OOOPS! I Put the Wrong Oil Filter on My Car! Help!?

The price of a couple of oil filters and a quart or two of oil is nothing compared to the cost of repairing an engine

1. I sprayed Brake Parts Cleaner in my Intake and put Smaller Oil Filter on, now it idles rough and starts hard?

sigh! get a book and quit trying to do stupid stuff binky.hey if its an accident, its 1 thing,but did it say throttle body cleaner on the can?i didnt think so.good luck

2. Can you replace an oil filter on a motorcycle without replacing all the oil, or will all the oil gush out once you take off theoilfiltercap?

One word for you. Why? One a serious note, it depends on the motorcycle. Some have an automotive type filter and depending on the location, yes you can change them without loosing oil. But again, why would you want to run old oil through a new filter.

3. Why is my oil filter leaking?

You never checked to see if the old filter gasket came off with the filter. Now you have 2 gaskets on and it will seal for around 5 miles of driving and then blow out. I've see people do this many times. Pull the oil filter off and then grab the original seal off the flange. Wipe the flange off with a rag so you can see metal and then put a bit of fresh oil on the new filter gasket and install it by hand. Once tight with one hand use both hands to turn it another 5 to 10 degrees. If you've really been cranking the oil filter down to try and seal it I would buy a new one if the gasket has any gouges in it.

4. Oil filter empty when i removed it?

Oil pump is bad

5. oil filter on a 2006 nissan sentra?

The oil filter is under the intake manifold on the back side of the engine block. Almost impossable to remove the filter with out spilling a little on the exhaust pipe. So that is the smell that gos away when you get it back. I am a nissan technician keep oil change receipts for your records. Engine is warrantied for 5 years and 60,000 miles. Hope you change oil more often than 7,500 miles. Get on the Nissan dealer mailing list to get discount oil change coupons

6. Any gas saving tips for a 2002 pontiac grand am SE1???

Get a fram air and oil filter. They gave me around 40 more miles per tank. I also have a tornado and it actually does help. good luck

7. What oil and filter is good for my camaro?

If not burning oil or leaking any oil then go with a semi synthetic blend oil with a quality filter such as Fram or Purolater.10w30 should work fine. gl...

8. Big ninja 250 2016- where is the oil filter?

The LACK of oil is your MAIN considition, but usually the oil filter is near the bottom of the engine. A Shop Manual would be a BIG HELP or you might think that the headlight has an oil filter installed in it.

9. what type of oil filter wrench would work on removing the oil filter on a 1995 pontiac sun fire 2.2L?

Go to a good auto parts store and buy a small filter wrench which fits on a socket wrench. There is one made for it. It fits on a 3/8 inch ratchet

10. How do you remove the oil filter from an '06 camry. I am a firefighter and I couldn't remove it from my car!!

us an oil filter wrench, or a big pair of channel lock pliers

11. What difference has the original oil filter toyota?

One main distinguishing feature of oil filters is the anti-drain back valve. When the engine stops, the valve closes to keep too much of the oil from draining back into the pan. That way, when the engine's restarted, it does not take as long to get the oil circulating again. It also helps keep the dirty oil in the filter. The Toyota filters have the anti-drain back valve but many aftermarket ones do as well, such as Wix and NAPA Gold. I do not believe that the standard Fram filters have them. The Purolator Premium Plus and PureONE have the valve. K&N also has the valve. Most recent engines do not have a problem getting the oil circulating so they will be okay whether the filter has an anti-drainback valve or not. I have an 85 Toyota 22RE that has a hard time getting the oil circulating so an anti-drain back filter really helps it.

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