may not be worth it to immediately file a lawsuit (remember, the most you are likely to get back is your $10,000 and a suit may cost more than that), but writing them a formal letter, mentioning how dissatisfied you were, that you will consider alerting the Better Business Bureau, and that you will never refer them to another customer may be enough for them to offer a small refund.

8. My central air conditioning is not cooling the house enough after sitting all winter. I went out and check the?

Try just using its fan capability. It might have leaked some refrigerant, It might have tripped the compressor breaker. Typical (in New England) yearly maintenance cost is $100 to show up and check it all, $3 for new filter, and $25 for each pound of refrigerant put in to replace leaked-out amount. See if they will let you pay off over several months if you want to run the cooling. Actually if you can not afford to get it fixed you also can not afford the electric bill from running it each summer month anyway.

9. what is the most portable air conditioning with minimal electricity needed for a camping trip?

well val, I by no means wish to say that you are kids cannot do some things, but it may be very dangerous (depending on where you are going backpacking, and how far from civilization you will be) to do so with young children and especially children with special needs. As for cooling, the best thing you can do is dress appropriately. Breathable clothes light in color tend to perform better in heat, as darker colors absorb the heat and prove cumbersome. Secondly, carrying some wipes (baby wipes are fine) can provide a refreshing and cooling bath after a long days hiking. Also, keeping well hydrated will naturally cool down the body through perspiration and the liquid will absorb body heat from the inside out. Finally, after limiting the amount of discomfort you will be dealing with with the aforementioned steps, I would suggest that each of you get one of those personal battery powered fans for relief. It seems like you are already lugging around enough on the trip, and unless you are facing heat in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, taking these steps should make the trip enjoyable. As a final tip, setting up camp in the shade should not be overlooked as the desert can go from high temperatures during the day, to low temperatures at night due to the lack of moisture in the air to hold it in

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